It's February 2014, how is your build?

aries61February 1, 2014

January was a busy month with 417 postings which I think might be a record. Hopefully February will be just as busy.

Hopefully snow will slow down for those living in the midwest. I'm in Chicago and what did I wake up to? more snow. Don't know about anyone else, but I'm tired of this winter between the snow and extreme cold.

Happy building to everyone.

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Aries, thanks for starting the new thread! I know this weather has been nuts. Remarkably we are in the 70s today in Houston but another cold front is blowing in tomorrow and it is supposed to get to near freezing temps again. Very unusual weather for down here!

Hi Robyn! We are in the very beginning stages of our build. Right now they have the forms up for the foundation. We are doing a post tension foundaton (had to Google it to see what exactly that meant, lol!) so the wood slats are up for the forms and they spread out the fill dirt this past week. Next they lay out the plumbing (and maybe electrical? can't remember), then foundation gets poured. Framing from there. Illinigirl laid the rest out pretty well. That would be hard to be so far away from your new home but imagine all the progress you will see each time you check in! I hated driving by my lot and seeing no change from day to day. You will get something new each time you peek. Is there anyway you (or your builder) can set up a camera to view progress?

We are doing engineered wood in our kitchen - whole first floor really. We considered 'real' hardwood, and I think it would have been cheaper, but our ID and others have cautioned against real wood in the kitchen because of water, spills, etc. The idea of just popping out a piece to replace it is pretty attractive too.

Autumn, vent away, lol! That's what this board is for. Besides, I'm sure we will all need the same at some point ;-)

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aprilh, The weather in Texas has been unusual this winter too. Actually, a lot of areas have gotten hit bad this winter. Look at Atlanta earlier this week. In Chicago we don't think much of 1 to 3 inches of snow, but for Atlanta that's a big deal since they're not use to it.

Hopefully Punxsutawney Phil won't see his shawdow, so then we'll have an early spring.

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Phil! Phil! Phil! Phil! - if we chant it might encourage him!

I am the bonehead who posted this morning under January - oops!

Thanks for getting is started Aries, I am not sure when I'd have tuned back into the date.

robyn-we were going to do tile in the kitchen but with an open plan I just didn't want that very large visual break. I am a bit nervous (active household with large dog) but we will have a rug in the main kitchen area that would have the greatest possibility of water issues. Our main and only sink is in the island with range offset behind us so a rug there will work perfectly. I will be discouraging outdoor traffic from the covered porch and encourage entering through a side entry that spills right into the mudroom (tile) with the 1/2 bath near. I hope that works as I plan it to. We never had a mudroom before so I am hopeful that we will all get used to it quickly and use it as such!

Mudders are working today. I guess they come when it's ready Saturday or not. Yay! We are going to check it out tonight after dh is finished with work.

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Thanks April! Yes, our builder has a 24 hour camera set up so we can see the building process LIVE anytime we want to view it. Pretty cool, huh? Plus it helps with vandals..

We are doing engineered hardwood as well. I will attach our open plan. We will have carpet in the Great Room that will be built into the hardwood. I was just thinking out loud that maybe tile would be better. I've heard that our engineered HW should be pretty durable.

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Our interior is nearly all framed and trusses are coming Monday!!!!! Some of the spaces seem small but I hope its just the effect of being able to see through all the framing. I will post pictures soon. It was too rainy for me to get out my phone but hopefully it will be covered soon by the roof and we can spend more time inside.

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We've had lots of progress this month! All mechanical rough ins are done, with inspection Monday (I think) and insulation to follow.

Masons are hard at work laying brick whenever we have a couple of days that it stays above freezing.

Exterior trim got sprayed before they put roof shingles on, so we can see what our trim color looks like with our brick.

Columns and porch ceiling went in.

Inside we had 5 HUGE antique pine beams installed. God bless those workmen, those suckers were heavy!!! So happy with them though.

And a shot of the brick going up in the screened porch area.

Looking forward to seeing everyone's progress!!!

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mfatt-its so strange the way the space changes its feels at each stage. With drywall hung I was back feeling 'oh boy it looks kinda' small but then once the mud started it felt more open and larger again. It has to be the brighter mud color vs. the drywall board. It always stuns me with each change. It is wonderful once it's closed in and then again once more when it's heated and comfortable inside. Makes it actually feel like a house.

jackson-your trim looks great with the brick. I like your transoms too. :)

robyn-that is very cool that you can check things from the camera. Where would you start and stop the tile? We are doing hardwoods through the kitchen/dining/living room and then we'll have an area rug in the living area. The foyer will also be hardwood. The threshold from the mudroom to the kitchen (to the left of the fridge) is where we will transition the tile and the wood. The stairs and bedrooms will be carpeted.

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Autumn4 - the HD deal of the day, 40% off Ryobi paint sprayers if you haven't made that purchase yet.

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jackson2348, really like the outside of your house. Is it a ranch or 1 1/2 story? From the front, it looks like a ranch, but from the back it looks like you might have a room or two over the garage. can't wit to see the progress inside.

Autumn.4, All these days go by so fast and all of us sometimes don't realize that it's a new month. Hopefully spring will be around the corner. I guess when I was younger, the snow and cold didn't bother me as much as it does now.

I enjoy looking at everyone's house and the progress on them. Maybe one day I can contribute pictures and stories when I build. Right now just working on updating my current house since I'm tired of everything in the house even thou its only been 21 years that I gutted and remodeled the house that I grew up in.

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Quick phone post, lol! I drove by this morning (love that they are working on Saturday!) and it looks like plumbing lines are in. Picture from my car:

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aries-I don't know. Some winters seem to go by relatively quickly (or I guess I am thinking the shorter days with little daylight) or painlessly even with snow. This is the snowiest, coldest winter I can remember in my 41 years of life. We get storms, we get snow, but we also normally get a THAW here or there and this year nothing. I think when you are a kid snow is all fun and when you are an adult snow is work with maybe a little fun sprinkled in. I would love to see an aries build thread! Have you started on your kitchen? What cabs did you go with?

jdez-thanks for thinking of us! Sprayer was purchased already a couple of weeks ago (I honestly can't remember) and tile saw yesterday. That is a sweet deal! You find a blanco sink deal you spread the word okay? ;)

april-progress is progress. :)

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One hour into cleaning the drywall dust and I'm ready to quit. It's bad! You sweep and there's a couple more layers. We are wearing dust masks but it's fogging my glasses. HATE THIS! Oh well I better get back in there. Cough cough.

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Thanks Aries61 for starting the thread.

Robyn, Sounds like you have great builder and it will make it building remotely easier for you. Great way to use the technology that present with the camera's. I think one time I would check in person or through your sister is when framing is almost complete. A lot of us have made few changes after seeing the framing. We are also doing hardwood throughout the house except bathrooms and laundry room. Have allergies so this is the best solution for us.

Mfatt, Great that framing is done. I think it is normal to feel the places feeling too big or too small through the process.

Aprilh, Great that they have started. And I think in your case since you are doing a slab foundation the plumbing is going before foundation if not that happens after foundation.

Autumn, Glad the mudders are here today. I have to see if we have them today or not.

Hoosier, Cleaning up after the drywall is going to be hard. Hope you get a chance to take breaks in between.

jDez, Love the brick you posted. I love brick in general but brick is not common here.

MFatt and Mommytoty, Good luck to sea hawks tomorrow.

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robyn: Great idea with the remote camera! What a great builder. Can you ask you builder for the details on that remote camera? What's the brand, hows it connected online? We're starting in the next month or so and I'd love to do the same thing. We're building about 20 miles from where we currently are and I'd love to be able to check in whenever.

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Hi all,

Fantastic home photos already posted above!

More snow here too. We have gotten remarkably little done in January, and I hope February will be more productive. I have spent way too much time trying to micro-plan, but it needs to be done to finalize cabinets and electrical. If anyone is good at room arranging and great room built-ins, can you vote on my latest great room design? I have linked the thread from the Home Decorating forum below. I was inspired by a Houzz image that Autumn posted (so thanks Autumn).

Someone asked about flooring in the kitchen. We are going with hardwood as well throughout the main level for continuity (except the baths and laundry and foyer). With open concept homes my ID was firm that hardwood would look best to not break up the kitchen space.

Izhwong, asked about yellow colours for a playroom . I posted two colours in the January thread. What did you choose?


Here is a link that might be useful: Please vote on my great room arrangement

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This is getting ridiculous! I've now tried posting on three different days and lost it each time! Grrrr!

Anyway, we were pretty quiet for a couple weeks while we dried out and now they have drywall up and tapers are here today. Yay!

Picked my slabs yesterday. Carrara marble for kitchen, master vanity and DD vanity (didn't really want marble in her bathroom due to maintenance but we have extra in our slab so doesn't make sense to buy something else!). I also picked out a slab of Brazilian Black slate (more of a charcoal gray color) for fireplace hearth and DS vanity. It is really cool :)

Got a surprise this week that our interior paint is going to cost an extra $5k over budget! Guess our builder forgot include painting of interior wood windows in original bid (even though wood interior windows were always in the specs). Needless to say, DH was not happy and now we have to cut $5k somewhere else in budget or come out of pocket. We've already come out if pocket for a lot of other things so we'll see...

akshars--Thanks!!! We can't wait for tomorrow's game!! HUGE deal in Seattle. Everywhere you go, everyone is decked out in Seahawks gear :). Boeing painted a jet with a "Seahawks" and "12" and the plane flew in the pattern of a 12 over our state. Then Paul Allen (who owns the team) had an astronaut friend fly the 12th man flag in outer space! Everyone is having fun with it :)

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My Carrara slab

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My slate slab

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OntarioMom: Thank you for the yellow color suggestions. I think I'm going to go with BM Stanhope Yellow for the playroom. It's a creamy yellow (hopefully no green undertones). Here are the paint colors I've chosen - Downstairs and most of upstairs will be SW Useful Gray. Playroom will be BM Stanhope Yellow. Master bedroom will be BM Going to the Chapel. One of my kid's rooms will be BM Silver Chain (or maybe BM Sleigh Bells).

