Does anyone have anything good to say about Viking?

avignonMarch 18, 2008

I've been reading and reading all the threads on ovens and rangetops hoping to find more supporters of Viking. I am currently deciding on purchasing all new appliances for a newly built kitchen. I am mainly going with GE monogram for most things including a built-in sxs fridge, advantium 120 and convection wall oven. However, I am leaning heavily towards the VIking 6 burner open burner gas rangetop and 2nd under the counter Viking convection oven. First I thought I would go with Thermador of my second under the counter oven, but am drawn towards viking. Maybe it is because we have two showrooms in my area and I can't believe that a company that has had so many complaints would still be in business (thriving actually) if it hasn't done something right. Does anyone have anything good to say about the open burner rangetop and convection oven from Viking or should I go with the GE mono rangetop and thermador oven. I have ruled out Wolf, Dacor and Miele because of Price. The Viking $ are decent here and match the GEMONO.

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but............they look good.

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All I can say is that our local service guys (who service Wolf, Viking, Miele, etc.) said last time they were out (they've been out several times for the Wolf appliances) that they were dropping Viking -- partly because the Viking products need SO much servicing and partly, I gather, because they find Viking so incredibly hard to deal with from their perspective (compared at least to Wolf). They said they had to wait for one part for nearly 10 weeks. We have a Viking hood (because they were the only ones who made the particular design/baffle combo we wanted) and it has been fine -- but based on their statement, I am glad I didn't go with Viking for the other appliances. The Wolf rangetop has had a number of service calls and the ovens have been entirely replaced once, but at least all repairs have been done promptly and the company itself has been great to work with.

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Thanks, I was really hoping that Viking wasn't as bad as what I had been reading.

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I suppose they must have a good advertising team. Most stores and distributors' showrooms I've been in have fabulous-looking Viking displays. Were they the first, maybe, to offer a pro look for the home kitchen? (antss?) Also the first to offer colors? A lot of builders will slap in Viking for the name recognition, and a lot of people who don't do much research will do the same. For some reason their name is just better known than Wolf, Gaggenau, Miele, etc. The only exception to the generally bad Viking reviews is their induction cooktops, which I've read raves about.

I would not let myself be drawn to something that everyone has warned so fiercely against. It's just too much money to risk that way. If you have Monogram appliances, why not the Monogram ZET1 oven?

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If you are looking for a good match to your GE monogram appliances does DCS have a cooktop? I think the monograms are made by DCS.

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i have had Wolf, Thermador and now Viking appliances..
they each have strengths and weaknesses..

i have a dual fuel Viking range, hood and refrig..
they have worked well, and i am pleased with the performance of the units.

no real problems so far.

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The open burner rangetop should be fine, Not alot to go wrong on that but I would stay away from the oven. You can find equal or better at better prices without the possible headaches. Viking is a Marketing Machine. They spend a whole bunch of money marketing and buying floor space in showrooms. There's not near as much substance behind the flash as there should be in the ultra premium catagory.

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I have a 36 inch Viking dual fuel range at present. Its 2 years old. I love it !!!!! Have not had a bit of problem with it. I am currently building and putting Viking in that house as well. Hopefully all will go as well as it has. I really do like them. Have many Viking small appliances as well with equally good reviews of them. I have done extensive research and really believe they are some of the best out there. I talked with service guys with local distributor and they go on less calls for Viking than for Wolf and GE Monogram, which was really a choice for me anyway. I am continuing to hope for good performance.

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Nothing good to say about Viking.

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Yesterday I had guests who have an all viking kitchen. they have had major problems with their fridge.
After seeing my electrolux icon built in wall ovens, they want to know if they can replace theirs.
They also loved the bluestar range top.
In other words, dont buy all appliances of the same brand. buy separately and find who makes the best in each category. this forum has some excellent wisdom (from experience).

Finally, dont go for the advertising that seems to be vikings forte...

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I have had a Viking 30 inch, 4 burner range and a hood for 4 years with no problems at all. (I forget which model, but it's not top-of-the-line.)

Bakes beautifully. Everything works. It IS beautiful and I love it.

I never imagined I'd own one. But everything else was just covered in depressing black plastic. So it started looking like a bargain.

And the hood was the only one that would fit.

That's my experience.

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Installed a Viking Cooktop in 2000 and was happy to leave it when I moved. Loved the pro look and the high-powered burners, but it was hard to clean and it had problems.

My local in-business-forever appliance dealer discontinued Viking due to the ridiculous number of repair calls.

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My Viking cooktop, DGSU model, has been installed about 3 years with no problems. It works well, cleans easily and looks good. It's the only appliance in my new kitchen that has not required a service call. I would purchase it again.

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Interesting thread - ALL but one actual Viking owner are very pleased w/performance -

Viking is a brand people love to bash - but seems that many of the bashers have no actual experience - love the poster above who noted " they've been out several times for the Wolf appliances" but had no problem bashing Viking -

We have 36" Viking AG range for 2yrs now - love it - had minor svc issue early on (porcelained burner grates) replaced by Viking no problem

Do your research, see live demo of Viking & competitors then decide - or go to a Viking dealership direct - & you can see them perform up against their competitors
Get the facts ...
good luck

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jejvtr -- as the poster who was "bashing" Viking while noting service calls from Wolf, let me just clarify that (a) I would not buy Wolf appliances again and (b) my Viking hood (as I noted) has performed just fine. All I was noting was that the largest service group in our area told me that they would no longer service Viking because of both frequency of calls and difficulty of dealing with Viking itself (i.e., getting parts in a timely manner and obtaining cooperation from Viking on warranty repairs, at least those were the two things they cited). Those were their comments, not my observations. (But for what it's worth, while the Wolf rangetop and ovens have been serviced more than I would have liked or that I feel reasonable given their price -- which is why I would not buy them again -- there are at least three repair shops in our immediate area that will happily provide service for Wolf. I don't know of anyplace (now) that will service my Viking hood, should I have a problem with it. If I were buying new appliances, that would be a deal-breaker for me!

Just setting the record straight ;)

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Here is a positive post from a Viking owner. I have had my all gas 30" open burner range for about 2.5 years now. I have had no problems at all. I LOVE the appliance. Also(this is purely just my opinion) Viking ranges are the best looking stoves on the market. That being said, my Viking is currently up for sale, as I am moving into a bigger house, and I just purchased a Bluestar 48". To tell the truth before I bought my Viking I was a bit worried about

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Thanks everyone! I would still like love to get more positive feedback on Viking. I have gone to see a Viking Demo. I was confused by one thing. I thought that simmer was lower than low. But the low was lower than simmer on the one I saw anyhow. Is that how it should be? If anyone has a ge monongram professional rangetop could you comment? If I decide against the Viking I would probably go for the GE.. Wolf's are about 1000 more than the Vikings around here.

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We purchased our Viking 48" range with 6 open burners, 12" griddle, all gas (converted to propane) about 15 months ago. We also have the Viking hood and sxs 48" frig/freezer with ice/water dispenser. We have been very happy with all of them. We've had no issues with the range and only one issue with the frig - faulty water pump that was replaced in less than a week.

The service guy we had said that he doesn't see many more calls for the Viking over the Wolf or the Blue Star. In his view the more reliable brand was Miele, which is what we chose for the dishwasher. As far as the service call on the freezer, he said that calls are common for issues with the ice makers, regardless of the brand of appliance.

I have no reservations about recommending Viking to anyone based on our experience so far.

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You might want to read today's post from jmlranch on this thread.

