Kolher Black acrylic shower base--Show stains easy?

jaesMarch 12, 2012

We are remodelling our bathroom---want to install a Kolher 36 X 60 shower base with integrate seat in one corner. This will cost us between $650 to $700 including tax. My wife's first choice in Kolher colors is BLACK --- she wants a matching toilet & vanity top--- so, now we're talking big money (to me anyway). I expressed a concern that the BLACK shower base might show lime stains and/or soap scum stains too easily. True or false? --I need information from people who have actual experience with the product. (Intuitively, I believe BLACK would not be a good idea; however,I need advice from actual owners of a Kohler BLACK shower base or---tubs). If my concern about the BLACK is true, could someone please suggest a better Kohler color as an alternative to BLACK(again, the experience of actual owners would be most helpful). Thanks, ---jaes

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Where do you live? You can have my very expensive, relatively new black toilet. It's gorgeous. It looks beautiful for an hour after I clean it, then no one will sit on it because it looks dirty. I'm currently shopping for a new white toilet. It will not look as good with the slate I have, but I'm over that. By the way, I'm not picky about dirt. I'm a gardener.

The problems with the black toilet in my part of the world are threefold:
1. We have hard water with lots of lime and calcium. The inside of the bowl has a thick white ring and water spots all over it. The water spots are very difficult to clean off.
2. Toilet paper is white. Little tiny bits of white paper are really obvious on a black seat. White TP dust is too. Black seats show finger prints- and butt prints!
3. Dust. Unless you have a well-sealed home and a nice air filter, dust will show like nobody's business. It doesn't help that I have big windows in a small bath, so the light picks it up, but still. Dust accumulates around the bolt covers and in all of the cracks and I have to go at it with a Q-tip.

I imagine the shower pan will have the same issues if you have hard water or use bar soap.

The other issue I have is that highly contrasting colors in a small room make it look smaller, and unless you want to go all super dark, you might have the same issue.

Good luck.

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I have no first hand experience to add to Hosenemesis' advice. I think that black toilets and other fixtures are one of those things that may seem like a better idea than the reality actually is. Butt prints?!? Oh my!!

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Thank you "hosenemesis"/Renee! Now that's the type of actual owner (of Black fixtures) that I am talking about. Renee, you covered all the bases, with your first-hand information ---you saved us from making a very costly mistake and much future stress. Thanks again, Jaes

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