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Mfatt, I agree with everyone that the space changes at each stage. So fun to watch it become a house!

Sounds like I'm in the same boat with several others. We have a big open space that I want to be consistent, but nervous about hardwoods in the kitchen. We do have a good transition spot to the back hall and mud room, so we're doing brick floors there.

Mommytoty, your slabs are gorgeous!

Hoosierbred, I'm feeling your pain. I spent a couple of hours today with the blower at my house trying to get all the wood chips and dirt from rough ins out of the walls before they start insulation. I do not want all that in my walls, and I'm pretty sure they wouldn't clean it first. UGH!

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Still plugging away here- almost ready for drywall! When you're doing it yourself, there's a lot to make sure of. I'm gonna hate it if I forget something! I hope to have drywall pics before February is out- wish me luck!

The weather (cold) has been a major obstacle. I don't know how pros work in this weather. We've had three nights this month in single digits- unheard of in South Carolina. They say it might be the coldest January on record. The main floor of the house is unheated, so work is miserable, at least after having lived in FL for 30 years.

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I wanted to say how much I really love reading these monthly threads! I kept dreaming of the day when I can post our progress! So I'm starting today.LOL

We're finally finished with our floor plans and have them in our possession! I think it's going to be a long road for us but we are excited to take another step forward. I guess slow and steady is the way to go, right?

So let the fun begin!

Last summer we found our forever land, 5 acres of mesquite filled land.LOL! Once all the mesquite is removed it's actually going to be a nice property. We closed on the land we had a huge job of tearing down an old two horse stall. Sad to say I really wanted it to stay but whoever subdivided the property put the property line across the stalls (smacks hand on head, really??).

We have been waiting since the end of November for a guy we hired to clear out 3 of the 5 acres. As of right now its still not cleared because of all the rain we've been getting around here. It's put him behind schedule. I'm really hoping he'll finally be able to get to us this month. Right now it's pretty much wait and see.

I've submitted our plans to a local ICF contractor and am waiting on their bid. We're either going with icf or 2x6 just depends what the price difference between the two will be.

Uggg. I'm so sorry I've been blubbering on and on! Here's some pictures of the house plans. We are really excited how it turn out.

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mfatt- we are just about at the same stage- our trusses went up last wednesday. I also agree about the spaces....walking through the framing in a way gives a sense of the space and in a way it's still hard to tell how things will really feel.

Jackson- brick looking beautiful!

mommytoty- nice slabs!

tikilyn- this is such a nice stage- the beginning of making the dreams reality. enjoy it!

mushcreek- huge step! (seems an eternity away for us)

just wanted to address the hardwood thing- I love hardwoods all over! I don't think the water in the kitchen is much of a big deal- I think the bigger issue is the foot traffic in the busy parts of the kitchen. To me that's part of having wood and i'm ok with that (I suppose sort of like those that are ok with etches in their marble). I've had wood in my kitchen for 10 plus years now and definitely going with wood on most of the first floor in the new house including the kitchen.

Autumn- good luck with the mudding

Thanks to those posting their plans or partial plans with their posts- love getting a visual to the text. (should be required, lol)

Let's see,
on my end we are still framing the roof, looking at roof sheeting and tar paper by end of next week. More cabinetry appointments and tile appointments this week. Feeling confident about our plumbing fixture selections (we went back to tweak things on Friday and feeling good with them).

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Today, we went and chose some furniture. Now, I hope I can resist feeling the need to check everywhere for furniture and just be happy with my first picks. Nothing ordered yet, but I am liking what we saw today. Most decisions take me forever so I need to be more like Lori.

@ Mommytoty: Those are gorgeous slabs!! I love your wall of windows. Where are you placing the TV in that room. Will it be beside that fireplace?

@ Izhwong I checked out your yellow colour. It is lovely. On my computer screen it does show green undertones. Did you ask the paint store how much green was in it if you are trying to avoid green

@Illinigirl: Good luck with the cabinet appointment. I have found cabinet decisions the hardest.

@Tikilyn: Glad to see you get your plans settled. Have you placed furniture on your plans. That really helps with things such as deciding on electrical and internet location and leads to tweaks and changes in room spacing/sizing. As much as we thought we had worked things out in advance, I now regret not putting a floor plug in the floor of our basement (needed to be decided before concrete floor poured). I hate that we will now need to run a cord to power what we need in that area. Microplan as much as you can now.

@Mushcreek: You are not alone on your pacing. We too would be very glad to get to the drywall stage by the end of Feb. I would be content if we were at the insulation stage by then. DH is doing much of the building himself. We have four kids to add to the busyness and fun. Last week my 14 year old said "Just get the house" done to which I replied: "we will never get it done if you guys don't help Dad out" LOL, but it does feel that way.

@Hoosierbred: The drywall dust cleaning sounds awful. Did you happen upon any shortcuts or techniques that you can pass along. Does it work at all to use a shop vac? I know we will being doing our own clean-up too.

@Autumn: Nice to see your floor plan. The room with the fireplace looks larger in the floor plan than in the photo you posted on one of my threads. It is interesting how space appears different sizes as you progress in the build. What size TV are you putting beside the fireplace? Did you see the link I posted above to my great room design? I used your inspiration plan for my great room too! Have you worked out your cabinets for the great room yet? If not, maybe you will get an idea back from what we have posted in the home decorating forum.

@Robyn: Your kitchen with the double islands is so unique. We almost went for two island too (ended up going for a peninsula and large island). I am intrigued by your carpet in the hardwood idea. As per our floor it will be engineered hardwood as we will have in-floor heat so solid hardwood will not work.


Those doors and transoms are to die for!


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illinigirl- Thank you for your kind words!

OntarioMom- Yes we did think about floor plugs and the living will have two because we'll have to float furniture. We'll also have three outlets on three sides of the kitchen island. Extra plugs everywhere!

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mommytoty, Beautiful Slabs. Have fun tomorrow.

jackson2348, Brick floors sound interesting. Please post pictures when you get there.

Mushcreek, Cam't imagine working in the winter without insulation in the house. You are doing a greta job doing it all your yourself. Hope you get done with drywall this month as planned.

tikilyn, Welcome. You plan looks well thought out. Agree with OntorioMonm on figuring out furniture layout before constuction starts if you can.

illinigirl, You are moving along fast now. Good luck with the tile and cabinet selection process. Cabinet and counter top selection took the longest for us. But I think you have already narrowed down the place you are getting cabinets from so it should be easier.

Jackson, Like your brick and exterior.

Our hardwood was delivered. If they finish the drywall sanding on Monday they may start doing a priming the walls and installing hardwood after that. The whole house is so dusty right now we need to make sure it is cleaned before flooring install.

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Glad to hear it isn't just me thinking the spaces feel funny through the different stages. I love that Carrara slab!


@Jackson- those beams look like a lot of work but I bet they really set the tone after the rest of the drywall goes in.

@Hoosier- Drywall dust is terrible. I worked on a small scale with it years ago and there's no way we weren't paying to have that cleaned. Luckily, it wasn't much because I don't think I can do that again. I had a shop vac explode that was full of ash, drywall is a close second to that as far as layers go.

@Tikilyn- I am excited to see your ICF build! Not too many of those around here, as far as I know, and that whole process is really interesting to me.

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So the boys decided yesterday and it's GO SEAHAWKS! for the super bowl this year....still waiting to see the Lions make it in my lifetime. It doesn't look promising!

We have had a brief warm up to 30 degrees so I guess the drywallers decided to tackle the garage. I hope they are able to finish before the doors and trim are delivered on Tuesday and the temps take a dive later this week. The house is heating the garage okay but if we go down to single digits it's just not practical to try to heat it that way.

Carol-I know I know, I feel the same way! I think your room being more square will work really well for that layout. I believe the inspiration pic room is 20 x 20. Ours is 19 x 16 and I think we could have used a couple more feet on the 16' or fireplace side. Our TV is 36 1/2" wide and the opening is 40". So not a lot of perimeter space but if we went with a larger cabinet we'd have had to have a center stile and I didn't want that either. So we did purchase a cabinet for each side but DH is completely against - did I say 100% completely not going to happen against? - doing another cabinet on top of the base (the one with glass doors that offsets the TV on the other side). So I am getting some of what I like in the inspiration pic but not all of it. Compromise compromise compromise! I can't wait to see yours when it's finished though!

mushcreek-good luck wishes granted! The cold temps make it unbearable to do anything very quickly. Your whole body gets so stiff and definitely not nimble and quick for working. :(

tikilyn-welcome! Very nice home. I like your banquette in the kitchen area and that the wall at the bottom hides part of the kitchen from the great room while mostly it's still an open plan. Perfect!

hoosiers-ugh. I am not looking forward to that process. So far it doesn't look insanely dusty but I think they have only done a light sanding. I am sure the dust storm is coming. :( That dust is so fine it's tough to not breath it in even with a mask.

mommytoty-very nice! I love that black slate slab. That is why we are doing our own painting, the cost was just so outrageous. I hope you are able to find the $5k elsewhere. It seems the further into the build the harder it is to fine money to shave off, at least for us anyhow.

akshars-wow - you are zooming right along! :)

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I'm going to say "Ditto" whatever everyone else says!!!

I messed up my back yesterday with all that sweeping of the drywall dust. It was not a fun day. DH and I should have hired someone to clean this part of it up. DH worked harder and longer than I did. Poor guy.

Jackson, I know you and others feel our pain when you are doing the work yourself. We are a retired couple - so it's even harder because we are OLD! :-) I agree about blowing out all the dirt and leaves and garbage contractors leave behind. We did the same before our drywall was installed.

But cleaning this drywall dust and excess mud was something else. I do not know if what we did is helpful to anyone else or not. I don't know if there was anything that would have been a better or faster method. All I know is what we did. It appears to have worked out okay so far. Here are the steps we took.

First DH took a large dust mop and ran it over the walls and whatever ceilings he could reach. Then I swept each room into mini drywall mud and dust piles.