Here is a link that might be useful: Other Viking thread

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jmlranch's post is odd..i have a viking range, and the cooktop gets blazing hot, really fast...and i had it converted to run on propane which runs about 20% less hot than natural gas..

let me compare the appliances I have actually had:
cooktop (both sealed, both gas)
Viking: More robust grate system, easier to clean spills.
Wolf: Better simmer system.

Oven (electric)
Viking: more "modes", oven preheats extremely fast.
Thermador: super-even cooking in convection modes.

Viking: all around nice fridge.
Sub-Zero: all around nice fridge.

Is the Viking perfect: no. the simmer function could be easier to adjust (like the Wolf), and the browning of a big turkey could be a little more even (like the thermador). Am I disappointed with the Viking?, not at's a blast to cook with it. Are the horror stories about Viking justified - not in my experience.

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Heartsurgeon, Thanks for sharing your positive Viking experience!

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I'm sure there are a lot of people that have good things to say about Viking but most of them just don't bother like me. Except for today. I get so tired of people bashing any product because of what they have heard rather than from actual experience. I've had my Viking 36" 6 burner range for over 3 years and I absolutely love it. When the range was delivered a few of the burner bowls were chipped and Viking replaced them within 3 days. Not only is my Viking range reliable it looks so darned good in my kitchen. I call it my "sexy beast". I love it!

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therio, I'm getting the confidence I need to make my purchase of the 6 burner rangetop and maybe even the convection oven. The positive comments really help ease my mind. How is the simmer on your Viking and is yours sealed or open? Thanks!

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Our 5-6 year old Viking cooktop+griddle has been a workhorse. It did need service initially when we smelled gas. And recently, the griddle started to smell like gas. This time, I openned it myself but found nothing wrong. So overall, I would say while reliablity could be better (especially when considering that there is not much to go wrong on a cooktop), it is a fine and safe choice. And of course, the brand means a lot for resale.

Having said all of this, we are remodelling our vacation house and there, we are getting bluestart. 15,000 BTUs simnply is not enough for some of the things we cook.

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Avignon, I have an open burner and I'm happy with that choice. I put foil on the drip tray and I change that every few months out of habit not because it really needs it. The black top is a pain in the rear to keep clean but my mom has a Wolf and she has the same complaints too. The simmer is fine, but not much lower than the "low" setting which is low enough for the most delicate sauces. To be honest, I can't remember the last time I even used the simmer setting. At the time of purchase, I was on the fence between the Viking and the Wolf. I liked the dual ring burners of the Wolf but the Viking had a better broiler and I thought the Viking was much better looking. As far as service is concerned, I think it's the luck of the draw as to who answers the phone sometimes. The closest Viking distributor to me (Washington State)was very helpful, courteous and professional. I just can't relate to the service complaints I read. I also have the Viking fan which is great. When it's turned up high it is loud but it's sucking up every odour as well. Alternatively, the lower settings are much quieter. The fan came with the heat lamp and I bought the high shelf as well which are both fantastic. I use both almost daily. When I compare my range to my mother's Wolf (which is nice too) I have absolutely no regrets. By the way, she has only had her Wolf for a year and has already made a service call for an ignitor problem.

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We've owned a Viking range for 12 years.

First it was 4 months late getting to us. Viking kept delaying shipping dates, etc.

When it was finally installed, we had to have it serviced three times for odd odors coming from the oven. It was due to incomplete combustion. After fiddling with the oven burners three times, it finally seemed to settle down and work okay.

Basically the burners are great, as they are in most gas ovens. You can completely disassemble it for cleaning, which I do a couple of times a year. It's built with rugged parts which is good because the parts cost a fortune and never ever believe your dealer or Viking has a spare part unless you've seen it with your own eyes.

Viking does treat the dealers poorly and the customers worse. No question about that. They don't make the best commercial gas range anymore but a lot of people don't know about Viking issues so Viking lives off the days when it was a unique product.

The good news is it's too heavy to be made in China, but you'll think they shipped yours from China before you get it.

The entire oven can be taken apart so you can throw the pieces out in the back yard and chisel them clean. However, if you don't know the tricks to putting it back together expect to spend say a week figuring it out. I can do it now in only a few minutes, but I do consider it a Rubik's cube sort of experience.

When I bought mine they didn't make a self cleaning version. However, I have devised two self cleaning methods. Method one is to let the neighbor kid chip off the residue in the back yard with a hose and ice pick, and the second method involves loading the oven with fire wood until it gets up to 900 F. When the neighbor kid cleans it, I make him give me back some of the money for showing him how to twist the pieces just right to get them to back in.

Overall, I like the burners, the oven is okay and in total the whole thing is so, so. After all what can you expect from a $5000 stove!

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Perhaps should try to cook on demo units to see if you really like it. Looks are important, but usability is what stays for as long as you own the product. :)

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I have a feeling that Viking is sort of the Saab of cookery. Like the Saab, it's a beauty with a lot of snob appeal. People with the means who like the way it looks can't resist it. Like the Saab, it's the cause of a lot of grief and remorse. We bought a Saab about 20 years ago and had things go wrong with it that NEVER go wrong in a car. Still my wife loved it. But we'll never buy one again. We learned our lesson the hard way. We'll never buy a Viking. We larned our lesson.

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I have a 36" dual fuel viking range and a 36" fridge with bottom freezer draw for 2 1/2 years now. I've had no problems at all and I absolutly love them! My friend also has the 36" dual fuel range and viking 30" electric wall oven, she has never had any problems.
I had Thermadore wall ovens proir to my viking and I had nothing but problems with them. I also had a Kitchen Aid side by side fridge that had so many problems, GE stopped offering me warrenties because it cost them alot of money!

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We have a 6 burner Viking DGSU cooktop. Going on three years old, never a problem. Very pleased with it.

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another point, i bought all viking stuff in stainless, because i know i'm not gonna live in this house until i die, and viking definitely has "curb appeal" when selling your house. Most people (not all) are moving up when they buy a house (from their previous abode), and many are not necessarily kitchen cooktop fanatics (besides, those folks are gonna remodel whatever you put in anyway!). I'm not saying Wolf and Thermador and DCS and Bosch and Bluestar etc aren't's just that viking has the most general recognition due to its advertising, and being the first with a "prosumer" cooktop for home use, and this can help sell your house.

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I have the Viking Hybrid induction and LOVE it. I had the dble ovens installed about 2 weeks ago, and have used it just a little. I haven't had any problems with either. I have to say though that the ovens replace a set of GE dbls that were harvest gold (only reason to replace them), and both ovens pretty much have the same features. The Viking is updated for sure, so I don't feel too excessive for replacing the GE's.

I did hear a lot of negative press about Viking's lack of CS and discussed it heavily with my appliance sales folks. They were great and basically said that of all the appliances they sell, they have had the best luck getting parts with the Viking. I would not buy a Viking frig based on the comments here.

I love both of my Vikings, and so far I don't think I would change. I've heard worse, performance-wise on other brands.

Good luck!

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Maybe someone already pointed it out, but Viking's Designer series gas cooktop DGCU1655B[SB]is at the top of their ratings list. By comparison, our Thermador is at the middle of the pack. Some consolation to Thermador - their electric wall oven is at the top of the list (we've got a Wolf there).

For whatever it's worth ...

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They have a top notch marketing department that understands effective product placement. These people peddle kitchen appliances like Microsoft hustles software. Proof positive that with the right sizzle, you too can sell junk and make lots of money. You asked! :)

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Viking took a big hit because of the performance and failure rate of their refrigerators. Their stoves and cooking appliances are more than adequate (consumer reports did not rate them well). All and I repeat ALL manufactures have ups and downs, yes that includes Wolf and Sub Zero. There are no products with out issues and the more you sell the more issues you have. The problem arises when the issues are not addressed and that comes from poor service and a bad day on the production line. If you want to claim your product as the best then you better address the issues and resolve problems quickly and your reward will be good word of mouth and cutomers recommending your products.

