Gas prices and vacation plans?

johndeereJuly 10, 2006

Now that gas prices have jumped right at prime vacation traveling season.Anyone planning shorter trips?I would if everyone else did the same.To teach the oil greedy con artists a lesson.But I see a lot of travelers and even campers and boats on the road.So I guess I will also?Hopefully it well help keep the crowds down at favorite destinations?Time will tell I guess.

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I can't say it limits my vacation plans, but I would like to send a message back to the oil companies.
I do try to combine errands/activities to make the most of every trip around town. -jasper

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As an indiviual, changing your vacation plans is a personal choice that will affect your finances. It wont hurt the gas companies one bit. If they aren't making enough money, they will simply charge more for the gas that they do sell.

Combining trips, eliminating unneccessary trips, using a more fuel efficient vehicle, etc. all add up for each individual. The overall scheme of things is still going to run it's course, even if we all started being a little more "fuel wise".

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Wait untill after the September long weekend and the gas
price will go down. And they say there is no price gouging.
BULL. How would you like to live in Canada ? $5.08 a gal.
Gets higher if you go farther east or west.

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We are not changing our plans.We are now empty nesters and when the kids were home we always went during the summer.Now we try to go twice a year late winter and summer.However after this summer were going to start traveling winter and early spring.No need for us to deal with the gas gouging and the summer tourist trap rates.Live and learn I guess.

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I'm not changing my plans, either. It's still cheaper than almost any other way of getting there. And flying is a trial nowadays, so on a short-to-medium trip, I can still go for the car.

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Just saw on the news that gas usage here has gone up every single year. This year, last year, the year before. Gas has gone from $1 to over $3 and gas usage just continues to increase while people complain about it. That tells me people aren't giving up much in the way of driving habits. I try to combine some trips, but I still have to get to work and I still ride my motorcycle for recreation. I'm starting to notice a few more gas guzzlers in the used car lots, but they just sell them for at an attractive price and then somebody else drives them so they're still on the road. It will take many many years (if ever) for the public to change over to more fuel efficient cars. It will take an entire life cycle or more. As long as the law of supply and demand shows increase in demand, prices will go up and up and up. I'd say we'd better get used to it. Evidently if it is hurting people financially, they're choosing something else to not buy. Maybe not eating out as often or buying fewer clothes. But, I can't really say that the restaurants or the stores are hurting either. The restaurants are packed and do you ever drive past a Walmart? The parking lots are full.

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I notice that also everything you mentioned.The Walmart is full of cars.I think the reason is because the Mom and Pop stores are gone.Uptown Mainstreet USA is a thing of the past.Grocery stores are fewer and far between.So are specialy shops.You can even buy gas at some Walmart locations.The parking lot is full because shopping is all under one roof now.Thats the reason for all the cars in the same parking lot.Drive uptown plenty of spot to park.

Yes gas has always went up.But it has went up in the last few years the same amout it was sold for not so many years ago.

I just seen on the news the average Amrican has a $9000.00 credit card deght.I think the thing there giving up is savings and money to buy the things they need.I can remember when if you had the money you bought it.If not you did without.I can also remember when there was not a credit card swiper on a gas pump.I notice many people use there card to purchase gas.They do not have to go in and hand the clerk cash.Some stations do not have a clerk you must use a card.I wonder what portion of that $9000.00 deght on credit cards is from the pump?

People are hurting because of gas prices.Think of the poor people who were barley keeping there head above water.At there minimum wage jobs.They have to be hurting.Not to mention those who were making better then minimum wage a few years ago.

I can think of several people who have switched jobs recently.Because of gas prices a few taking less pay for closer work.I know a guy who retired because of the gas prices.Figured he might as well.

I do not here the ones with BIG gas guzzler and pulling a boat or camper complaining about the prices of gas.Mostly because there in deght over there eye balls and many are poor finacial wizards to begin with.The ones I here complaining are the more modest type who pay there bills and might have a little left over at the end of the month.Plus the ones that are struggeling to get by.Many of them work at Walmart and add to that full parking lot.

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Yes, I do think gas prices are hurting people and it's probably their savings for the future that they are giving up. But it's NOT driving that they appear to be giving up and the law of supply and demand still applies. Until usage goes DOWN instead of UP, gas prices will not go down significantly. I think the gas companies are trying to prepare us mentally to break through the $3 barrier. Amazing how it always seems to hover "just below" the next dollar "psycological" level for a while. It hovered just below $2 for a long time then all of a sudden.............. $3. It'll hover around $3 for a while then once they break that $3'll all of a sudden be hovering around $4. As long as usage continues to increase that is.

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Usage will continue to increase because, even at $4 or $5 a gallon, paying for gasoline still is cheaper and less disruptive than 1) moving closer to work; or 2) working closer to home; or 3) buying a new(er) vehicle that gets higher mileage. Similarly, many people have hobbies (motorcycling, boating, etc.) which require petroleum -- hobbies they're reluctant to give up. Mass transit simply is not an alternative for many people now but the infrastructure for it does not get paid for or built overnight, either.