Here's what it looked like throughout the whole house minus all the junk they threw in the corners or anywhere they pleased which I picked up first. (Don't get me started on all the rotten banana peels, frozen dinner packets, bottles and cans, and empty sauce and ketchup packets, etc. I threw away in the the big trash can that was sitting right in the middle of the family room for their use!)

Here is what it looked liked after I swept mini piles of debris and dust. Notice that it doesn't even look like I swept the dust! I used three different brooms and still got the same results.

I went back throughout the house and swept the piles onto our snow shovel which we used as a dust pan and then into the trash can. We bought drywall dust filters for the shop vac. Highly recommend those. Our daughter and son-in-law blew up their shop vac when they tried not using a filter at all during this phase.

DH then vacuumed all the window sills, around all the corners, and all the openings for light fixtures or outlets. Then, he vacuumed the laundry, kitchen/dining and family room floors with the shop vac. He's on his second shop vac filter. He may have to buy another one to finish the bedrooms and baths floors today.

The pic below shows the bottom part AFTER I had swept and picked up with a broom and the snow shovel. The top part shows after DH swept with the Shop Vac. I tried to vacuum but the pressure on my back was the last straw. DH & I both agree that the whole process is a back breaker. Be prepared!

We wanted to get the drywall cleanup done this weekend so we could have our trim and interior doors delivered. And, we could also get the stone guys back to finish the outside and stone the fireplace. The siding guys finished yesterday after building our columns. The gutter guy also came by yesterday to see the house. He cannot install the gutters until after our siding is painted. We hope he can get the same color gutters as the Soffits/Fascia (Norwegian Wood). They special ordered that color for us. The gutter guy said they had dropped that color since it was close to the clay color. However, the clay color was too gray for us. He thinks he can still find some in that color.

Regarding drywall dust removal, a friend suggested to open all the windows and doors and use a leaf blower. Not sure I like that suggestion as I think it would just stir the dust up in the air and a lot would eventually settle back to the floor.

It appears we are in for at least another 6 weeks of winter. Hang in there everyone!

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Autumn.4, no I haven't started the kitchen yet. It think to much in making decisions. Always have, it's my downfall.

I mentioned in another post that I'm updating my house, so I figure maybe show a before and after photo of the house I grew up in and remodeled.

Here's a picture of the original house that I grew up in before doing anything:

Now here the after taking the original house from 816 sq ft and going to 2200 sq ft.

I bought my sister and brother out from the house in 1991 and started the gut/add/remodel in 1992 and moved back in May 1993. I kept the original foundation, added an 336 sq ft addition in the back and added a second story over the original house and new addition. The original house was taken down to the studs. I do have pictures of the process if anyone is interested in seeing. The only room that stayed in the original location was the living room.

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Aries - Love the transformation. Beautiful.

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motherof3sons - Thanks for the complement. I'm updating the inside only. The outside is pretty staying the same.

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aries-I can relate to the over thinking. Truly. At this point I don't think I'll be growing out of it any time soon either. Wow, that is quite a 'remodel'. How cool to transform your childhood home. Did you do the redesign yourself as in deciding where you wanted all of the rooms and drawing it up? What do your brother and sister think about all of the changes?

hoosiers-I need to find our shop vac attachment that lets you take a 'vacuum' swipe. Right now I just have the round hose. :( I have a pinched nerve in my back right now so I am trying to really go easy, saving myself for the painting that has to happen. Haha! I have been doing PT for a month so it's getting better but I don't want to screw it up! As long as I don't reach to far out to the right when I sweep I do okay. A leaf blower? I wish you could reverse it to a sucker instead. I can't imagine all of the dust and right now opening the windows isn't really an option. Thanks for laying out your process. We have yet to formulate a plan...need to get on it!

lori - you are T minus 27 days girl!

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jackson - so much charm!

our builder seems to be doing things in a different order than it went with our first builder in a very different part of the country.

our trim is all finished including the interior doors and closets. all our granite counters are installed. they started the stone work on our patio fireplace, but it'll probably be several weeks before they come back to finish and to do the indoor fireplace because the painters are there now.

the painters have been there about a week prepping and they've primed all the woodwork and are now sanding the woodwork.

still we have no tile yet.

also, we spray painted our driveway so the concrete guys can come lay the forms. they're backed up for weeks around here though.

here are a few pics:

things have been very tense with our builder as they're going through their second transition since we started our relationship. we are on our third construction manager - the first one we loved but he had a spat with our builder and they parted ways. the second one was evidently only temporary, and the third one who is brand new to the company just got 5 houses all mid-build thrown at him. we weren't even introduced nor did we know there was someone new working on our house. we were told in early january that they'd have a firm completion date commitment by the end of the month. with all the transitions they now won't commit until end of february, which could only be 4 weeks notice, and we need 8 for our lease termination. hoping for a smoother february!!! january was VERY tough.

luckily it's having no impact on the quality of the house - just the quality of service and communication. if we have to sacrifice i'd prefer it this way. :)

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Maggiepie, what a beautiful home you have put together. The coffered ceiling is just gorgeous. Are they painting your cabinets on site? Our cabinets were painted in the cabinetmakers shop before they were delivered and installed. I'm curious as to which way is more durable. Did you use a custom cabinetmaker? Your granite selection is also quite stunning.

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thanks! yes, they're completely custom and are being painted on site. we had semi-custom in our last house, and they were beautiful but these are in a whole new quality league so i've just stopped questioning anything to do with the cabinets and am just trusting in the process.

i do know once everything is painted, they lock the house up for a full week and don't allow anyone in so that the paint can fully cure.

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oicu812, I just looked at my bid and it just says "Onsite Security Camera" and has a rental amount. It looks like it is from a local security company.

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Carol, we will have engineered hardwood also (if I don't change to tile). I'll let you know what I find out about the carpet.

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Hi all- my first post :) Happy to be joining you.
We are just starting to build-or attempting to at least!! We are officially 3 weeks behind-soon to be 4 thanks to this awesome winter :/ the temps are not allowing the footings to be poured.
We will be building a ranch style house with an exposed lower level-- 4 bedrooms (2 up and 2 down) and 3 1/2 baths.
Cant wait to share our progress as soon as something/anything happens.

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Let me start with congratulations to the all the sea hawks fans.

Mommytoty, You may have to let your daughter have the sea hawk colors for here room :)

Hooiser, Wow the cleaning up after the drywall seems painful. Hope you have chance to rest your back and take it easy for some time

Aries, Beautiful transformation to your house. I think it must be rewarding to do it to your childhood home. I understand you on selecting things issue. DH also takes very long.

maggiepie11, Beautiful house. The coffer ceiling and fireplace look great. Hope the trouble withe builder smooths out soon and you can finish things as expected.

bluemoon_1, Welcome and good luck with your build.

Autumn, Not sure about moving fast. I really hope they can move on from drywall to other phases. We happened to meet the owners of one of the houses our contractor is working on and according to her they are behind by more than a month from when they were told then can move in. She scared me a bit about the dates. They are about 1 month ahead of us in terms of the build.

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Autumn.4, I over think everything.I noticed that it has gotten worse as I've gotten older and I'm going on 53.

Yes, I did design the whole floor plan for the remodel. Wish i would have done several thing differently. I live in an unincorporated area of the county and building codes were ridiculous. The most ridiculous was for plumbing. I couldn't use pvc, had to use cast and copper for all my plumbing even the piping on the whirlpool had to be copper.

Both my sister and brother were both supportive with it.

Thanks for asking.

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Maggie, is that Alaska White granite you are using? That is on my list to look at when I visit Utah in March. I think it looks beautiful!

3 weeks and 5 days until we are supposed to get started with our build! It all depends on the temps so it could be 1-3 weeks after that as well. I will try to make a visit at least once during the rough framing so I can make any changes needed. Hopefully I won't have any.

@Carol - We originally had our large island and a peninsula but changed it out for 2 islands. I wanted a better flow to the Great Room. The peninsula was 10 feet long! That would be a lot of walking around it for anyone going through the kitchen. Our large island is 4x9 and our smaller island is 3 1/2 x 6 and will have 3 stools on the outside. I am not having any seating IN my kitchen. We have that now and, I guess with 5 children, I'm tired of tripping over chairs! lol!

This post was edited by robynstamps on Mon, Feb 3, 14 at 9:40

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LOL, yes tripping over chairs is a problem with big families. I am also a mom of 5. I see what you mean with flow.


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We should hear this week if we have our minor use permit-waiting to hear if anyone has registered complaints with the county supervisors(they had until last friday)-if none then we are good to go forward. Will be contacting builders once we get the spec sheets filled out-so many decisions(on top of the fact that we are getting our current house totally repainted inside in preparation for putting our house on the market-picking paint colors for here and carpet in additions to choices for our California build). Love seeing everyone's progress-looking forward to having photos to post too. We have snow here today-a lot so far-really looking forward to spending next winter in California-this winter has confirmed our decision to move southwest!!!!!

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Lori (loribug26_gw) Wagerman_Walker

I am totally with illinigirl.... wtf is up with this weather??? Is it the beginning of apocalypse? sheesh!! I’m going to shoot that groundhog...

I hope February is our busiest month yet!! So many things still to happen before March 1 (15) lol :)

I cannot imagine building a house states away! I'm a basket case being 5 minutes away! But I would still love to have the 24 hour camera, and a builder that would email or Skype. lol Mine doesn't even text, and sometimes there's just no need for an entire phone call...

I have carpet up stairs, all the same, lvt in the downstairs, all the same. I did not want to change from room to room, or plan is WAY too open for that.
Paint is all the same in the big area too, there's just no stopping place. I think I'll do a darker color on my small living room wall that will be behind the couch. Girls have picked out their room colors. I still need to decide what to do in the master. Everything else will pretty much be the same, or at least a shade different at most.

Hoosier, the drywall dust is horrible isn't it? I really hope my cleaning fairy shows back up, b/c I haven’t cleaned…
Take it easy on

Jackson, those pine beams are absolutely amaaaazzzing…. We have some reclaimed beams from a barn that blew down on a friend’s farm. We’ve changed our minds several time on where to use them, I’m still hoping we can use them on the front porch, but that’s still under debate. I wanted to use one as my mantel, but then we nixed the fireplace. I may just use them for outside décor.
Love the transoms!!

