Problem with Acura trunk

anncarolynJuly 25, 2005

I'm not sure if I have a problem or not with the trunk opening or not. Maybe someone can help me. I just purchased a new (to me) 2004 Acura RL. When I open the trunk using the keyless remote or from inside the car, the trunk lid raises only 2-3 inches. On my other Acura ('96 RL), it raises 10-12 inches at least. If anyone on this forum has a 2004 Acura ( or access to one), I wish you would open the trunk to see if 2-3 inches is normal. I went to my Acura dealer, however they do not have any 2004 RL's on the lot and they seemed to think it was OK. If the trunk lid needs to be fixed, I would like to get it done while the car is still under warranty.

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sounds normal to me, wasnt able to try an acura, hadnt really thought about it until i read this. so i went to the parking lot here, i have alot of time on my hands tonite haha. tried my hyundais remote trunk about 3 inches, tried coworkers saab, 3to4 inches, a honda accord about 1to2 inches, kia amanti 1 inch, cavelier, 3to4 inches, bmw 1 inch. no one here now has an acura.

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I would say its normal.Thats the way my Buick Century is also.The CD that came with the car talks about the trunk being this way.Its so on a windy day the wind will not catch the lid and flip it up and possibly cause damage.

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Thanks JohnDeere and Bill H for for your answers to my problem. Seems as though I don't have a problem. John Deere, I never even considered what the wind could do and Bill, I really appreciate you taking the time to actually test some trunk lids!. Thanks again.

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I have an accord which is along the same lines of your acura and it does the same thing.

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I have a '99 acura TL the trunk lid just barely pops up when opened. Your trunk sounds normal to me.

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