If fuel continues to be this price or higher, you'll gradually see some changes. Maybe the next house won't be a McMansion 30 "real-estate" minutes away from work. Maybe the next vehicle purchase won't be a truck. Maybe people finally will figure out that mass transit works for them even if they can't or don't want to use it. But it will take at least a few years before those choices start to affect our oil-consumption rates.

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There are more cars on the road is the only reason demand is up.But the modern vehical gets twice the gas mileage they did in the 70's.Trucks included get much better gas milage today then in the 70's.Oh and they said there was a shortage and a crisis back then.Should'nt we be out of gas by now? We could lower the speed limit back to 55 they claimed it was needed then.Why not now?

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I hope they don't lower the speed limit again. That was a horrible mess and I really don't think it worked. It was political. I don't think the loss of productivity and the REAL savings is worth it. My recollection is that all that happened is you had most people breaking the law and driving 65 and 70 on interstates, and then the law abiders going 50 and 55, which caused a dangerous situation. But, they are discussing it. It's STILL 55 on all but interstates, where it used to be 65, so that law is basicly still in effect. People seem to abide pretty well to the 55 law on 2 lane roads. Somebody mentioned $5 in Canada. I've been there many times and in the area I go to what you see on the road is big old gas guzzling pickup trucks. It's been high there for decades and people still drive what they want to drive or what they need to drive. And those are not rich people either. They're pretty poor people.

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But the modern vehical gets twice the gas mileage they did in the 70's.Trucks included get much better gas milage today then in the 70's.

There are more cars -- and many more trucks -- on the road today. Best figures I could find are that average fuel mileage in the U.S. has been declining over the last few years as economy takes a back seat to performance. As the price of oil goes up, though, reserves which were too expensive to recover before can now be recovered and refined at a profit. This trend will continue. However, the ability to bring new reserves to market costs us more than just the expenses of pumping, transporting, and refining. There are the environmental costs of that activity. And, eventually, the cost of providing natural oil will surpass the abilities of people to pay that price. So oil is not limitless, though it certainly has seemed so over the last few decades, with the only real limitations having been political or weather-related.

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Amazing how the law of supply and demand actually DOES work. Demand up. Supply down. Prices up. Oil companites are very aware of that. And it's a global market. Not just the USA to deal with here. Demand way up in India, China, etc. Nobody wants oil drilling or refineries in their back yard. You can't disturb the environment to get oil or put up a facility. What do people expect? Then they do nothing but complain about prices while continuing to drive their gas guzzling vehicles. I suppose we've had it pretty easy in the past.

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Posted by worm (My Page) on Fri, Jul 14, 06 at 13:49

Amazing how the law of supply and demand actually DOES work. Demand up. Supply down. Prices up. Oil companies are very aware of that. And it's a global market. Not just the USA to deal with here. Demand way up in India, China, etc. Nobody wants oil drilling or refineries in their back yard. You can't disturb the environment to get oil or put up a facility. What do people expect? Then they do nothing but complain about prices while continuing to drive their gas guzzling vehicles. I suppose we've had it pretty easy in the past.

I agree 100%..
Our people must awaken their lawmakers to this situation. The environ-nazis must back off. Nuclear power plants and refineries must be built.
There must be an energy plan for our nation- many will not like this.
I propose merging our EPA with the European one and working together..

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It seems that loud, ignorant people have a lot of say in this nation.

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Wow .!!!!!!JD Youre one smart dude You claim to know everybodys business.What bills they owe and whos in debt and whos not.WOW ...Well guess what you dont know as much as you think....................YOURE WRONG>......Did it ever occur to you some people have more money than others and can afford what they have????????We worked our asses off to get where we are...and now loving it.New Escalades out are pretty nice.

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36 to 39 miles to the gal. gas at 3 bucks a gal. who cares? not enough to think about. ask me when it hits 5 or 6 bucks a gal.

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BullDinkie where did that come from?Of course you worked harder and walked further to school thru deeper snow and have more money and drive a Escalade.Your BullDinkie!You paid cash and can afford gas and deserve it because your BullDinkie.But I have a hard time figuring out why you get so bent out of shape.Every time gas prices are brought up?Hey I like Escalades also.Very good value.What other vehical can you pay $55,000 for new.Then a poor sap like me turn around and pick up used with 22 months of remaining factory warranty and only 12'000 miles on the odometer for $28'000 Yep I must agree those Escalades are very nice.As long as those Rich hard working better then the next.Who go to the bathroom and never leave a stink behind type keep buying them new.Those Escalades are a very nice vehical.

