Obscure Shower Glass

Babka NorCal 9bFebruary 17, 2013

Eight years ago I was a regular poster at the kitchen forum when we did our remodel. The info there was invaluable. Now we about to begin a master bath remodel. So the questions begin...

I love the look of clear, frameless shower glass, BUT no way will we be able to squeegy the glass after each use, and (getting up in years) we'd like the privacy too. ;-)

Soooo, I'm looking at obscure glass, and bamboo pattern in particular. We'd like an asian/contemporary look and I like the close up looks of bamboo glass. Does anyone have it? Or other designs of glass? Got pics?


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I'm hearing you about having some privacy in the shower glass. I'm starting to plan bathroom redo's and would prefer a shower rod and curtain, but my husband swears they are out, and wants a glass door (yuck).

ANYWAY, we were looking at the big box home store and saw that Kohler has a variety of patterned glass doors, including one that has a bamboo-like pattern. So, what you want does exist.

Here is a link to a shower door website that has a bamboo pattern.

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Babka NorCal 9b

Thanks, rjr220. That is what I've seen on the internet glass stores so far. That one and also an etched one. We have a walk in shower (no tub) with 2 sides that will be glass, so I'm concerned that it might look too busy in a contemporary style bathroom. Does everyone with walk in, frameless glass showers here go with clear?


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Our hall bathroom has bypass shower doors that are frosted glass.

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