1984 Scottsdale Grille

kentuck_8bJuly 21, 2013

I need a replacement grille for my 1984 Chevy Scottsdale pickup truck. LMC has grilles, but none are apparently the same as my original grille.

Where else can I shop for another grille?


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Salvage yards.

However, in my neighborhood, salvage parts of vehicles older than 10 years are hard to find because most old parts are being curushed and sold for the metal content. Parts can be found for certain old makes such as Jeeps.

It may be expedient to go ahead and get a grill from LMC. This should be acceptable unless you are restoring to like original condition. Ask yourself, does the grill have to exactly like the original?

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Don't know if you have tried this site or not.


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Thank you both for your responses and help.


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you might try www.car-part.com

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