Mommytoty...I always type in an open email or a word doc, then copy & paste in to the response box. I can read thru the thread, comment on things, and not have to remember what I’ve read. And I can check my spelling too...
Bummer on the extra paint expense. I really hope I’m ok on most of my stuff. I know I spent way more on lighting, but we took out the fireplace, so those two should have washed each other. My cabinets went over a bit too, but I was hoping to save that on flooring. Now my flooring is going to cost more than I thought, but still within the budget builder gave us. We did a lot of the dirt work and things that should wash some other things we spent a little more on. I gave him the “this is what we have left” total the other day, and he seemed to think we’re ok. I guess we’ll see…
Nice slabs, love the slate!

MushCreek…sorry the weather has been so cruddy for you :/ It has been hard on all of us, but I know the warm weather people are really struggling. Hopefully it will warm up soon!

Welcome tikilyn, congrats on getting started!! Blubbering on & on is totally allowed here LOL  I really like your plan! I love the rustic look and the framework around the front porch. I especially like the small private baths attached to you your bedrooms! My dd was absolutely devastated when I couldn’t get the bathroom upstairs to work with a door in from her room. The door is literally right outside the door to her room, but I was going to lose too much wall space putting another door in. She’s gotten over it now, but boy would she love yours!!

OntarioMom, that is one of the things that makes me the way I am, If I don’t look everywhere, then I don’t know what I’m missing.  stick to your guns!

Great reno, aries!  Hope it’s all going well for you inside. What a major change. I think it is very cool that you got to do that with your childhood home.

Maggie, I love love love the outdoor fireplace! Oh how I would love to have one of those! Sorry to hear about the builder drama. As if this process isn’t hard enough the way it is! 

Lol at oicu812’s screen name…classic. 

Welcome bluemoon. Hope things get going asap!!

Autumn….add 15 days to that since the loan doesn’t HAVE to be closed until March 18th. I’m still secretly hoping for March 1, but am realistic and know that it won’t be. I would love to be pleasantly surprised!!

I do not want to talk about the game. But congrats to Seahawk’s fans….I guess… lol Big Peyton Manning fan here, being from just south of Indianapolis.

Mudders are DONE!!!! Ceilings are textured and I love it!! Primer is supposed to start today, but I’ve not gotten confirmation of that yet. I need one of those 24 hr cameras! Lol

First picture is my “washer & dryer” trying out the platform they built, for my actual washer & dryer…lol my family is not right.

sorry about some of them being so blurry I think there was that much dust in the air it couldn't focus.

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mommytoty - I am in love with your marble! That is a beautiful slab and I would be using every last piece of it too! That is pretty irritating about the extra painting fees. At what point does it become the builder's responsibility since he omitted it in the first place? I know it feels like we get nickled and dimed weekly when we are building!

tikilyn welcome! Your house plans look great. You will get lots of good ideas along the way here. $ometime$ too good, if you know what I mean, lol!

Hoosierbred I feel bad for your poor back! This is probably a silly question, but is clean up not included when building? Or is it normal to just install/floor/paint/etc. on top of the dust and dirt? It reminds me of our old 1957 ranch house. We were doing some forced improvements (galvanized pipe leak/burst) and found an old Twinkies wrapper in the walls as well as a receipt for lumber dated 1957. It was like a time capsule, lol!

Aries wow wow wow, what a transformation! Does it still feel a bit like your childhood home or is it like a new home now? You did a great job!

Maggie I so love your house so far! I am dying over your ceilings, so pretty. And look at all that natural light. I know you can't wait to be in it for good. I'm glad all the mgmt changes haven't affected quality. If that's one thing I've learned so far about this building process is that a builder is really a big project coordinator - they are not out there building your house. Which in a lot of ways is a relief, lol! I'd rather the tradespeople be out there doing their thing :)

bluemoon welcome! I hope it warms up a bit so the footings can be done. It's hard when you are in the hurry up and wait stage.

cz scrap welcome! Where are you living now? This winter has been particularly brutal to everyone. I feel especially bad for our northern friends who have had umpteen delays. I'm praying the 6 more weeks of winter are a little milder than they have been.

Well we drove by our lot Saturday afternoon and they are rolling right along. I'm starting to see the beginnings of the post tension rectangles - wish I knew the correct terminology but I suppose it won't matter once concrete is poured :) I'm such a nerd, I watched You Tube videos on it last night. It was mildly interesting. Looks like we are still on track for slab to be poured Thursday. The one thing I can't figure out is how long the concrete has to cure. I've heard anywhere from 3 to 30 days, eek! Seems like a wide swing there. Anyone have experience with this? I could shoot my builder an email too - I know he is knee deep in lots of projects so I hate to ask him a trivial question. But I would rather know ahead of time that that concrete is going to sit for xx days and nothing will be done during that time.

On tap for today is to find kitchen soap/lotion dispensers that match the ORB faucet we picked out. I'm also going to look in to the Rev a Shelf trash can system, the kind that opens with a tap. Anyone have experience with those? I would love to hear feedback.

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aprilh - my word of advice on soap dispensers is to pay the extra money and buy the name brand which will cost about $100 and seems outlandish since you can buy a no-name brand for $15 at HD or Lowes. However, I had 6 soap dispensers in my last house - 5 of them were the cheapo $15 pumps from HD, and all 5 of them were constantly clogged or jammed. My pricey Brizzo one (matching piece to my faucet) never had an issue.

My parents had the same issue - bathroom cheapos were always a problem and the Kohler one in the kitchen was always perfect.

It's one of those products where there's truly a difference in the quality of materials inside and the brand name is worth the investment.

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We're moving along at lightening speed too! Drywall mudders finished in the first two weeks, and since then it's been a steady slew of painting, getting the last of the finish electrical in, light fixtures are almost all up, the kitchen cabinets are all installed, granite chosen and ordered, the drybar cabinets were installed, the stairs partly finished off, the doors are ready to hang, just a couple pieces of plumbing left, and the appliances are all waiting to be installed! So exciting!! Heck, even the tv wall mounts went up!

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April, we subbed out all our contractors - running the construction through our son-in-law's family construction company. Their company is mainly commercial but they built two homes with a hired general contractor. He is not working with them anymore and they don't have any "construction employees" anymore. So, our son-in-law and DH are sharing the GC job. So, if we didn't contract cleaning with a sub, we are stuck with the job. Silly back is still sore. I'm taking it easy. DH finished the cleaning yesterday.

BTW, DH said to remind anyone prior to drywall to cover vents. Our HVAC did cover our vents but the drywallers bent the covers. So another tip: vacuum vents before turning on your heat. We plan to vacuum our vents because that dust finds its way every place.

On another note, remember the mold issue in our crawl space we had months ago? DH climbed in the crawl this morning and it's all gone!!!! So, the mold fogger did the trick! DH said he'd check it again before we moved in, but that fogger liquid said it would prevent it from returning.

The stone guys were supposed to come back today to finish the exterior and start our fireplace surround. But, they haven't shown up yet. :-(

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Maggie, that is great advice. One of the dispensers I was looking at was a Kohler. Also Moen. They seem to be reputable brands. I certainly don't mind spending some money on quality ones because all I've ever heard is how crappy the cheap ones are. While I was at the plumbing store, I found out about a company called Mountain Plumbing. They make accessories like the dispensers, strainers, sink hole covers, etc. But they make them in finishes to match all the other major manufacturers. And they have lots to chose from too. I really need to have my faucet with me to match it thought. All these ORBs are just slightly different.

Hoosier, gotcha. That is a bummer y'all are left to deal with it. But in the meantime, ibuprofen and a heating pad are in order!

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We now have all utilities hooked up!

Atmos installed our gas meter last Friday and unrelated to that we also passed the final electrical inspection on the same day.

I took this picture of our fireplace yesterday. It's a direct vent fireplace which puts out a nice amount of heat without using any of the room's air for combustion.

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aprilh, the house pretty much seems new, except sometimes I go to a room and try to remember what it was like before the remodel.

Awnmyown, sounds like it's almost done. Must be a great feeling. Any pictures to show us?

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Lori (loribug26_gw) Wagerman_Walker

So Awnmyown....what is your projected move in date? :)

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@loribug, just wow is all I can say! Amazing spaces!

@awnmyown- when are you scheduled to finish? seems like it's all coming into place quickly. Now is when all your decisions are paying off I bet!

@maggie- I've never had a soap dispenser, we went with the Kohler that matches the Simplice faucet- hope that works well for us

@hoosier- hope your back gets better soon, does NOT sound like a fun cleanup job.

@jrldh- sweet fireplace! Congrats on passing inspection!

Today we have a cupola in the great room, and here it it is!

it will have siding that matches the body of our house, white trim, and medium bronze metal roofing (and an led light that better work for 20 years!)
I want a rooster weather vein on top of course!

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Illinigirl, love that cupola! I can see a copper rooster on top too.

Awnmyown, so close! Would love to see pics.

Hoosier, save that back!!! He's going to need your help more coming up soon.

Loribug, I'm dying over all the windows, you're going to have such a bright house!

Jrldh, congrats on inspection! Sounds like you're getting really close too.

We passed our rough mechanicals inspection today, so insulation starts in the morning. Drywall should start by the end of the week! I can't wait to see our rooms for real.

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Well, what a blowout game!!! We were all excited and in shock at every turn. Our guys were clearly there to win and win they did!! :)

Loribug--Brilliant idea to type a response in Word or email! It is definitely a balancing act with the whole budget thing. Take a little from here and move it to there and at the end, you just hope you made the right choices! The frustrating thing about the paint being over budget is that we made decisions to go over budget on other things not knowing we were going to get hit with another $5k expense. So lucky your mudders are done and that you are moving on to paint! Love all your open spaces!

OntarioMom--The TV is going smack dab in the middle above the fireplace. I know it is not the best placement from a design perspective, but my DH gets very little say in the house design/selections and this is one of his priorities, so I let him have it.