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A chef friend of mine who has a Viking, can't wait to get rid of it.

He finds that the shiny cooktop is impossible to keep clean and would prefer open burners that he could dismantle and put in the dishwasher.

Other objection - the Viking does not take a full sheet pan.

He is very jealous of my Bluestar.

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Viking offers an open burner product line, I just wonder why phillycook's friend didn't buy that in the first place? Or a Bluestar?

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From CR's website at approximately 2 minutes before this is typed - for gas cooktops from best first to worst (left off the remainder of those 'in the weeds'):
Viking Designer Series DGCU1655B[SB] $1500 84. 36 2 2 1 Â
Dacor Preference PGM365 $1470 79. 36 3 2 0 Â Â
GE JGP975WEK[WW] $1200 79. 36 1 2 2 Â Â
GE Monogram ZGU375NSD[SS]
Monogram ZGU375LSD[ ] $1400 $1400 79. 36 1 4 0 Â Â
DCS CT-365[SS] $1350 74. 36 1 4 0 Â Â
Jenn-Air JGC8536AD[W] $1000 72. 36 2 1 2 Â Â
Maytag MGC6536BD[W] CR Best Buy
MGC6430BD[ ] $550 $720 71. 36 1 3 1 Â Â
Fisher & Paykel GC912M $1260 68. 36 1 2 2 Â Â
Thermador SGSX365C[W] $1300 68. 36 1 4 0 Â Â
GE JGP637WEJ[WW] CR Best Buy $650 65. 36 1 2 2 Â
Miele KM342 $1350 62. 36 3 2 0 Â Â
Electrolux Icon E36GC75E[SS] $1650 61. 36 3 2 1 Â Â Â
Magic Chef CGC2536AD[W] $320 59. 36 1 4 0 Â
Amana AKS3640[WW] $760 58. 36 1 4 0 Â Â
Whirlpool GLS3665R[S] $1000 55. 36 3 2 0 Â Â
Frigidaire Gallery GLGC36S9E[S]

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I am a newbie to your site.
I am remodeling my very small kitchen (22 years old)
I, too, purchased the Consumer Reports on Sunday.
However, it did not cut Viking nor Wolf to the core, like some have suggested. It was actually very encouraging.
it said as follows:
30 " Dual Fuel Ranges
Highest award of points was 71 out of 100
Viking VDSC307-4B (ss) got 61 pts.
Wolf DF304 got 67 pts.
Kenmore PRO 7952(3) got 67 pts.
They listed a few others there as well in the mid price range.
I have dreamed of a viking for years. I have narrowed the search to the viking listed above, a five star, or maybe the Wolf (not sure on the this one).

I was very surprised to see the Kenmore Pro. It scored higher than the Viking. My husband just does not like the idea of a stove from Kenmore.

We shall see.

Thanks for all the information. I have learned a lot.

Also, a friend, who is a chef bought the Jenn Air Pro. I found this very odd for a chef. he has lots of money, so I envisioned something else. Any thoughts?

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We remodeled our kitchen and got the Viking 48-inch gas range with six sealed burners and a griddle. We've been using it since August and absolutely love it and have had no problems with it at all. We have the matching range hood, and it's so powerful and great. The oven heats up quickly (we use the small oven a lot), and everything on the stove seems to take less time to heat up than any stove we have ever had. The simmer setting, to me, is not much different than the lowest setting, but it's okay; it's still lower than other stoves I've had.

I have heard all the negative stuff too, but it's kind of like urban myths: someone knows someone who knows someone whose uncle had a bad experience with a Viking.

I just have a question: for those with the griddle feature, how do you clean it? I have used club soda, but it's still getting gloppy. Everyone warned us that they aren't pretty, and neither are professional griddles, but I want to keep it a bit neater. Maybe I should post my own question. We have three teeenagers, and our kitchen gets a work out. We have used the griddle to make grilled cheese sandwiches, omelettes, pancakes, fajitas, grilled shrimp, and we constantly grill vegetables on it. We use it a lot.

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Sure - I can say something good. They have a big advertising budget and stellar marketing plan that allows them to overcome an inferior product. How's that :)

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Their built- in refrigerators make The Absolute best looking Ice Boxes I have ever seen.

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I did look at jmlranches' post referenced earlier. If you see this jml, are you sure you don't have an LP range hooked up to natural gas? I have heard a lot of negatives from Viking owners in general but never as to inadequate BTU power. That said, I have no first hand experience with Viking. It gets banged up a lot on this forum so we went with Blue Star and love it.

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"I have heard a lot of negatives from Viking owners in general but never as to inadequate BTU power."

We have a viking and while it is superior to many other ranges, we do desire more power for things like stir-fry. Recovery is poor many time, resulting in stews rather than a quick fry.

But again, keep in mind that it is far better than many, especially those with sealed elements.

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I have a 48" all gas, open burner Viking range. The VGIC I think? The non-self cleaning version. It's been in constant use for 19 months. No problems. None. It arrived with a cracked knob which was replaced within days. In those 19 months I haven't had to do more than wipe out the ovens with a damp cloth, no chiseling or disassembly needed. The top easily comes apart for cleaning (as opposed to my old EZ Bake where I'd have to lift the whole thing off in one piece) but if I wipe it down at the end of the day I rarely have to do the whole take apart.

I was well aware that it wasn't as powerful as the Blue Star but I haven't missed the extra BTUs. And while it's true that the oven won't hold a full sheet pan I've never had any need for it to do so.

I did a lot of research (yes, I even went to Viking & cooked on one) and ended up buying this range in spite of all of the anti-Viking sentiments (praying that I hadn't made a huge mistake). Mind you this is the most basic of the Viking ranges but that's what I wanted. I also paid the money & had it installed by a licensed Viking installer. I do a lot of cooking and I love this range.

hmsweethm- I suggest that you pick up a griddle cover. I have the stainless one (that also doubles as a landing space for hot pans and a place to keep the utensil holder & spoot rest). The griddle is never going to be pretty. I have a flat, sharp edged spatula that I used for scraping down the griddle while it's still warm, then the club soda, then wipe. It takes all of 2 minutes and the griddle is clean but it's still going to be dark & used looking. Nature of the beast. The stainless cover keeps it all hidden & then can easily be moved when you need to use the griddle. It even fits nicely over two burners if you don't want to sacrifice the counter space.

Hope this helps,


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I know several people that have 8-10 yr old Viking ranges and have had no problems. I know a few people with 1-3 yr Viking's that have had problems.

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Owner of propane-converted 48" Viking cooktop (6 burners + griddle) that I love! If we got hit by a meteor, I'd buy another one in a heartbeat. It's a snap to clean since everything comes apart. I love the spiders since I can drag heavy pots across the top without having to lift them.
FYI: we dropped the cooktop height 3" from standard height because I'm not a six foot tall male and cannot see into the stockpot on the back burner without a footstool or flip heavy copper pans. This made the SS backsplash impossible to install (without having the shelf too low) so we improvised. We have a separate SS back and screwed the shelf into that. With a Viking hood (heat lamps, et al) I'm in a cook's heaven.

One service call in six years - immediately after installation, one burner did not ignite. Service tech said the wire had become disconnected during shipping.

NOTE: if I were designing a cooktop, I would put the "simmer" feature AFTER the "low" setting, not next to "high". This is a double-think and my only complaint.

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i was worried about getting a Viking after reading negative posts, but got one anyhow, and I enjoy using it greatly. I have had Wolf and Thermador equipment, and each has it positives and negatives. For the money, for this house, I am very satisfied with the viking range, and would get it again..

