Tacoma frame rust through-choices

puzzlefanJuly 22, 2008

I have a 2000 Tacoma which was identified as one of those which have the frame rust through-perforation that caused the Toyota semi recall. The truck only has 70,000 miles on it and is running so well that I hate to part with it. Even though Toyota will buy it back, it won't give me enough to get another Tacoma. Has anyone had this problem and chosen the repair option? Will I have to worry about other areas experiencing the same thing in the future?

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From my experience, yes you will. Rust through has always been an issue with the imports, well eventually it's a problem with the domestics as well. My 94 Ranger will be getting new leaf spring shackles before I start hauling wood for the woodburner this year. It won't need a frame anytime in the next twenty years..

BTW, you COULD simply replace the frame......

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I was hoping the 2000 would do as well as our 1982 Toyota truck which has 290,000 miles on it. Still running great and in looks comparable to any other vehicle of its vintage. guess I'll hae to accept the buy back offer.

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