1st gear on mazda truck

timbulbJuly 23, 2006

I have a 2002 Mazda 2300 truck. The manual transmission is sometimes hard to put into 1st gear. When this happens, which isn't all the time, it's usually when stopped at a light and I have to switch from neutral into 1st gear. All the other gears work fine, I'm sure I have clutch left. It's like 1st gear just isn't lining up properly.

Any ideas?

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The clutch is dragging, or the pilot bearing is too tight. Eitherway, the input shaft is spinning, and the syncronizer is having trouble slowing it down as you try to shift gears.

First try inspecting the clutch hydraulic system for leaks, then try bleeding the clutch. This is a common problem, and occasionally it is difficult to solve

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