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I haven't checked this thread in a few weeks and am happy to hear that there are more postive VIking owners out there. Nina thanks for your input. Do your recommend getting a VIking hood as well? For some reason our appliance person has us looking at ventahoods. We haven't ordered our appliances yet, since we aren't quite sure when the builder is coming. But, I am so much more confident now (since I posted this thread) that I should go with the 6 burner open gas rangetop. I really look forward to the day I'll be cooking on it. Do any of you Viking owners have the stainless steel backguards (with or without shelf)? Do you recommend them or just normal backsplash?

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I am down to two ranges, the Wolf or the Viking.
Either 30" or 36", not sure which yet.

Also not sure if I should get Dual Fuel or All Gas with Convection.

Any thoughts would be appreciated.

I need to make a decision in less than 2 weeks.
I have seen both and they are both very nice. Only scare is Wolf Dual Fuel has electronic component for oven. Worried about future break downs

All opionions encouraged.

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they ALL have electronic components

both the wold and the viking are nice. the wolf cooktops typically have a better simmer setup (finer low end temp control). I liked the appearance of the viking better. 30" has 4 burners (plenty for me), and lower cost.

I got dual fuel.

as for the stainless "backsplash", i got a local sheet metal place to cut me a piece of brushed stainless, and made my own backsplash that runs from the range top up to the vent hood (be sure the stainless is cut with a sheet metal cutter, not a hand held tin snips..the tin snips approach leaves the stainless with buckled, wavy edges).

I recomment a full hight "backsplash, because with the high heat cooking you can do on these ranges, the cooking oils (when you sear meat on high heat) vaporize and go want a surface you can easily clean the grease/oil off or...all that grease that gets into the hood..well some of it gets on the backsplash as well..

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We have the stainless back splash with shelf and love it. Its another area to put hot lids and plates/pans to keep them handy but out of the way. We also have the heat lamps in the hood which wouldn't be of much use without the shelf.

The stainless stops about 6 inches below the hood. The wall behind the range is tiled up to the hood, even behind the stainless back splash. Cleaning the tile that is exposed hasn't been an issue.

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I purchased the Viking VDSC485 after remodeling our kitchen and wanting that "professional" look. I thought I was getting something that was on par with restaurant quality ranges, something that delivered delicious meals, unmatched performance and outstanding heat control. Boy, was I ever fooled and terribly mistaken...

I grew up cooking with gas. It was always praised for its instant response, fast temperature changes, more control over the heat, and overall better cooking results no matter what type of cookware you used. Some years later after we moved into a new subdivision which featured all-electric hook-ups, I had no choice but to cook using the built-in Frigidaire smoothtop. Granted, I did have to purchase new pots/pans and the ceran cooking surface took some getting used to, but the honest truth is that electric cooking isn't as bad as some make it out to be. The new smoothtops are VASTLY improved over the old traditional coils and earlier glass versions... I used "Cerama-Bryte" on a daily basis, and found it MUCH easier to keep clean and maintain than any gas range I've ever used.

Now, my experience with this range was a pure nightmare. As others have mentioned, my issues have centered around the ignitors and oven thermostat. I've had four service calls already, and nobody can seem to figure out just what exactly the problem is. Calls to Viking and Sears have given me nothing but the run around and the usual "we'll get back with you" response. I'm so angry and disappointed that I wasted $6000(can) on this bloody thing. I'm angry and upset that what I really got was an overhyped, overblown flaming piece of you-know-what. It sure looks nice sitting there, but that's where it ends in my opinion. I guess this is one of those toys you buy when you want to impress your friends, or strictly for its appearance, since it's completely useless as a cooking appliance...

Am I the only one who has become increasingly frustrated and angered over the toy-like construction of appliances today? What happened to the days when major appliances had a 20yr lifespan? Oops, I forgot. We live in a culture of planned obsolescence. A throw-away society of made-in-China JUNK. If I were the president or CEO of this company, I would frankly be ashamed to manufacture, market, and sell this garbage. Viking and other "pro-style" ranges do not impress. My verdict? Stay far, FAR away. I'm going to back to a smoothtop range. Cooking with gas is overhyped as far as I'm concerned, especially when the range performs absolutely no function whatsoever. Even when it did work, I wasn't that thrilled with the heat control either. I found it hard to get a true simmer, and a large pot of water took 20+ minutes to boil, something my Frigidaire smoothtop handled with aplomb.

Never AGAIN. It's on the way out of my house this weekend, and BOY, am I ever grateful that I didn't take the electrical connection out when we remodeled our kitchen. I might even go so far as to have the gas hook-up removed altogether. Based on everyone else's review here, there should be a class-action lawsuit over this matter. For crying out loud, I've got a cheap $20 table-top barbecue that works better than this thing... Junk. Absolutely useless appliance that should be recalled immediately!

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Here are 3 clues:

a) As far as I know, Sears Canada does not sell Viking products.(I may be wrong, but it is not to my knowledge.)
b) $6000 for a VDSC485?!?!?!? ABSOLUTELY NOW WAY...unless it was bought off "the back of a truck" This is a 48" DF Open burner range. They are in the 10-12k range.
c) This guy just regestered today and posted the above...classic troll behavior

I would educate yourself a bit better before trolling. What did Viking(or gas ranges for that matter) ever do to you to get you that angry? I had a Viking 30" AG Open burner for over 2 years and enjoyed every minute of it. I am now moving and am buying a 48" BS. But the ONLY reason I am buying a BS and not a Viking is the superior burners.

Anyone that is trying to research and gather data on if they should buy a Viking product or not should totally discount the above as it is an outright lie.

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First of all,

Your curt, rude reply was unnecessary, uncalled for, and totally out of context. Yes, of course Sears Canada doesn't sell Viking stoves. I was dealing with their PARTS AND SERVICE division, which sells parts for ANY appliance(or so they say). They also have repair service. There are no service centers in my immediate area, but I have enough "know-how" to change ignitors and thermostats myself(having done so numerous of times with electric ranges) There's nothing inherently complicated about a gas or electric range... With the right tools and knowledge, it can be done. All you need are the schematics and a few tips from a reputable technician, something Viking refused to provide me. Oh, and in case you're wondering, Sears doesn't like servicing these these monsters because parts are hard to come by and always on "backorder"...

Secondly, oh most wise one, the range was purchased through a restaurant supply shop in Toronto which specializes in discounted or discontinued ranges strictly for the restaurant industry... You can get a good deal if you shop around and do your homework. Anyone who pays more than $6K for a so-called "stove" should have their head examined.

Thirdly, my opinions and experience are strictly my own. I've spoken with and met many other angry owners of not just Viking, but commercial ranges in general.(Wolf, Vulcan, Thermador). We are NOT happy campers. I wish I would have heeded the advice of Consumer Reports who advised to steer-away from "pro-style" ranges.

I'm glad you're happy with yours, but I'm not. Go to epinions and meet other angry owners. I stand by what I said. The range is history. A complete waste of money, a total lemon, much overhyped, and the biggest piece of GARBAGE I've ever had the misfortune of cooking on, besides being dirty, but that's common with gas ranges in general. I like electric cooking, and stick by my statement that it performs better, at least for me.

I say BS to you. Enjoy your overpriced toy while it's still working. It WILL malfunction, and you'll be crying your sorry ass off when you see the repair bill. Typical jackass.

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You might want to check this out. My own report was included here as well... What do you have to say to this, "TyGuy"?

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On a cooler note:

Viking 48" free standing 6 burners + griddle, 2 gas ovens (one convection also) came with the 1995 house we bought a yr. ago.

It LOOKS good, if a bit grimy around the edges.

