Skirted Toilet with Washlet

ctkathyFebruary 12, 2013

I thought this would be easier but I do need help. I'm looking for a skirted toilet, preferably Toto. I have two Totos now and have been happy.

I'd also like a washlet, probably the Bio Bidet. I want the sizes of these two items to coordinate so I'm tring to stay away from a Toto that is narrow. And which Bio Bidet?

Thank you

My style is traditional so nothing too contemporary, but the toilet will be in a WC room.

I had looked at the Aimes but don't hear much about it. How about the Vespin? Someone posted that their Aquia was too narrow for their washlet, so I'm staying away from the Aquia. Any experience with matching up a washlet with a Toto?

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ctkathy: "m staying away from the Aquia. Any experience with matching up a washlet with a Toto? "

We have a Toto Vespin II, and, on it, an Inax Clessence. They match.

Because of our family's Japanese roots and connections, we did not seriously consider any brands of "shower" toilet seats other than Toto and Inax. (Washlet is a registered trademark of Toto, so any non-Toto seat cannot be a Washlet.)

Inax invented the category of toilet seats that perform, and in Japan, Inax and Toto vie for dominance in that category the way that Chevy and Ford fight over the pick-up market in the United States. The role that second-tier players like Dodge and Toyota and Nissan play in the pick-up wars here is taken by Toshiba and Panasonic in the toilet seat wars in Japan, No other players come close.

Do you know who makes the Bio Bidet? I don't. Apparently, it is an American brand, applied to a seat made in Asia.

Toto seats fit Inax toilets and Inax seats fit Toto toilets. You can mix and match with confidence. We prefer the two-wand design of the Inax seats to the one-wand design of the Toto seats.

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I wasn't going to do the Toto washlet because reviews made me think I wouldn't like the spray pattern. I could consider the Inax toilet and bidet seat but not many choice of toilets. I think I would prefer choosing a Toto toilet and an Inax bidet seat. Which Inax bidet seat?

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