1994 Chevy lumina mini van head gasket

zoey_gsdJuly 9, 2006

I have a 1994 chevy lumina mini-van which I think has a bad head gasket. The head that is near the fire wall it is the 3.1 engine. The check engine light came on I got a 14 coolant sensor and 44 oxygen sensor. What had happened was the water pump went coming home on the thruway by the time I could slower her down and pull over I think the damage was done. I replaced the water pump drove her home what she does is idle rough real rough but there is no water in the oil or none in the exhaust. The pcv is going crazy it won't even stay in the grommet so I think the pressure is real high down below. Anyway the back head gasket looks like a joke to change. What I would like to know has anyone done one of these and found it to be hard or easy and any tricks. I would also like to know if anyone has any other ideas what it could be as it has plenty of power on the highway it's just idling it sounds like a 1969 Z28 with the 302 and two 4bbl. Any suggestion's would really help. Thank you!

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Done lots of these engines. They have a problem with the
intake gaskets. You might be lucky. I'm sure that year of
engine also has aluminium heads. I know the 96 does. working on that engine is no different that any other. just a lot more stuff to remove before you see the heads.
That engine may have a roller cam and if it does DO NOT
mix up the push rods or you smash the motor. Just a
suggestion. DO NOT change just one head gasket if you take
it apart. You are asking for trouble and get the manual
for it. That engine could also have an aluminium manifold
that only takes 10 lbs. torque and the bolts use lock tite.
Again get the manual and all proper tools, or send it out.
P.S. That engine is easy to work on. well to me anyway.
Try a 3.8 in a Taurus. Good luck

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