Shower Pan Slope Problem? (Pic Included)

jaidogFebruary 14, 2012

The slope of my shower pan doesn't carry all the way to one of the walls. In the photo below, the board is laying on the correctly sloped portion of the pan. As you can see, there is a gap between the shower pan and the board. This gap is about 1/2" at the wall. The faintly visible line along the wall is where the shower pan should have come up to.

Should I correct this? If so, how?

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Yes, this needs to be corrected. Being that you've caught it before the tile went down, it's an easy fix, and most pros would be able to take care of that just with some "creative troweling" of the thinset when they install the tile. But what you can do, is take some thinset, and using the flat edge of your notch trowel, fill that void, laying it flat on the CORRECT part of the pitch, allowing the end of the trowel to "float" above the void just as your stick is in the picture, thereby screading off the thinset and filling the void.

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I have a half bag of Laticrete 255. Will that work okay for this? I vaguely recall reading that thinset should not be built up 1/2 inch and thought I would need to use more 3701 to fill the void. I have both 255 and 3701, and will use whichever you recommend.

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255 will work fine. It's MADE to be able to build up a little more than most thinsets, and in fact, I use it for all my shower pans, just for this reason.

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I'll use the 255 to build up the edges. As always, thanks for the great advice.

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