Hoosier--Wow, what a difference after vacuuming! I keep looking at all the drywall dust everywhere thinking “I hope someone is going to clean this up!” and we haven’t even started the mudding/sanding! I know we have some money in the budget for clean up at various points, but I bet you they didn’t vacuum out the walls before they put the insulation/drywall up. Now I wish I had thought of that!! Too late now, oh well!!

Maggie--Love that ceiling!! I was going to do something similar in our kitchen but decided against it since we are doing faux beams in our great room and I want to do a large wall with board/batten trim, which is an extra cost given the trim work and paint.

Aprilh--Good question. DH and I have gone both ways on who should bear the cost of the builder’s mistake in not including painted windows in original bid. It costs what it costs, of course, and they are now getting 2 more bids to see if we can get the cost down, but the reality is that other decisions we made may have been different had we known we’d have this $5k expense, so it seems we shouldn’t bear the cost. DH is going to have a discussion with builder about this and hopefully come to a fair agreement. Funny, we are both lawyers and are confident that our contract with our builder would require the builder to eat the $5k, but we would rather resolve the issue in a way that that gets us to the same place without creating animosity without builder half-way through the build.

Jackson---Love all your beams! Where did you get them? We still need to find a reclaimed beam to be used as our fireplace mantle. I hope we can find one!!

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I'm overwhelmed! I have too much too comment on... Everything seems to be flying along for everyone!

I'm exhausted and can hardly think anymore. We were out of school today so we made it a flooring day!

Yellow paint, I love it but it can be tricky.
Note the different yellow showing through the pantry pass through... It's not different, just a different kelvin light bulb. Warmer in the big part, cooler in the pantry. Going to have all warm when it's said and done. Makes a HUGE difference.


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Wow, so awesome to see everyone's progress! I wonder if February will be as productive as January was...

We are on our FOURTH bank for financing (long story -- owner builders have a hard time getting competitive rates!) and I think fourth time is a charm. We should close our construction loan next week, then we start. I've got my dirt guy waiting for the word to get started!

I've already bought a TON of stuff for the house: fridge, cooktop, kitchen sink, faucet, insta-hot and faucet, bar faucet, sinks, tons of lighting, and more. I can't WAIT to get this stuff out of my apartment and into the house!

I posted over on the kitchen forum about a dilemma I'm having with my kitchen. Could some of you chime in? Here's the link:

Hoping to have something REAL to post in this thread this month! Cheers, y'all!

Here is a link that might be useful: my kitchen dilemma

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Lori (loribug26_gw) Wagerman_Walker

Mornin’ y’all 

Thanks for all the compliments on our home. I’m pretty darn proud of it. Designing it yourself just makes it that much better. My dad always says “I love it when a plan comes together” (credit due to the A Team lol)

Oh illinigirl…I am in LOOOOOVVVVEEE with that cupola! I want one…  lol

Mommytoty… sometimes I have real glimmering moments of intelligence lol they don’t typically last long.
I really hope you get the paint discrepancy fixed, that’s a crock of crap if’n you ask me.
I have some reclaimed posts you could use for your mantel… but we’re kinda far from each other 

Ok I seriously have been having dreams about cleaning drywall dust. Wonder if that means I should get on it.
First coat of prime went on yesterday, so whatever was on the walls is moot at this point…. The window sills & floors another story!!

Jenny, oh how I love that floor…. I can’t imagine why you’d be brain dead. Aren’t all these snow days just unheard of!!

Carson…holy crud…you have all that stuff in your apartment? I’ve got all that stuff farmed out to our shop, storage trailer & my garage, and it’s making me crazy. I can’t imagine.
I’m crossing my fingers for your fourth time being the charm!! Hope you’re bustin’ dirt soon!!

I’m dying to know how my cabinets are going, but I don’t want to bug the crap out of them…they said they would get me a door sample of the distressed finish I want, and I’ve not heard from them about it yet, so I’m thinking they’re still working on getting it right. I really hope that does not put us behind…

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Wow, I take the weekend off from here and there are over 60 posts! haha!

The mudders were spraying last night. Husband stopped after work at 7pm to drop off lightbulbs for our light fixtures and it was a big cloud of spray. He ended up going through the basement door. The mudders had spotlights set up, glad to see them working hard to get done by tomorrow. Our builder wants to hang cabinets by the end of this week. So the plan is to have the electrician install light fixtures tomorrow and then us and family will be painting the kitchen at least tomorrow night. It's going to be a rush!

I can't even respond to all that was posted! Lots of great pictures. Comment on the hardwoods in the kitchen, we have a open concept living, dining and kitchen and we are doing vinyl wood planks. I love the look and durability and no need for underlayment. At our old house we had hardwoods throughout the first floor (including the bathroom) ew. The bathroom we had to rip out because it was rotted and moldy and there were some boards in the kitchen that were bad, but they were the original hardwoods to the house.

Yeah seahawks since Wilson was a Wisconsin Badger. :)

This winter can take a hike anytime now.

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Oh kellithee-We live in the Badger state too-and are also so over this winter!!
The builder did call today-they're planning to dig next week Tues and pour on Wed-at this point I will believe it when I see it.
We have our meeting with the electrical contractor tomorrow-anyone have any "I wish I had..." advise for us?
thanks so much :)

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@bluemoon - I hope you get some feedback on your electrical question, we are in the same boat!

As for our update, we are plugging along. Windows and doors are going in, electrical has begun, HVAC is almost complete. Sheetrock will begin soon. Roof will begin on Friday.
I really feel bad that I have not been on here more! I found that I needed to take a break because I was becoming overwhelmed and having a very hard time making decisions.

Curious as to if most people are having mullions on their windows, or just plain glass? Ours are plain and I am not sure I love them. We are planning to add plantation shutters, and our builder urged us to go with the plain windows so that once the shutters are added, the window won't look so "busy."

It is exciting to see everyone's progress! I think I am coming out of my fog from stress and an outpatient surgery, so I hope to be here more often!

Looking good, everyone!

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Everyone is making great progress.

jrdh, love the fireplace.

carsonheim, hope the loan closes soon so you can get started

Uponthehilltop, We also went with plain glass windows with no mullions. I wanted to a few but DH and ID felt it would look too bust if we went with plantation shutters which we might do.

bluemoon, Hope you can start next week as planned.

On our front drywall is finally done YaY!! Supposed to start priming the walls.tomorrow and flooring is supposed to start on Thursday. Hope we go according to schedule from now on.

This post was edited by akshars_mom on Wed, Feb 5, 14 at 2:22

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Making good progress despite the fact the house looks mostly the same from the road as it did last month, with the minor addition of sheathing.

Biggest changes this month:
- foundation work complete (underpinning, new walls in front and rear)
- most of the framing work in the bedroom wing is complete. We have an awesome framing crew that is really getting it done.

Big appearance changes will begin this week with the reconstruction of the midsection. California is in record drought this year but I am one person who is not complaining. No rain = lots of work gets done!

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Autumn.4 - Are u getting no wireless signal in your snow cave? Where are you? Shouldn't you have doors and trim by now? Is your camera frozen?

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Lori (loribug26_gw) Wagerman_Walker

Hilltop :) good to have you back. Stress fog has gotten a lot of us at times I think! I’m going thru this thing right now, waking up anywhere between 1:30 & 3:00am and can’t shut my brain off, so I either don’t go back to sleep, or if I do it’s not until close to my alarm going off. It’s really wearing on me. DH & I have actually gotten closer during this build, which has made me very happy. A lot of couples have trouble while building. But this last week I’ve been not very nice, and I know it, I just can’t help it. Ugh…
I’m getting so excited, but it’s making me stress more too I think. I’m glad for this forum to vent to people who are going through the same things!

Mullions…we went with the colonial type. I hum-hawed around about prairie mullions, but changed my mind. I’m glad I did, I really like the look we have. Builder tried to talk me into plain, b/c we have some great views (to us anyway…out the front is farm field, which may or may not be a great view to anyone but us…lol)
I matched my back doors to them also.
I honestly think though, that your builder is most likely correct. Plantation shutters are awesome, but with them & the mullions might be a little much.  Relax lol

Caben… refresh my memory, you were going to remodel, and then decided to take out the old part completely? Do you have prints you can share, I’d love to see them!

LOL at JDez ribbing Autumn :)

OMG we have PAINT!!!! Some pictures from last night in the dark, some from this am in the daylight. I LOOOOOOOOOVVVVVVEEEEE this color. It is exactly what I wanted, in some light it’s grey, other it’s beige. I guess that’s why they call it Perfect Greige… I’m in love…
Sorry about the blurry ones...dang phone...

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LOVE the perfect greige!! that was on my short list too, and i ended up choosing "Silver Dollar" by PPG. i hope i love it as much as i love yours. :) i've got a lot of natural light so i am worried it's going to be washed out.

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@Lori - Thanks for the encouragement! There were many days where I wanted to get on here, but I knew that I would begin to second guess decisions and for my sanity, and the sanity of my family, I just had to keep away.

Things are feeling better now. HVAC going on and electrical. February is a critical month for us as far as progress. We are renting a house from some friends and they just put the home back on the market, with an available date of May 1st. Our builder is hoping to be complete by the end of the 1st week of April. I am just stressing because if they have a buyer and we need to be out, but our house isn't ready, we will have to stay with my in-laws and put everything in storage and then move AGAIN.
Our friends are being so kind to share their beautiful home with us and it has made the building process so much less overwhelming than being in an apartment. I just find myself praying more and more everyday!

I cannot believe how much progress everyone is making. Such beautiful homes are being built! Everyone has really progressed while I have been in my "fog."

Would someone remind me of how to link several pics from Photobucket? I am hoping to get pictures today and share this evening.

I am also choosing paint colors and see some great options from you guys. I am torn because the traditional me, gravitates to the following from Benjamin Moore
camouflage, Victorian Garden, Dry Sage, Gray Mirage.
The new me that I am becoming is drawn toward
Revere Pewter by Sherwin Williams and those beautiful gray/blue colors.
I REALLY love Dry Sage with Gray Mirage on the ceiling in a formal dining room. Attaching a pic from our last house...

