Lopsided GM Brake Pad Wear

buckyJuly 4, 2005

The inner (piston side) disc brake pads on my 03 Malibu are wearing down much faster than the outside pads. The outside pads have little wear but the inside pads are almost gone. This looks like a caliper problem but it is a fairly new car so I'm wondering if GM has had problems with the calipers on these and other of their cars. Do any of you guys know if this is the case?

Thanks: Bucky

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This may well be a warranty or a recall thing - the dealer should know.
The caliper must easily slide in well lubricated precise pins to function as designed....

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This wear pattern is symptomatic of a caliper not sliding (stuck) on its mounting pins.

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Have you had this repaired yet, Bucky ?
Normally this sticking/binding takes years to develop..

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Took it into the GM dealership and showed them the pads that were replaced and left it for the day. Picked the car up later that day and the Service Rep says "we couldn't find anything wrong with the calipers". I asked "then why are the pads wearing so lopsided"? He said the calipers must have broken free from being stuck when the new pads were installed. He reminded me that pads and rotors are not covered under warranty. Car has another year warranty left. I've read that GMs brakes leave much to be desired, particularly the Malibu's. Other than the front brakes its a great little car. Thanks for the replies guys.

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I think GM brakes are OK.
But they must work on communications.
In other words, the possible seized pin should have been noticed and reported to the customer and GM.Then, if a problem exists, they should work on it, making their brakes better than Toyota and Honda..

GM, are you listening ?

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