None of us can cook on it without disaster. Both cooktop and oven.

The Viking hood had never been cleaned. Woof. Took 2 days.

Cannot find a repairman within commutable distance who will touch it.

Hey, I'm retired.
No more cooking.
Just LOOKS good.
Wish we could say the same about ourselves!

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TyGuy - my take - yes, Bruce Allen seems to have a bridge to burn with respect to Viking but not sure he is a troll. Lots of others had similiar poor experiences with Viking so the fact he had one wouldn't be surprising.

The only exception I take to his post is how he attempts to take his poor experience with Viking and then turn around and extrapolate that to all pro-style gas ranges are bad - and people should use underpowered electric cooktops. Thats utterly ridiculous and like saying, I bought a gas powered car that was a lemon - so all gas cars are bad and you should only buy diesel powered ones.

His conclusion in this respect IMO would cause one to question the validity of his other points but perhaps he was just making a poor, emotional, incorrect conclusion

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"... people should use underpowered electric cooktops".

His conclusion in this respect IMO would cause one to question the validity of his other points but perhaps he was just making a poor, emotional, incorrect conclusion."

Umm, ya OK. Brilliant! A large stock pot of water took almost 25 minutes to boil on my Viking, verses 15 minutes on my smoothtop... I hardly call that "underpowered".

Nonetheless, based on my experience and research, it seems that not too many people who own pro-style gas ranges are very happy with them...

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Nonetheless, based on my experience and research, it seems that not too many people who own pro-style gas ranges are very happy with them...

While I don't know where you do your research, but apparantly you haven't been reading this forum to come to that false conclusion

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False conclusion? LOL. Whatever. I call a truce. TyGuy ran off like a scalded hound anyway... Good riddance. I don't waste my time with morons.

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None of us want to read rude responses, bruce allen123. Even if you disagree with someone, don't call him a moron.

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Well I certainly didn't like being called a "troll"... It works both ways. And I especially don't like when someone questions my intelligence or integrity... Nonetheless, this thread has served its purpose. I've got my opinions, he's got his. Good? Done.

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First, I am an appliance dealer and servicer in the Northeast. We sell Viking, Wolf, Dacor, Electrolux, Thermador and DCS professional ranges.

First, there are no chronic problems with Viking ranges. It is a relatively simple product from a mechanical standpoint. I happen to like the open burners, because it allows you to dissemble the top easier for cleaning. Sealed burners, however, retain the spills better.

Vikings main problems have been a lack of R&D, so their stove is essentally the same stove it was 15 years ago. The burners are 15,000 and the simmer is only 900 BTU. Both are relatively weak compared to other units. Still there is something likeable about the line, and they have recommitted to innovation

Lastly about trolls and other people who pretend to be obejective when they are not: Consumers smell this stuff, so if you trash Viking because you sell just Bluestar or other lines of quasi brands, it will probably backfire

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Shanks5, are you saying BlueStar is a quasi brand? Please explain what you mean.

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Perhaps my experience was a fluke, but in the research and study I've done, it seems that Viking does have an inherent problem with their products, and the lack of customer support left me seething with frustration. A friend of mine who has a Thermador range also reported problems with her oven, though that really has nothing to do with this discussion, but as I previously mentioned, some of us who own/owned pro-style ranges seem terribly disappointed in the results.

Also, according to Consumer Reports, Viking had the HIGHEST repair rate of all major brands. Nearly 40% of Viking ranges presented a serious problem within the first 5 years. Getting service was next to impossible, and repairs were often difficult to diagnose and tended to recur. It's important to note that the gas ranges today do seem to be "dumbed down" from the ones I remember using growing up. Even the oven on my Viking left a lot to be desired. Wild temperature swings left my food either undercooked or overdone, no matter where I set the control!

Still, I think we're missing one crucial point, one that I'm also guilty of: BOTH electric and gas ranges can cook a meal and cook it well. Yes, electric takes some getting used to if you've used gas, and those of us who are used to electric probably took some time adjusting to gas... It all boils down to personal preference, the type of hookup available, and your cooking style. I have noticed that a lot of newer homes no longer feature gas hook-ups for the kitchen. You can have it piped to your range, but it's cost prohibitive and really not worth the expense or effort...


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Just ran across this site and thought I'd pass it along...

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Mort...Quasi meaning almost. Bluestar was an offshoot of the old Garland. It is unclear to us who actually owns the brand and support.

To Bruces point, service in the appliance industry is just plain bad. We do not allow any outside delivery and service people interfacing with our customers ever, because these awful experiences continue to happen by people not invested with the sale of the product.

If you buy a product over the internet out of your market, these bad engagements will be your expectation. Unfortunately, this will also be your expectation if the local person does not have a decent service department.

You should also not be raked over the coals by a company that does service the product(if you can still find one). Just be informed of the inherent risks to buying high end appliances and decide accordingly. In other words, know your risks

One last factoid: If you are a Bluestar dealer, identify yourself as such....I see alot of these stilted conversations

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After a number of other problems with our 4 year old Viking refrigerator, the door just broke on our full width deli tray in a way that I think will require the shelf above it to be replaced as well - the whole lower unit of the refrigerated section. Have not had time to research repair options yet. We love the layout, but I wish we had gone with another brand. Too bad we bought custom cabinet panels for it, or I would think about replacing it.

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I am very pleased with the Viking 30" dual Fuel sealed burner range that I purchased last year. The burners have high power for my stir frying and a very low setting as well, which the Kitchen Aid model I was considering did not have. The burners always fire instantly and cleanup of the black porcelain surface is a vast improvement over my previous stainless-topped range. The oven heats to precisely the called-for temperature; I placed a thermometer inside to check it when new. The unit is ruggedly made with virtually no plastic anywhere, and it has a precise, machined feel that is not shared by tinny pro-look mass produced brands. I believe you can easily see where the money went; I would not hestitate to buy it again. I do wish that it had an oven timer, however.

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Hypocrisy abounds! Bruce gets called a troll with no one to his defense and then is slapped around for a harse but well deserved comeback. Then shanks 5 comes along, admits to being a trolling dealer peddling everything but Bluestar and calls Bluestar quasi without challenge. BTW - lets all remember Wolf's beginnings before SZ bought them out and put them on a mass marketing effort over the last several years. The only thing transparent about shanks is admitting to being a dealer. However, it is certainly no secret that Prizer Painter is the parent company for and owner of Bluestar.

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bruce_allen123 I 100% agree with you! I thought that I wanted Viking appliances, until I had to cook on them (at a place that we volunteer at). The stove took forever to heat up, I don't like the layout of the burners and the oven took even longer. Also, the oven was difficult to get things in and out of. The knobs on the stove are cheesy. And this is their professional line! I could go on--but I will stop. When we remodel, I think that I will stick with GE Monogram. We have GE Profile ovens and they are great!

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I have the 48" open burner all gas Viking range (I don't remember the model number-it does not self clean) for the past four years and I LOVE it. It has the 24" griddle in the center. I cook on it daily. I'm a big baker, and the baked goods and roasts the the convection oven turn out are to die for. It looks like they came from a restaurant or bakery. I simply don't believe those appliance salesmen who tell you you need dual fuel. This gas oven ROCKS! I prefer the larger of the two ovens though, because the small oven doesn't have the convection. I wish it did.
I'm also heavily into using the wok on it. If you use a heavy cast iron wok (Bodum makes a good one), you won't have any problem keeping the heat up. The thermostat on the griddle is a little odd (it gets very hot at first, then settles in to the proper temp-you just have to bring the heat up gradually). The appliance repairman who came to look at the thermostat on the griddle (and replaced it- although he thought it was probably fine) said that was characteristic of the Viking griddles. He said he hardly ever got calls on the Viking ranges and that he himself was a long term Viking owner.

