taurus drum brakes

joe_mnJuly 25, 2010

rear drum will turn. seems stuck to hub. took off large spindle nut and drum pulled off. shoes looked fine. put drum back on. going by memory here. seems hub flange and wheel studs were still attached to drum. so drum itself can be separated from flange? nothing special about this drum?

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i did the front brakes also. i noticed 1 side had pads where each had a deep diagonal groove. is this a noise reducing feature? seems both pads had this groove while the other side of car had no grooves. did the tech put both pads on 1 side? new pads had no grooves.

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If the manufacturer put a radial groove in the pad, I suspect this was to help prevent aquaplaning on wet rotors. A few years ago, I was on a motor cycle that had disc brakes both front and back, and was caught by a rain shower. Luckily, I tested my brakes before I needed them - I literally had none. The pads were acting as water lubed bearing pads. That was one scary expereince.

Those brake pads got changed immediately.

By the way, did you ever get your brake drum to separate from the backer plate?

A brake drum that has been in place for an extended time, say 2 years, can become stuck in place. This problem is more prevalant when the vehicle has been exposed to ice melting salts.

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i was checking the brakes for a friend. once i took off the spindle nut the drum slide right off. shoes were fine. drum looked ok. i could have found a press and pushed the 2 parts apart but than i would have put them back together. at least the rust bond would have been broken.
the groove was at a 45 degree angle. about 1/16" wide. thought pad was cracked at first. but both had same feature. pads on driver side were less than 1/16" thick. pass side was 1/8"? time for new parts.

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