Sorry to ramble! You guys are the best!
I just attached the pic and now I am feeling all emotional about our old house. Geez. What a day!

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Wait a second here! I was going to rib Lori for hunting the groundhog instead of posting pictures! But alas, I am behind myself!

jdez-no photo ops. I was so busy I didn't get to it and the doors were mostly covered and I did not want to get in their way while unloading.

lori -ahhhh the big wall It looks great! What did your girls pick for paint? I bet you are antsy for a door sample!

jr-love the flame. So nice!

maggie-the ceilings, the kitchen. Sigh. Awesome.

caben-I can't wait to see more! Hey I'd be taking what I can get for a dry build season myself. I don't think anyone can slight you for that.

upon-I hear ya. It is a bit overwhelming and hard to stay focused when you see everyone else's cool choices and wll of the options out there. We did the major no-no. We have mullions in the front top half of the window but not on the back where I wanted an unobstructed view.

carsonheim-OH MY! What in the world? That is ridiculous - but banks in our parts were the same. What a PITA! I hope this 4th time is a charm so you can get going already!

I know I missed some and I'm sorry. Such an active thread which is awesome but tought to keep up with sometimes. Everyone is moving along nicely!

Very busy day yesterday in general. Taxes in the a.m. (didn't sleep much the night before but it went fine, as long as I don't owe a single dime more to our mismanaged government I am happy and NO I am not volunteering to take over), ID in the afternoon overlapping with door and trim delivery ack!

Frustrated - mudders not finished with the garage so after the doors and trim were delivered to the garage DH had to move them to the basement so mudders can finish and then he'll have to turn around and hall them back up to install. His back is not fairing well with all this building activity either. No pictures as they covered each door with cardboard to help avoid damage. Looking at all the material was a bit overwhelming to say the least. DH and I have Monday-Tuesday off next week and we hope to be finished priming by then. So much dusting and vacuuming to do. And busy evenings an basketball on saturday. Eek. The house is complete, ceilings textured, final sand, done. Now we need to sweep and wipe walls down. Dust everywhere...

Sleep - well I'll tell ya I have been taking Tylenol PM on a somewhat regular basis since we moved into this rental. It seems to be cyclical, go for a few days sleeping fine and then several waking up at 3 a.m. with no more sleep to be had. Get desperate so I take the tylenol pm for a couple nights in a row and then back to sleeping good and it starts all over again. :( I think just way too much going on. This too shall pass and we will all be sitting in our new homes sipping lemonande (please Lord let us be beyond hot chocolate) while enjoying our new views.

So back to the day. Made a TON of decisions. So excited about that, I mean thrilled beyond measure.

Paint colors for the whole house - check
Counters - check
Room furniture layout - NO check. The delivery came and we ran out of time! Sorry Carol! We need to revisit it the next time. She did say that chairs are very easy for positioning more than large pieces (obviously). And because I am not starting with new she said live with this and you will quickly get the feel for what you do and do not like with sizing and positioning and that will drive your replacement pieces.

Oh - well that doesn't look like much but it feels like a LOT!

*Kitchen Counters - took the quartz sample out to the house and this one had these little black flecks in it (I have seen it elsewhere and it didn't have the black or I don't remember it) that reminded me of MOUSE DROPPINGS. It was an absolute 100% NO GO! Uh uh. No way. Bonus was that out there in the natural light there was a laminate that we liked BETTER than the remnant out of budget black leathered that were were considering stretching for. I think there are others that would have looked better but no where near our budget. So, laminate on the perimeter it is and I feel completely at peace about it. So I *know* it's the right choice. I am still goign to checko ut my alaska slab on hold and if it's fissure free on the bottom it's a go. It matches all of our elements so well. The perimeter will be mineral jet laminate.

Using 10% moving coupon from lowes for fireplace and mudroom tile. yay.

lzwong-would you believe after all of our yellow talk I ended up with a yellow for the laundry that actually describes itself as a green undertone? LOL! I looked it up online and it looks so different on the monitor as in not yellow at all.

Anyhow-here are the colors we chose in case anyone is still in the process:
All rooms have natural light except for the 1/2 bath and the boys bath.
Master Bath: BM Revere Pewter
Master Bed: SW Quietude
Main and Mudroom entry: BM Cumulus Cloud
Boys Bath: BM Sandy Hook Gray - caught my breath when I read the name :(
Boys Nook: going for school colors with Stuart Gold
Laundry: Summer Harvest
Ofc: SW Waterscape
Half Bath: Antelope Canyon - which is orange...I am on the fence here. I might actually end up with the Waterscape here and summer harvest in the office - it looks really good with the cumulus cloud.

We ended up going with a bit more crisp colors than I was initially thinking but still complimentary. Our last house was fairly muted and earthy. This will be more 'fresh'.

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upon-upload your pics to photobucket. When you pick on the pic, to the right it will say: Links to share this photo. RIGHT click in the HTML box and it will say copied. Then paste into the message box here and it should show as a pic when you preview it.

Can't wait to see pics!

Our kids are kinda sad about the old house (youngest mostly) but dh and I are not, not even a smidge. I do miss some of the memories and thankful you can take those with ya!

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Lori (loribug26_gw) Wagerman_Walker

Oh I'd love to hunt that groundhog, let me tell ya!!
I have several guns I can try! I am OVER winter! I left work a little early yesterday, went to the bank, stopped at TSC to get horse feed. When I walked in, no precip as of yet. When I walked out, snow...coming down in buckets. By the time I got home (30 min drive) horses that were still outside had an inch or more snow on their backs. ugh... and they were all acting stupid.
You'd think they'd be used to it too, but weather changes just make them silly!! Old horse looking at the others from his stall like, "what is WRONG with you??" lol

I'm glad I have them to keep me "grounded"... they don't care there's a house being built, they just want their vittles... lol

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Nothing new for us. Weather delays. The ice has melted but it has been raining and raining and raining and then we'll have one day to dry out a little and then it'll rain again and so it goes....Some good news is that we have gotten one cabinet quote from a local cabinet maker who came in waaaayyy lower than all the semi-custom quotes we have gotten so far.

Jennybc - love your floors. I'm not going to say its a good thing that you didn't get your first floor order but there's no way they could've looked any better.

Carson - it is so hard to stay patient with the Mighty Banks. Hang in there and it'll happen for you.

Hilltop - glad to have you back. Y'all are moving fast! I can't believe you have an April move-in date. We are expecting to be done some time in the summer if the weather cooperates. We are GC'ing ourselves though so that probably slows us down quite a bit.

Loribug - your house is so impressive. Just beautiful. I think the horses need something new too. Maybe you could build them a new feed trough or something out of some left over lumber. They deserve it, its been a hard winter.

Autumn - here I thought your typing fingers were frostbit and you were out there making major decisions....way to go! I love your paint choices, especially the orange.

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No wonder I can't sleep at night- I not only have to decide WHAT I want; I also have to figure out how to BUILD it!

We're just starting to stick our toe in the water regarding paint and tile. Both of us are somewhat color-challenged. I'm amazed how different the colors look depending upon the weather and the time of year. We're just trying to resist the temptation to go all off-white, like our old house.

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We had a terrible ice/sleet storm yesterday and overnight. Lost power three times but finally came back on to stay overnight. Solid ice all over everything and roads out where we live. It's not going anywhere since we are dropping to single digits tonight.

Our stone guys finished up yesterday. Here's a pic of our fireplace (without the mantel yet) that I designed:

Photo of my computer generated design:

We messed up about the column size with the capstone we used. The capstone doesn't overhang - it's the same size as the column. DH and the stone guy are trying to come up with a remedy without tearing everything out! Bummer.

Lori, love your color!!! Looks great.

DH got all the paint samples yesterday, so today I painted large pieces of drywall with all the colors. Our painter is supposed to come for a meeting with us on Thursday or Friday.

Uponthehilltop, thanks for posting that photo of your last house. Dry Sage is the color we are using in the Family room and Gray Mirage in several areas. We are using Icicle for our ceilings and probably the garage. Not sure about Natural Elements and Moon Shadow. They were looking really similar to the Gray Mirage. We are waiting to let them dry overnight and then I'll take the samples room to room to see how they look.

The paint store matched up the dark bronze color really well for the exterior trim. However, the siding color they matched looked off to DH and me. It's a clay with more tan than we wanted. I wanted more gray to it so it blends in with the shakes. We'll see how it dries. Besides, we'll probably move in before the painter can paint the exterior. I think we have time.

Bad sleep patterns must come with the territory. Mine are worse than my normal horrible sleep times.

Autumn, so many times I think I want to just go with the laminate countertops. We've never had granite before. I've been getting use to it while we are living with our daughter. I'll hold my judgement until I see ours installed and use it day to day.

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Not much time - Hoosiers - I sincerely love your fireplace, the doors, the stone..the fact that you designed it YOURSELF! Wow - you go girl! Granite - yeah, love the undermount sink and how smooth it is but if it wasn't extra I'd have it honed. I am not that sparkly/shiny. I like more subdued textural things. We might to a radiance finish in the laminate though to help hide scratches. Waiting for the sample.

mushcreek-I know the ID reminded us that when summer does eventually come and the foliage is out it will effect our paint colors. Good thing that I am the painter and if we absolutely HATE something I am find with repainting...a room at a time though. Not the whole house at ONCE!

upon - uncanny our last house was a sage and wheat color like you have posted. It was so warm and inviting.

jdez-thanks. I actually am used to being frozen now. I wear 3 shirts while I am INSIDE to stay comfortable. All that rain stinks. I hope it dries out for you soon so you can make some progress!

I just spent $900 bucks on primer. I think I need a snack...

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@ Hoosierbred and Jdez: Love your fireplaces. Fireplaces are wonderful features. We have spent quite a while like others working out our fireplace design. For those who did not see it elsewhere, here is an elevation picture of our fireplace wall so far. Still need to plan more. The black cabinet side will likely be antique mirror. Here is our proposed fireplace wall for the great room:

We are still trying to decide if we want our two couches perpendicular to the fireplace or in an L shape. We will also be adding one to two chairs. Would like to decide the arrangement so we can plan where to put floor plugs.

