Groundhog Day Revisited

oldalgebraJanuary 26, 2011

Here it is again.

Here is a link that might be useful: Groundhog Tablescape

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The little groundhog looks darling in there with the snow and twigs. The dessert is just too smart and looks scrumptabulous.

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I always get bummed out each year, because it never fails...
Phil ALWAYS gets to see his shadow - and WE get -6 more weeks of Winter !
Cute 'Phil' vignette - and great dessert to celebrate GHD!

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So cute OA!! You always come up with the best ideas.
Are you going to do another one for this year?
I'm working on a table for GHD
My Kids want me to do one.
Hope I can get it posted on time.
Jane you are right Phil always sees his shadow.
I think he does it on purpose cuz they wake him up so early!!LOL


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No, not this year. I like to actually eat at the tablescapes I make, and we will all be busy, at different locations the week of Groundhog Day, so I just couldn't pull it off.

Can't wait to see yours, however.

I understand the real Phil lives in the local library. Glad to hear he's treated well. But not on GDay! You're right. That's awfully early, even for a groundhog.

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Wonderful welcoming t'scape for Phil! The brown dinnerware, rafia, birchwood candlelight & placecard holders are so "earthy" that Phil will have no trouble coming out of his burrow! Nice choice of hefty mugs for drinks, too! Apothecary for centerpc...perfect! & Phil is just the CUTEST little critter...& "forecasting" that your Groundhog Sundae will bring sunny dispositions for all!

I'm hoping for a cloudy day, too, like Jane & Nana! LOL! TFS! Jeanne S.

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I remember your cute little groundhog, but the dessert is just the cutest idea! Yep, I think he is going to want to go back to sleep for a few weeks till things warm up!


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OA, sweet ts for GHD. You always come up with the perfect settings for your tables. Enjoyed seeing this and agree with all the above comments.

Nana, hope you post yours for us to enjoy. It doesn't matter if it's late, please post.


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I got a crush on your lil' groundhog last year, he's waaaay too cute. And this setting was another winner from you. I'll add a 'ditto' to what everyone has said.

hugs, Karen

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