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macmomma_gwMarch 27, 2013

I'm looking at buying the NE595N0PBSR Samsung induction range. It's on sale at Lowe's for $1000. I currently have a 13-year-old KA glass-top electric range and the top has pitted horribly. I cook a lot, and have always tried to clean up immediately, but I guess I've missed sugar splatters along the way. Does anyone know if the glass tops on the induction stoves/ranges pit the same way the electric tops do?

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Yes and no.

It is the same ceramic glass (Shott) on both induction and radiant stoves, so sugar deposits can pit the surface if left uncleaned.

So, yes, if you leave sugary stuff to sit as you often have to do with radiant cooktops because the surface is often too hot to clean up right away.

But, no, since stuff is far less likely to bake onto an induction cooktop surface as it does with radiant stoves and since you will probably be wiping up the stuff right away on an induction stove. An induction top will get hot directly beneath the pan, but most of the rest of the cooktop will only be warm. So, you will be able to wipe up the spill right away and sugar does not bake onto the surrounding surface nearly as much (if at all.)

You do understand that when using a pan smaller than the burner, the exposed part of the induction burner will not be hot? The part directly beneath the pan will get hot from the heat of the pan, of course.

Actually, if something does get beneath a pan, many induction users will lift the pan, wait a few seconds, wipe up the spill and put the pan back down to continue cooking.

Also, for sugary syrups and such, some of us will cover the surface with parchment or paper towels (or even silicon baking mats) to catch any sugary spills. The temps should be far less than the 451F flame-.point of paper but, if you are paranoid or somebody who wants to heat sugar to 500F, you can cut a pan sized circle out of the paper.

BTW, great price on that Samsung.

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Thank you JWVideo! Yes, that makes sense and is very helpful. It is a great price on the Samsung, and although I've read better reviews for the GE induction ranges, it looks like I could buy two of the Samsung for the price of one GE, so if the Samsung is a dud, I'd still be breaking even!

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