@ Lori: I love that colour! Our kitchen cabinets are a bit like SW modern grey, which from my monitor looks a bit like your walls. Awesome!

@ Uponthehilltops: I totally get the overwhelming feeling. We have been slowly building/renovation for a very long time and the choices are overwhelming. At times we get discouraged to see others race along as we crawl along. Hopefully this too shall pass.

@Mushcreek DH hears you on having to stress over what to build and how to build. He is in the same boat.

@Autumn: Thanks for the update on what your ID said about furniture arranging. Can you please let me know if you bring up that topic later on? Sounds like you blasted through tons of decisions. I think the new laminates are wonderful. With the granite on the island, the island will be the all important star.

@Caben: I too would like to hear or be reminded of your project. It looks like a re-build. Ours is an addition/gut/remodel job. Integrating old with new makes the build more challenging.

@Jenny: Love your floors! Good point about keeping colour temps the same with lighting. We were hoping to do mostly LEDs (lots of just LED bulbs, but some full LED fixtures).

@Mommytoty: Thanks for the info on the TV. Will you put the TV on a tilt? If so, that should work out well. Stacking the units does a great job of unifying the two focal points. Figuring out TVs and fireplaces in the same room is a pain.

@Carson: We will keep our fingers crossed for you. We are also owner-builders.


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Uponthehilltop: I forgot to mention that we went for plain glass windows too. I am pretty happy with that decision. Mullions look great from the outside, but to me they distract the view a bit from the inside. With your plans for shutters, I think you have certainly made the best decision. Of course, it also depends on the style of your home from the outside.

Bluemoon: We have found electrical rough-in tough and still have to have the electrician come back to do the entire upstairs and then add or alter a few things on the other floors. I have read tons and tons about lighting, especially accent lighting and it just overwhelms me (too much info I would say). I would say look up the thread on "things that get forgotten" here on GW (maybe you already have seen it). There was more than one part, I believe. Lots of people chimed in with ideas on electrical.


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We have windows! Some anyways, LOL :)

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As I've posted before, I had quite a while to work on our plan and prepare for our build. When it came to the actual build I was absolutely sure I did not want to do any sort of construction in the winter. My master plan was to start in March and be done by October... Well we all know how planning goes sometimes. Life and weather have put us trying to finish up during one of he coldest, nastiest winters I can recall. I don't know if my bricklayers will ever be back. All that said, progress on the inside is plugging right along.

We finished up the downstairs flooring. We tiled the main game room area with 18" gray/tan tiles. Our LED lights really messed with us when the trim wasn't up. For some reason everything looked tan, REALLY TAN. I took a picture and my wife freaked out, telling me to stop and take it all out. I told her to trust me... Thank goodness it worked out. We special ordered the 18" tiles so there were no returns...

The media room sets right off of the game room. We painted the ceiling dark, dark grey and the walls medium grey. To finish the room we decided to go ahead and lay carpet. It has been a few year since I bought carpet and I was honestly floored by the difference in price/quality. My wife and I did some shopping and managed to find the exact carpet we wanted for $10 less per yard then the original estimate. It pays to shop around. We used the same carpet in our son's bedroom along with the guest bedroom. I am very happy with how it turned out.

The doors and trim look pretty sharp against the color scheme. I like the very simple look. The lever handles are a far cry better than the el-cheapos we have in our house now.

During the build I've taken on a few projects I felt comfortable with. The television/phone/networking cables were all done by myself after speaking with anyone I knew had built a house in the last two years. Rather than running wires to every single spot I identified the rooms I knew we were going to have something and ran cable there. All the other rooms and areas where we may need something in the future have a low-voltage box with a piece of conduit running into the attic. This will allow me to run whatever we may need in the future as it is needed. I located the media closet in the laundry room. I used an 8 position box and used keystone jacks to arrange the cables by room. Each position is a different room. I also ran a separate box for dish television and another box for telephone.

I am super happy with our cabinets. Our cabinet guy moved all the cabinets into the house right before the latest snowmaggedon... I am very happy with how they turned out. We went with Beech. I wanted something with some character and didn't want to use oak. We went with some glazing which helps to add a little dimension.

Everyone who comes to see the build comments on how outlet happy we got in/around the kitchen. In our current house we don't have enough. I don't think this is going to be an issue anymore. We had our cabinet guy install an appliance garage but went with a hinged door instead of the roll up one. We have a total of 4 receptacles in there for all the phone/ipad chargers. I'm hoping this eliminates some clutter we currently have going on. We are awaiting the finishing touches to the pantry. My wife saw a hidden pantry in a house we toured and had to have one. We will have floor to ceiling doors which look like cabinet doors but open as a unit to allow access to the pantry.

We used the same colors/woods in the laundry room. I had the cabinet guy make us a platform for the washer/dryer which has two huge pull out drawers. I hope it has enough bracing to hold our front loader... That washer is HEAVY!

The last picture in my "way too long" post is of our ceiling fan in the great room. I had to stand on my tiptoes from a 12' stepladder to get he bracket installed to hang this thing. It is heavy and BIG. I had to add a light kit to the fan. The way this fan is wired up prevents me from having a separate wall switch to control the fan/light. You have to control these functions from the remote and a single wall switch powers both, You adjust settings with a remote (which I hope doesn't get lost before we move in).

I generally don't comment on individual progress posts. I do follow them fairly closely though. For everyone who contributes to this forum, Thank you! I have learned so much from here. It is always interesting to spend a little time on these forums. I hope everyone keeps making progress and the difficulties are few.


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Above are some pictures! Thanks @Lori for the advice on the PhotoBucket stuff! Went out to the house this afternoon and I forgot to take my camera, so these pics are from Monday. Any that did not have the windows in yet are from last week.

I really regret the double windows along the back of the house because I got used to the view with them framed out. I guess down the line we could always change windows. I spoke to the builder but because of the size of the windows it would just be too costly to change it out at this point.

I feel like I am hemorrhaging money and I am trying to stop.
We were told to plan on about 700 to run interior gas lines, and that bid came in at 2000.00. I would much rather spend extra money on fun stuff rather than gas lines!

@Lori - What is the square footage of your home? It sure is coming right along!

@JDez - I am so sorry that you are dealing with all the weather delays!

@Hoosier - The gray mirage is such a neat color. When we went to put it on our ceiling at the old house, the painter thought I was crazy! It goes on dark and lightens as it dries. I really love it and I am tempted to do the same thing in our formal dining room in our new house. Below is a light fixture that we have already purchased. For the record, I did not pay 5k for it, I got it off of Craigslist for 500! It is a Fine Arts Lamp fixture. I originally purchased it for over our kitchen island, but now I am wondering if I could use the dry sage and gray mirage in the dining room and use this in the formal dining room.

What do you guys think?

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Your house looks great Saftgeek

Can you tell me what doors your used? Great idea for running low voltage conduit for future needs.


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That light fixture is GORGEOUS! I love craigslist! I've found a number of good finds. Also, the HFH Restore has had some good finds!

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Thanks Ontariomom - The doors are very simple, made by Masonite. They are a two panel arch. We used solid doors, which are heavier and feel like an actual door, not cardboard.

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Saftgeek, Are they the Masonite Safe and Sound doors by chance? That was the ones were were looking at. Technically they are not solid wood core we were told, but a good deal heavier and sound blocking compared to hallow core.


Thanks for the detailed explanation on dealing with drywall mess. I don't look forward to that back breaking job.

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Autumn: I love all of your paint choices. Are you painting your entire house yourself or do you have someone helping you? It will be quite an undertaking :)

Lots of contractors have been working on our house. The trim is almost done. They still have some more crown to put up and finish the batten board in a few places. The tiler only has the master shower left. It will have a border of square tiles in a diamond pattern and the inside will be the ming marble.

Farmhouse sink cabinet was installed earlier this week. The countertop fabricators are coming tomorrow to template and install late next week.

Is anyone doing the same trim color as their cabinet color? My white cabinets are SW Pure White and all the trim will be painted that same color. Our project manager said that since the cabinets are sprayed and the trim will be painted, their will be a slight difference in the two, color wise. I just hope it's not too obvious.

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@lz - We are doing our trim color to match our cabinet color, upon the advice of our designer. LOVE the shower!!

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It's a significant remodel to the point of being > 50% new construction. The backstory is my wife & I have been planning for this for the past 3 years. Spent 2 years in design. Initially worked with a design build co. but parted ways before beginning for a variety of complex reasons. About a year ago ended up starting over with design trying to go more minimal. Hired an architect & worked with him from there, then hired another builder with great recommendations to do the work.

The house is a large late 60s side-split ranch. ~4700sqft all in excluding the garage and porches. It had large rooms and lots of light. In the design process I figured I could tweak the layout a bit, raise the ceilings in a few rooms etc. We also have a complete landscape project ahead of us.

I think we may have saved 10-15% in project cost by doing a remodel vs. scorched earth new construction. With that savings comes a house that's maybe slightly larger than we would have built if we started over, and with an aesthetic style that doesn't offend me but my wife isn't a huge fan of (I think she'll like it a bit more than she does now once it's done and landscape is in, but if she had her way we'd have a completely different style of house). Also we're somewhat limited by the footprint of the existing house. If we had to do it over I'd definitely just do new construction.

I don't have a complete plan set that I can post here (our plans are digitized but contain way too much PII) but I have done some renderings in sketchup. It does look a little retro (especially with the jaunty raked gablets... sort of like inverted bellbottoms) but I don't mind that so much - fits the character of the neighborhood more than many of the Mediterranean monstrosities that are fashionable. The style is meant to be the fusion of a country house with the tailored details of something more traditional.

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Ontariomom - you are correct. Very affordable compared to solid wood. We had them painted by the lumber yard. They did a great job and I don't think I could have had them painted on site for what it cost (according to my GC).


