What is the NADA value of a 94 Explorer

Pooh BearJuly 16, 2008

1994 Ford Explorer 4 door V6 170k miles.

Outside is in real good shape.

Inside could stand a real good cleaning.

What is the NADA or Blue Book value of this vehicle.


Pooh Bear

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Pooh Bear

The Edmunds.com site listed it somewhere between $500 and $750.

The windshield has a small crack in it. The A/C doesn't work.
Two of the power windows don't work. The radio doesn't work.
The rear hatch won't stay up by itself, missing a lift cylinder.
Exterior looks great, interior looks a little dirty.
Driver's seat needs a seat cover.
It has four nearly new tires and a good spare tire.
Runs great and drives great. A mechanic we trust said it
was a good deal. We gave $900 for it.

Our first priorties are the power windows and the A/C.
So I'll probably have questions on how to approach those problems.

Pooh Bear

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Pooh Bear you will have to go to NADA link and check with your zip code. I did a quick check with a local zip code and it listed some prices. But with the mileage that is on yours it said a price was N/A



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Pooh Bear

That site gave a low retail of $1925.
Clean retail of $2750, high retail of $3350.

I feel we got a fair deal.
I'll start checking out the A/C and power window issues.


Pooh Bear

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