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You have a short memory,theres not much going on in your attic is it???You're the one bawling about gas prices all the time I never did.....Yes I did walk to school in snow both parents worked....
did you mean very nice v e h i c l e ???I told you get hooked on Phonics I hear it works.
I got my name bulldinkie like you got John Deere hope they never see your posts..cant you cme up with something different instesad of poor me and the next guy sob stories?

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What ever Bulldinkie.I really could care less about the price of gas.Every vehical I own gets near or well over 30 mpg.

When I started this topic I was curious if people were traveling like most normal summer vacation seasons.Or if they were staying closer to home.My real intentions at the time were to see if places I was thinking of traveling to were crowded or if it would be a good time to go.Because of less crowds.

Most members were aware of this.A few including your self became defensive.I guess if I had a 15mpg vehical that I was so proud of as your self.Perhaps I would get my shorts in a twist when I was reminded of the gas prices also?You certainly are proud of the Escalade.You mention you have one very often.How Great it is!How hard you worked for it!

I think the real problem you have with me.Is I gave my opinion.I probably hit close to home?Other wise why would you feel the need to bring up your Phonics slam?You like to let everyone know how well off you are?I do not do that.For several reasons.

I can say I worked for every thing I have also.Im not rich however live comfortable.I probably live a much more modest life.Reason because I worked so hard for what I have and it did not come easy.

I have friends and family from both sides of the tracks.Both Well off and down right poor.I think the same of both sides.I do not think the poor group are less then my self.Luckily the Well off group think the same as my self.The few that thought they were better or smarter!Were removed from my group of friends and the realitives that thought they were better or smarter I do not claim.

Perhaps you do not have any poor friends or relatives?Since you seem to give the impression that only Wealthy people work hard for a living?I must say that my poor friends and realatives work harder then any group of people I know and for less pay.Thats why there poor.I do feel sorry for them with the gas prices.Trying to feed a family most are two income parents.Who manage to get by.However gas prices and the chain reaction caused by the gas prices.Make it more of a struggle.

Excuse me Bulldinkie for feeling sorry for this group.However I must say I feel more sorry for you.Because of your attitude toward this group.Believe me not everyone is as fortunate as your self.You should be so proud to not have to think of the poor or have the slightest caring feelings for this group of working class poor mostly younger just starting out familys.

Not everyone was born with a silver spoon.But I guess you missed that while majoring in Phonics.You should be so proud of your self!Just do not get all bent out of shape when you cause me to Vomit!

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you kids behave yourself!

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Youre the one whos pants are twisted how many paragraphs above??That you again ASSUMED how things are.I wasnt born with silver spoon with 7 in our family???????.We started out with nothing ,started own business.working together..both striving to do our best We succeeded.
You were the one complaining about gas.Read wait you cant.You said about everybody that do well have expensive cars are in debt y up to thier eyes.I said NO THEY ARENT...Not All.
We have all different friends weve done alot for people.We helped people get thier first home,a family the mother had 2 brain anyerisms we paid 2 of thier car payments so they wouldnt take it.Was only way for husband to go see her.
An employee needed cash to buy kids Christmas gifts.We gave it to him.We know he doesnt know how to handle his money ,but poor see we have all kinds.You are good know how much money all your friends have wow.I dont have any idea what any body else has or doesnt.
We gave people jobs that lost thiers for some reason just so they could go on.
Im proud of all weve done.We started out marriage in a 3 room apartment.and to see where we are now.Yes proud.
All Im saying is stop guessing what people have..and do.. YOU DONT KNOW>....
You may as well get use to gas prices they wont go down theyre going up............Get over it.US dont want to do anything about it or we would have by now./......

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Your not the majority BullDinkie.I never said Bulldinkie is in deght.Because of gas prices.I said many are and there was not a credit card slot on a gas pump a few years back.Im not complaining I pay cash for gas.I do owe on a car however and do not mind that.You get very agrivated when some have a different thought then your self.Oh well!

Do I seem to be anoying to others as I am to Bulldinkie?If so I will just shut up!

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Actually worm, I think having an oil rig and refinery in my backyard would be pretty goshdarn convenient.

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Well I decided to find out the answer for my self.I took off on a road trip eight days ago.Just arived back home after driving a total of 3556 miles in 8 days.

Went to South Dakota to MtRushmore then to Yellowstone National park.Then down to Jackson Hole and over to Cheyean Wyoming back thru Nebraska Route 90 out and route 80 back.

No one stayed home crowded all the way.Hotter then blazes and never seen one bear.Answer no one changed there travel plans.

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I would imagine that most people that planned on taking vacation trips took them anyway. If you can afford to take trips, rent motel rooms, pay to get into places, eat out, buy souvenirs, and all that stuff that vacations involve, you can probably find a way to come up with the extra gas money. The people who gas prices are really hurting probably couldn't afford to take trips like that in the first place and wouldn't have gone anyway.

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i just dont think your going to see any major lifestyle changes till the price hits 5.00 a gal. and even then the only change will be more smaller vehicles, but no reduction in driving.

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