Truck Test Drive question

puzzlefanJuly 31, 2008

Replacing with great unhappiness my 2000 Tacoma. I get such excellent mpg plus comfort when driving the old truck. I test drove a 2009, 2WD not 4WD today. I was very surprised that if I let up on the gas even a little, it wants to come to a complete stop. I am used to "crusing" in my 2000. I never have to keep my foot on the gas pedal up to the stop sign etc; just cruise to almost there and then brake. Also the tach readings are quite high compared to my 2000. At 50mph, my 2000 runs about 1800rpm In the 2009, it runs closer to 2700-3000. This sounds like gas wasting to me. Am I right to be concerned about this truck or are all new trucks built that way?

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That sounds like the transmission was not in overdrive. You may need to road test it again and see if it was shifting correctly, or if you had inadvertantly shifted it to manual 2nd or 3rd instead of OD.

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This is an automatic so I pretty much let the truck do its thing. Arthritis keeps me from owning a manual. The salesperson is telling me it is just new but it doesn't feel right.

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I would test drive another 3 or 4 trucks and see which one I liked the best. Just remember every vehicle feels different. Some people can feel the difference some people can't. So don't let a salesman tell you they are all the same.

Good Luck

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Sounds like the parking brake was not released all the way?

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