I love the fact that whole range comes apart in pieces for cleaning. Easy Off really gets the oven, burner rings and griddle fantastically clean. No chiseling required! I recently took the entire griddle into the yard, put it in a plastic garbage bag and cleaned it with Easy Off. The griddle almost looks like new (be sure to reseason). I am a big griddle user, with three kids who love their bacon and pancakes. I'm not sure you could do that with any other range.
We will be moving soon, and unfortunately we won't be able to afford a Viking in our new home. I'm not kidding you when I tell you I'm tearing up at the thought of leaving my beloved Viking. It honestly makes me sad. Contrary to what others have said, there are NO electronic parts in the ALL GAS open burner version of the range. Get yourself one. I'm sure you will love yours as much as I truely love mine.

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BS alert! LMAO

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Having paged thru this entire listing, I am struck by a couple of things. I love to cook and have worked on dozens of different cooktops and grills over the years, both professionally and personally so I have had a lot of experience over 30 years on gas cooktops.

First, forget the looks and the comments just for a moment. The most important thing is to know how you cook and the type of heat and output you need to have. Looking at the comments, less has been said about that and it makes a difference. Just having lots of options means nothing if the basic cooking style of your cooktop doesn't meet the needs of your cooking. For instance, I cook asian and that means that anything less than 15,000 btus is inadequate for the perfect flash frying that you need to do. 18,000 is the better range and 20,000-30,000 is best with a deep wok ring. If you are into sauces and other "low heat" cooking for desserts, gravies, etc., the 500 btu output on some stoves is what you are looking for to keep it warm but not "cooking". So, go back to your basics, just like in personal computers, what are you looking for, not what are you looking at. The worst thing to do is to buy a good looking cooktop that doesn't do the job when you need the range of flame or level of heat. Even little things such as the size of grating makes a difference. If you're a pastry person, have you ever tried to put a butter melter on a large open grate, good luck - some stoves come with a griddle or burner covering that supports very small "sauce" or melting cups that would spill on a larger grating that is "too open".

Second, look at the position of the controls and the "order of the burners" - are you a lefty or righty? I happen to be a righty and want the biggest burner in the 5 o'clock position because that is where my "prep counter" is positioned on my cooking island just to the right. In asian cooking, you have to be quick to add many ingredients separately one at a time as you go and on some stoves, the big burner is in the 8 o'clock position. What that means is that I would have to schlep stuff over the stove dripping whatever is dripping over the controls if they are in the center which is no fun regarding cleanup and also spillage. I'm not about to become a lefty in the near future which would be the other choice.

Another detail - the surface. From glass to stainless steel to pellet dimpled, etc. You have to make sure the way you clean the stove is not something that you are not familiar with. Many people with stainless steel accidentally use a plastic or semi-rough scrubbing pad and accidentally damage the nice clean surface. On glass, (rarer nowadays on high end cooktops) you can scrub away without much concern. You have to use a sponge on stainless steel to preserve the sheen and that means "less scrubbing" power which means it takes longer to get really clean. Open grates with deep bowls for spillage notwithstanding, most professional cooks don't care about some burn marks in the bowls from boilovers, etc. crusting on the bowls hance why you don't have any of them complaining about the looks - all they care about is flame consistency and output, not cleaning and looks. In fact, because they don't care, steel wool and other abrasives are they way they get the burned on crust off, things that you would never use on a more delicate surface.

Oh, one thing about range hoods and fan outputs - don't chintz here. If you don't get enough air throughput, the kitchen will totally heat up with multiple burners going on high. Almost every residential homeowner doesn't get the right size because the higher output fans are louder and also the hoods are bigger. At a certain size of heat output of the stove, you actually would want better fire suppression too which is more than just one of those little home depot fire extinguishers. If you've ever been in a real kitchen fire with 2-3 20,000 btu burners involved, those smaller extinguishers are just toys. Also, its not just the stove top that needs to be put out in a fire, over the years the hood accumulates grease and the hood fire is actually the more dangerous because the flame goes up where you can't fight it easily. This is something that most home kitchens totally overlook using near professional level heat output stoves. Again, if you do a lot of frying and deep frying, the grease accumulation will happen and the cleaning and fire concerns need to be considered.

About the igniters, one thing that I have noticed is that if the igniter is not shielded, there tends to be a higher chance that either dirt or damage from constant cleaning and then rusting or detachment is something to worry about. I am in the middle of replacing our older Thermador and that tended to be a point of failure that I didn't like from time to time. In our new stove, we are trying to get the igniter to be "internal" so that dripping doesn't get on it, hence you won't need to clean it and therefore it won't fail. Just a thought.

Other than that, I tend to think that most people don't "use" their stoves or cooktops up to the level that they are designed for and tend to overbuy the features, etc. Sometimes, it is best to scale down just a little and get exactly the level that you need. The more parts and options that you get can sometimes lead to more chance for error of failure of a feature that is rarely if ever used.

As you can see, it's more than just the look or a couple of service calls. If you buy the right stove even a couple of service calls are worth it because the stove is doing what you want it to do and you will want to repair or take care of it because you will love the food that you prepare with it. Go back to your notepad and prioritize what you want and look at the aesthetics as one of the lower ranked things. At the level of cooktop you are talking about, its the luck of the draw of how it was manufactured and whether you got a lemon or not but size it to what you really need, not the "pretend cooking" that you have never done before but want to do because you have a couple of recipe books. Make sure the burner placement, flame height and size of the output is at the right level and that you properly assess the "amount" of cooking you are really going to do. It doesn't help to have every bell and whistle if all you are doing is casual cooking - you will have paid way too much for the looks and frankly, you will be frustrated that the stove isn't working with you (wrong burners in the wrong place, not enough space between burners for big pots, etc.). Think about the way you cook and get the stove that fits your style. You'll be a lot happier with whatever brand you buy.

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Amen! I think that is why I find the cooktops with the large right front burner appealing. Also, I don't really need 2 30" ovens, so the GE Profile double oven electric range with the 12" front burner & bridge element seems just right. I just wish they made it in a slide-in.

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We've had our 48" gas Viking Rangetop with 4 burners (17.5 btu) plus griddle/grill, and 24" Wok Burner (27.5 btu) for 4 1/2 years now and just love them. No problems. My husband and I both cook extensively, so it's not unusual for the entire length of cooking space to be used over a weekend, sometimes all at once. We chose this over Wolf because the wok burner matched and could be installed right next to the rangetop. We use the wok burner all the time for making stock, boiling big pots of pasta (and an occasional lobster or two), and when we're using the really large fry pan. We have a custom 6' vent-a-hood mounted very high because my husband is very tall. The whole setup is terrific.

We chose GE Monogram for the warming drawer and electric double convection ovens because they were well rated and we loved their look. The warming drawer has worked fine although it is NOT water tight so our one attempt at a bain marie was a bit of a joke. But in reality, we use it to keep dinner warm or I proof bread. I love having a warming drawer. The ovens are great as well. I use the proof setting for breads a lot.

Avignon, what did you choose?

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I have a Viking rangetop and a stove. The functionality is ok... although I have had problems with the oven temp. but the cleaning is a nightmare. Within one week of using my stove, it looked like it was 10 years old. I can't seem to find any products to clean around burners which has brown stains all over it due to the flame(I am told).I have tried Bar keepers friend which Viking recommended but that doesn't do anything. I have been using the corning ware cleaner which has helped a little bit. I can't seem to clean the black enamel surface which has lost the shine and lustre and looks really smudgy. We paid lot of money for these appliances and also was very expensive to install.We bought it because we both loved the look of the Viking. I have talked to Viking directly and their only advice has been for me to speak to the service people. And basically, they don't care..they will tell you anything I won't buy another Viking again!!

