Best Way to Store Christmas Ornaments?????

Julie_MI_Z5January 5, 2003

It's a little late now, but I just packed up all my bazillion Christmas ornaments and I'm thinking there MUST be a better way!!!

How do you store your ornaments? Some are easy--they just go back in the box they came in--but others, especially the hand-made ones and specialty ornaments, are harder to figure out. My current method is to wrap them in tissue paper and stuff them in shoeboxes, then stack the shoeboxes in the big storage boxes for next year.

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i store my large ceramic pieces in the boxes they came in, if any. then they go into one of my Clorox boxes. I love the Clorox boxes that the big bottles come in. They are a great size and stack well. Other ceramics are wrapped mostly in plastic bags from the store and heaviest on the bottom etc. I try to keep all snowmen together and santas together etc. I also like to keep things that are displayed together in their own boxes.
I write on the outside of the long side and the short side of the box Christmas and some kind of description, so I can see it when it is stacked. I tried last year to list everything that was in each box but it was too big of a job.
I only used a few things from last year this year since I got so many new snowmen,
My trees get stuffed back into the original boxes.

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I use the large plastic containers with lids (preferably the clear ones). My 700 or more hand blown glass ornaments are inside of baggies that I use over and over from year to year. I used to have them all in tissue in the plastic containers. It works great, keeps out dust, moisture and keeps them safe.

All my other holiday decorations are stored the same way in the basement.


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Ornaments that came in boxes go back in their original boxes. Delicate ones are wrapped in bubble wrap and/or tissue paper and placed on top of the boxed ornaments. All are stored in large plastic 'tote' containers. I label the containers, as I have a different one for tree ornaments, general decorations, lights, wrapping paper, etc.

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I store all my fake greenery in a wheeled and lidded garbage can. I also put some of my sturdy wooden pieces in the same can. The rest is stored in those clear plastic rubbermaid containers, each carefully labeled on two sides and the top. The tree is in a duffel bag of sorts that I got a few years ago at Home Despot. I made cardboard seperators for my very delicate ornaments and wrap them individually in tissue. I put them in a deeper clear Rubbermaid container, then I cut another piece of cardboard and lay that on the first level of ornaments and repeat. I drop a few new cinnamon sticks in each box. I keep the ornaments that go on the real Christmas tree separate from the ones that go on the fake one. Andrea

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I've pretty much tossed all the original boxes and just store all my glass ornaments in a box full of packing peanuts. If they are extra fragile, I wrap them in paper before putting them in the box... overall its very quick and simple. Any non-breakables I put in a seperate small box together, generally labeled 'kids ornaments' and the tiny sets I ziplock together.

I like the garbage can idea for storing wreaths & greenery. I'm going to do that! Thanks :)

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