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Don't buy Viking !!! I bought a 36" Viking range cooktop and downdraft and have had nothing but problems... I contacts the company and was told basically "Too Bad" it is out of warrenty.

So now I am looking to replace both with Wolf..

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It's so interesting to read all these opinions about Viking and Wolf. I have a unique perspective as I bought a Wolf 30" gas range recently, but after six service calls, ended up asking to return it. Wolf obliged, which was decent of them. Excellent customer service, despite all the problems.

Oven thermostat was changed twice because it was out by about 50 degrees, and that could be either hotter or colder depending on the setting. Burners would not light reliably when you went from low back to medium resulting in unburned gas, so you have to lift the pan to make sure the burner has been lit properly. This made me nervous. It's because it has two rings.

They were aware of this problem and had a kit to fix it which took weeks to be sent. It did improve the problem, but didn't resolve it completely. Door was slightly crooked as well. I really had enough of Wolf and was also unhappy that they were selling a unit they knew had an issue.

So I replaced it with the Viking gas range. The newest model with sealed burners. I've only had it a few days now, but I am impressed. The oven temperature is accurate and the burners work properly, which is really what you would expect for a unit that costs this much.

More over, the Viking build quality is clearly superior to the Wolf. I know that might shock a lot of people to hear, but it feels far more solid. On the Wolf, when you press and turn the knobs the entire back plate pushes back because the steel behind it is so flimsy. On the Viking it's rock solid.

On the Wolf, the rear vent riser is flimsy and light while the Viking riser is super solid and weighs much more.

The Wolf knobs are nice and red, but they are plastic and when the oven is on, they do not turn that smoothly. I guess the heat expands them or something. On the Viking, this does not happen. The Viking knobs are steel.

I love the way the new Viking looks and so far, it is performing great and feels way more solid. I have not had any problem with heat distribution on the burners either. There is no apparent cool spot in the centre of the pan. Not that I have been able to detect anyway.

I also did the Viking paper test. Turned simmer way down and put a sheet of normal white paper on the burner. The paper got very warm, but did not burn. That's how low the simmer will go. On the Wolf, the simmer is good, but it is limited to the tiny centre ring only.

Only complaint so far is that the Viking oven is a bit smaller than the Wolf oven.

That's my experience. I will update on the Viking as I use it more.

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I just wanted to thank everyone for their posts on this thread. I have intentionally avoided reading it for a while, mainly out of fear!! I started it back in my research days. Despite that the negative comments outweighed the positive ones. I still chose to order a 36 inch 6 burner gas unsealed VIKING rangetop! I don't know why. I'm really a very conservative person and don't like taking chances, yet I really do feel like I am in this case. But I can't help it. I placed my appliance order in June. I ordered another ????? of a product, a side by side built in Ge MONO Fridge. Also on my list was the GE MONO Advantium and single oven (in the wall next to the fridge)_. A Thermador single oven under the counter and an ASKO dishwasher. SInce I placed the order I moved on to other renovating headaches ( since we are doing our entire house) Choosing everything from siding to windows, to bathtub, to tiles, flooring, carpets. It has been overwhelming and I can't thank all the wonderful gardenweb users who have helped me tile my bathroom, pick my countertops... etc.... the list goes on. Could not have done it without your help and support. I hope to have the kitchen cabinets in by mid march. Around a year from this original post. So, I think if I wanted to I could still change my appliance order. I still think I will go with the VIking, if I were to change it would probably me to the GeMOno. Thanks again for all your wonderful words of wisdom!

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A friend of mine has a Viking range. She's had a few issues with it--the latest being that the hinges have sheared on the oven door. That's one heavy door and it's close to falling off--hanging on by a thread. She's having a tough time getting someone out to replace the hinges. I did some googling for her and found it's not an uncommon problem with Viking. Amazing.

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I think its just like anything you buy. If you search, you will find someone that has had issues. There have been many studaies comparing various rnages and burners, etc. I have been to numerous housewares shows and I am surrounded by all brands. Personally, I like Viking ranges. I know many dealers, and several reps at Viking. When you do have a problem with a large appliance, be it a refrigerator, range, etc. It is important to know who your local dealer is, and who they use for servicing the appliances. That seems to be the biggest issue. For example, a dealer has to contract out the repair/service and those people may be unreliable, inexperienced, etc. (This holds true for all appliances). Sometimes a dealer has in-house service, usually at an attempt to improve the level of service and satisfaction, as a poor service experience has a tremendous impact on what we as the consumer feel about the product. Regardless of whether you are thinking of purchasing a Viking appliance, Dacor, Wolf, Aga, etc. be sure to know the background of the company you are planning to buy from. Have they been in business long? Get a list of Viking, etc customers that have had their appliances for at least three years. Be sure to ask for some that have had to ask for a servicer to come out. If it was good or bad, you'll hear it!
If they don't give you some clients to call, or if they have never had a servicer go out, well.. you better find someone else to buy from. Can you buy from an internet company and get good results? I am interested in many of them that advertise free white glove delivery ,etc. I am aware that the dealers can only sell (large appliances in specific states that are in their distrct/region and pricing is often based in these distrcits/regions.. not sure for all the mfg's, but just about positive this is the case with Viking. So if/when you buy online, but sure you check that they are authorized resellers for what ever product they are selling, and if they say they can sell a Viking range in any state in the US... stay away, as they can not at least not be in compliance with Viking Range. But they are definate benefits with free shipping ( or low cost/resonable shipping) and buying large appliances from tax free states.. as you do not have to immediately fork over your taxes.. I think you are suppose to pay, its just the resellers don't charge thus the "No taxes charged".. Just as it is true for local dealers, the same is true for any online retailer.. check out the references, and go ahead.. ask about servicing them.. (they will have to contract out the servicers.. but ask who they would use.. and do the same as what you did with your local dealers, find out the success of the servicers they use.

A lot of choosing an appliance is going to come down with what you like, what fits with your kitchen, tastes, and lifestyle.

Oh, I almost forgot.. don't waste your time searching for wholesalers for Viking Appliances.. nor should you find their prices any cheaper online versus local, this is controlled by Viking and again somewhat differs based on region. So can you find cheaper prices online? (Actually yes,.. sometimes) should you buy from them if its a lot cheaper than anyone else? I wouldn't as the person that is selling is most likely not an authorized dealer, and if they are they likely won't be for long... which gets you stuck when you need service. If you see a price that seems too good to be true (and it's a Viking product).. . simply pickup the phone or go to and contact them and ask them is that's the right price, or if something underhanded is going on.
Last thing(s).. prices on appliances are all going up, (they went up a couple times last year and in a few days/weeks they are all going up again)! If you are thinking of buying, well its a buyers market right now... dealers are hurting, don't believe me? call any of them and try to make a deal or see when they are going to have their next special. So if your thinking of buying, don't wait! I could give a link to a new site that sells viking appliances.. with good shipping and they don't charge taxes, but I think that would taint my message here. I hope this helps and really if your planning to buy an appliance this year, (any mfg).. their inventory is stagnating appliance sales across the board I think were down 40% last year. (Ouch).. and prices have to go up due to the cost of materials, shipping all have been increasing.. anyway hopes that helps.

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We had owned a 30" inch Viking gas range for eighteen years and there are some good things to say about it:
15,000 open burners cook very well with excellent control. Burners are sometimes reluctant to ignite, so I just use a match or BBQ starter.
Oven bakes very well and is only on the third ignitor.
The range is quite simple in design, so an owner can replace ignitors himself at very considerable cost saving.
NEGATIVE: Losts of rust in interior parts which appear to be quite thin in gauge and of poor quality.
INFRARED BROILER only worked for three years before failing, accompanied by little explosions that blew the oven door open. Repairs were very expensive and short-lived. We broiler either on the outside Weber BBQ or on an ancient RIVAL electric portable broiler.
We would not buy another VIKING, but there are so many negative comments posted about today's pro-ranges (ignitor problems, faulty thermostats, complex and unreliable electronic controls) that we contemplate the purchase of a new range with anything but enthusiasm).

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I'm looking at a Viking wall oven (VEDO527 or VEDO5271) and wonder if anyone has one or knows someone that does and whether they like it. I like it better than others in its class partly because it has real knobs instead of an electronic control panel (which broke quickly on a JennAir years ago after which we have been living without a display because the integrated dispay and controls is so expensive to replace). I have a 6-burner Viking gas cooktop and do like but will admit it too has a problem we have been living with. The electronic auto-pilot will not turn over so I wired a switch in line with the power cord. We have been using that switch to spark it and then turning the power back off for years. We like the range of burner sizes and the burners work despite many spills.

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We've had our 48" Viking Rangetop (12" griddle + six unsealed burners) for (I can hardly believe it) ten years. It's been an absolutely fabulous kitchen appliance. Sorry to hear that others have had issues with their Viking appliances, but ours performs beautifully, perfect simmer + great heat for stir-frying (we got the wok burner grate).

We no longer use the griddle much with the kids (and their hungry friends) no longer around, but it works really well for pancakes and, surprisingly, for bacon. The heavy griddle (weighs like 25 #) does an excellent job of holding temperature. If you want to cook bacon at 360', it'll hold 360'.

One other issue I've noticed while browsing this forum is that some have had problems with pots tipping on their Rangetops (Capital(?)). This hasn't been a problem on our Viking, and we've varied from really huge stock pots to small sauce pans. Thought about getting Viking's V Grate, which would eliminate any issue with stability for different sized pots, but really hadn't seen the need.

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I chose the Vik dbls because of the knobs as well. I really like it, and it looks great in my kitchen, especially when the lights are on. I say lights, but there is only one switch for both ovens. I don't like that part because I'm lighting both ovens while only using one - seems like a waste. It does have a pretty long cool-down period, even when I cheat and open the oven door after I've finished cooking. Most of the time that doesn't bother me, but every once in a while I go through the "I wish it would hurry up and cool down", syndrome. If you are looking for bells and whistles, don't do it. I replaced a perfectly good Harvest-Gold-OLD GE dble with this one because I didn't like the color. Since I was changing everything else I decided to switch out as well. That was a great choice because it stuck out like a very sore thumb afte everything else had been finished. That said, I find no difference between the old GE and this one, except that it does get awfully hot. I find that I really have to watch my time and temps now. It has a huge blower factor for getting rid of the smoke, which is good because I no longer have an exhaust fan( still trying to figure that one out-LOL). I have gotten used to it though. I haven't used the clean-cycle yet (I really hope it works, and with all the horror stories here, with other ovens, I'm almost afraid. All-in-all though, I'm glad I made the choice. Sometimes I wish I had opted for more features, considering the cost. For a few bucks more, or even less, I would like to have had a better timer system, and a few other things. I will say, the major reason I chose the Vik (outside of the fact that I bought the VIK hybrid induction and wanted to match), was the fact that the racks seemed so much more sturdy than most others I had seen. I REALLY wanted the Electrolux, but didn't wasn't impressed. I also had a size issue - a very tight 27" already built cabinet. The racks in most of the other ovens seems to have more give than the Vik. In a nutshell, it cooks very well, it looks great, it is pretty tough and it has the knobs. I have found that the SS is difficult to keep "clean". Everyone has given suggestions for this, but the best so far has been dish soap for greasy prints, or plain water, with a micro-fiber cloth. The SS treatments appear to attract grease, etc.

I hope all of this isn't too confusing. It's a great oven IMHO, and other than bells and whistles, I wouldn't hesitate to make the same choice.


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VIKING IS OVER PRICED JUNK AND I REALLY MEAN JUNK!!!!!! The purchase of our Viking cooktop and oven have to be the worse purchases of our lives!! THE OVEN IS NOT ENERGY EFFICIENT. Don't let them convince you it is. The 2 igniters that fire up those dual oven burners STAY LIT even after ignition has taken place...result excess use of energy and quicker burnout of the igniters requiring frequent and costly replacement (if you can wait a month or more to receive parts). We have been depressed viking owners for 12 years. Do not fall for the igniters are like batteries, that too is a bunch of crap! The oven is of very poor internal design. The igniters are mounted against the gas tubes and because they are always lit eventually burning a hole in each gas tube where it is mounted. Their customer service is extremely poor. The high end appliance dealer in my area sells everything BUT viking..Another place on viking's authorized list is all done with viking - they want nothing to do with them any longer. What does that tell you? We have a no frills unit - bake, broil, convection fan and oven light, no timers, control panels, no self clean (thank God!) BUYER BEWARE!!! Go to and get yourself into viking and READ ON and be fully informed and prepared before you buy. Hopefully you will not buy viking, you WILL be sorry you did.

The only GOOD thing i can say about viking is the quality oven racks. They are sturdy and shiney.

The cooktop is no fun either - but at least it is not broken as much as the oven ALWAYS is. I would not recommend viking to my worse enemy.

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I put in a complete Viking kitchen 6 years ago, 48" stove, 48" side by side refrigerator, hood and blower and dishwasher. I have had to replace the oven burner tubes and igniter. I have also had an ongoing problem with the refrigerator. It was installed without the evaporation fan connected. When the humidity goes up my kitchen is covered with water. I had to have a service call to have the fan wire connected. Nowhere in the installation manuals did Viking mention the fact that the evaporation fans are shipped disconnected. After arguing with Viking they agreed to pay half the service call fee. The problem is that the fan is not large enough to evaporate the water and my kitchen still floods. I called another company to come service the refrigerator and they said that there is a design flaw in the refrigerators and the newer ones have a heater built into the drip pan. When I called Viking they basically told me 'too bad'. All the overflowing of the drip pan in summer has damaged my cabinet bases and I still have to monitor the drip pan daily. Today I found out that my refrigerator has been recalled. I had to find an article online about this. What burns me more is that 30 minutes before I found this article I was on the phone with Viking customer service complaining about my refrigerator, I gave them the make and serial number and they did NOT inform me of the recall. I have never had a good experience with Viking customer service. I spent $15,000 on my Viking appliances and they could not care less about the design flaws in the products they sold or their customer service/satisfaction.

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There is a thread here on the recall. It will take another 2-3 weeks for my door replacement as they had to get a servicer from more than an hour away.

Several years ago someone on this forum had the same issue with the freezer and her cabinets were damaged. They paid to have them replaced when the fridge was fairly new -- tougher proposition as time goes on.

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Since 2005 we have had a Viking 36" gas range, built in fridge, hood, external exhauster, and garbage dispsoser. Everything has worked fine, except for the fridge needing a new controller board - that took them 5 attemps to fix.

I would not rely on Consumer Reports. IMO, it's not possible to rate high end items and everyday retail stuff. Also I don't believe in the idea that there is a "best" appliance / auto / etc.

Obviously, these manufacturers are in a very competitive situation, and nobody wants to make junk. Design mistakes are made, products are sourced from an unreliable supplier. A company with good management will accept / track the problems and fix them. Look at GM and Chry - trying to sell the same car under different nameplates.
Too bad the gov didn't let them die a natural death.

Once you've cooked on a high-end/resturant range you can't begin to compare it to any GE or KA product.

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