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Major letdown on the windows. The gc ordered the wrong brand!!!! I drove by on my way home to check them out and the label was wrong. I am so disappointed. My inlaws took the picture I posted above but from the other side. I ordered Milgard and hear are Atrium. Crap.

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Lori (loribug26_gw) Wagerman_Walker

JDez ~ good deal on the cabinet quote! I did the same thing. Our town is probably 1200…we have a great cabinet maker right there! I looked all over, and then came back to them. They custom make everything, and are doing a special run for me, since I wanted them painted red, and pretty heavily distressed. I’m hoping to get a door sample soon. Talked to our builder this am, he said they say they’ll be done on time. That’s a huge relief!!
Thanks so much for the compliments (again!)
You’re right about the horses, they do need something. It has been a winter to remember that’s for sure. I’ll have to think about that!!

MushCreek ~ I can’t imagine, well I kind of can b/c I designed mine. So there are things that are only in my head. Sometimes, it’s hard to get that out in the right way! Lol
Send me some colors, I’ll pick ‘em! LOL

Hoosier ~ my parents got all that weather too. The live in Laconia. My brother sent me a picture on his way home Tuesday night of trees across the road that had been cut just wide enough for one car to pass. He barely made it through with his truck. I’m tired of snow, but really am thankful we didn’t get ice. We never lost power. I have a few friends in KY that are still without.
I am in LOVE with that fire place. Absolutely stunning!! I am very jealous of your stone. I kinda wish I’d gone with something with that much color variation. I’d say the nailed your design! Hope the capstone works out.
Thanks, I’m in love with Perfect Greige also lol

I went with laminate countertops. I just couldn’t justify it, and was afraid I’d take too long deciding what I wanted. It’s beautiful though. I do have a slab that was given to us that we’re going to use in the bar. We just have to figure out how to get the sink hole cut in. :/ It is very pretty, I’m sure I’ll like it.

Autumn ~ you need beer, not a snack. Lol I spent $500 at Menards last night, and I’m not real sure what all I got! Ugh…. That place overwhelms me. I’m ok if I’m just wondering around, but if I’m looking for something specific, I find myself going from one corner of the store to the other more than once. I don’t know why…

Thanks Ontario I’m really happy with the color also!

FMatt ~ Yay windows!!!

Saftgeek ~ I am in awe… everything is beautiful! (There are no “way to long” posts here lol, not with me around) Fan is awesome, as is the view. How high is your ceiling, and how long is the down rod? Make sure you have the fan balanced well, or it will swing. It will move a bit when on either way. Also make sure the little “wire” from the remote “brain” in the canopy is poking out the hole so your remote will work well. They’ll work otherwise, but sometimes you have to be a contortionist to get it…

Hilltop ~ awesome spaces, and views!! We are at just under 3000 square ft. I really didn’t aim for it to be that big, but when I started working out dimensions compared to the home we’ve been in for 14 yrs, I knew I didn’t want anything smaller room wise. I wanted a fairly big laundry room, and pantry, and bigger kitchen…etc. when I got done, this is as “small” as we could get it. I hope I don’t feel like it’s too big once we’re in. I don’t think it will, I’ve got a bunch of crap to fill it up with! Ha!

Girl, if you bought that Fine Arts fixture for $500 you did right fine! I think it would look good in either place. What other things do you have planned for your dining room? Does it go with your décor?

I like it caben  We almost wound up with an old farmhouse on a family friend’s farm. It wouldn’t have been quite that extensive of a remodel, but it would have been a chore. I’m honestly glad that didn’t work out, as much as I would have loved it (we got married there). I think all things happen for a reason.

My doors are a two panel arch also, but with bead board in the panels. Solid pine. Heavy, expensive. But I fell in love with them, and wouldn’t budge. Oy…

MFatt…crap. Sorry about the window mix up. If it makes you feel any better, we have Atrium windows and I am very happy with them. But I totally understand the letdown. Hope it gets fixed!!

Oh let’s see…. Electrician is coming Friday to start finish. Passed out all the lights last night to each room. Discovered that all my fans & light kits came with the bulbs! Pleasant surprise  it’s been a minute since I made light bulb lists. I thought I had done a good job at ordering things with the same standard bulbs in them, but discovered that my sconces take a stinking candelabra bulb and my bath lights call for a smaller, appliance type bulb. Standard base though, so I’m hoping the compact fluorescent bulbs will fit in the glass.
Grr… I must have changed my mind too many times on the sconces. I just HATE having to buy 50-hundred different types of bulbs. I think I did manage to get all of my fluorescents the same, or at least down to same bulb, two different lengths!

I know this probably doesn’t make sense to anyone else…. Lol ;)

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Akshars - I hope your flooring goes well today.

Hoosier - I LOVE your FP. Won't it be nice for you to sit by a fire and look at the FP that you designed yourself. That is neat.

Ontario Mom - You have a nice set up for your FP wall. We have a similar set up but one side has a window so we are as yet undecided on exactly how we will arrange the built-ins and TV.

Lzh - Your shower is huge! If I had one like that, I might be able to just turn it on and let my little boy play in there until he actually came out clean because I suspect that he is never really clean after his baths/showers but he would stay in yours forever.

Hilltop - I love your light fixture and that was one heck of a good deal. Did you decide against the arches?

MFatt16 - I hate it when they don't listen! Its a done deal now but maybe you could at least make sure that any cost savings is applied to another area that might have felt you needed some more breathing room on.

Saftgeek - I love your cabinets and the countertops go perfectly with them. I've never seen Beech cabinets.

Caben - I think its neat that the design of the house fits with the rest of the neighborhood. I like the look of it but I like "old school" stuff.

Loribug - Mucho senso on the bulb issue! I'm running into the same problem trying to choose ceiling fans because I hate the "boob" light fixtures and all the other ones seem to have the candleabra bulbs. Like you, I want to buy regular light bulbs in bulk and not have to search the store shelves for just the right size bulb.

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Did anyone here decide on Wood Tile for their kitchen area? If so, can you share pictures or information. Thanks!


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My cousin has some triple pane "green certified" windows from Atrium but mine are not those. Why did you go with them? I mostly shied away after reviews but I don't know anyone with them in real life. I just let our the biggest sigh of relief hearing that you used them.

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Lori (loribug26_gw) Wagerman_Walker

JDez ~ I so hate boob lights. I went all cans in the spots that those would go. Fluorescents in my closets.

MFatt ~ don't take my word for it, if you think you should get what was spec'd I'd fight for the switch. But, I've always heard good things about Atrium in our neck of the woods, so I didn't even read the reviews. My builder says they've had the best luck with them, has put them in his last 3 houses they personally lived in. Let me tell ya, he's anal as hell, so if he likes them, I'm good. lol :) Glad I could help though!!

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Hey y'all!

Could you guys weigh in on my kitchen layout choices? I posted in the Kitchens Forum but didn't get much action.

Specifically, what do you DISLIKE about about of these? Is there one that strikes you as more functional?

Our eating area is not visible in any of these. It is off to the right. And we have a large pantry that is also not visible. It is off to the left.

Would appreciate any input! Thanks!

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I thought we spec'd them but all they changed in the contract verbiage was the grids. No brand or model specified. I don't feel responsible for the switch but I do feel like I was responsible for correcting it prior to install. Where are you Loribug? I am in the PNW.

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Mfatt -- I know this may p!ss off your builder, but you should have those windows removed and put in what you ordered. Really. Windows are a BIG DEAL. They will affect your living expenses for many years to come. I would insist on them putting in the ones you ordered. Good luck!

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Lori (loribug26_gw) Wagerman_Walker

I'm in central Indiana. :) 30 miles south of Indianapolis.

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If they work for you in that area, they should work in our mild temperatures. I am slowly feeling a tad better, not much though.

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So it's been a day. Dropped car off for some less than cheap repairs and stuck at home. Great - I can work from home no biggie until I get the call that my coworker and I (only PT) are not fitting into the restructuring (that no one knew has happening). 30 days for us and a dozen others it is! So here I am on gardenweb. Suddenly lost my drive to work and now in the midst of house stuff I have to look for another job. Happy Thursday to me! Seriously though, it is what it is and it will all work out as it should. But argh completely unexpected!

carsonheim-What is the hall by the pantry - where does it go? Just a couple of things (from my gagillion posts on kitchens) - I'd not want the dish drawers between the sink and stove and honestly I think that would bug me. As for the ovens, if you don't have them by the fridge wall there what will you use all that counter space for? Are you a baker? Maybe switch fridge and double oven to keep peeps out of your way. Dunno. Those are the things I see. But I'm not a wiz - you have a ton of great space to play with there! What's behind the range wall there? Is that the entrance from the garage/mud?

saftgeek-looks great - I don't think anyone was getting bored or tired of your post or pics. It's been a while! ;)

lori-south of indianapolis-well that is nearly northern florida. ;) I wish I liked beer but I don't, not even a little bit. I kind of like the smell but I think it tastes AWFUL. Give me 1 glass of wine and I am out like a light, lol! Nice date huh? Hehehe.

mfatt-that really stinks.

lz - yes and yes! I am a bit overwhelmed. It will just take us a while. Dh is installing the trim also and we are spraying it (first time). So....I am prepared for you all to ZOOM right past us now!

Picked up some carpet samples and dh and I agree on our top 2, SHOCKER! Yay!

Okay - I have got to get something done.

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Caben, You are right about the rain in California and work being able to move forward. Good to see you move forward
Lori, Your paint color is “perfect” looking great. Looks like you are moving ahead with great speed now and will make the date you have in mind.
Uponthehilltop, Love the dry sage color you posted. We had a similar color in the dining room in our old house. Sorry you are feeling emotional with the process. The build has its up’s downs for us also. I am also feeling a little stress the past few days.
Hoosier, Fireplace looks great. You did a great on designing it. Hope you are feeling better after the drywall cleanup.
OntarioMom, Your fireplace design looks good.

saftgeek, House looks great. You are almost there. My ID did warn me about the type of light impacting how everything works. Can you share what is the door hardware you used.
lzhwong, Love the shower and the coffer ceiling. Can I ask you if you covered the beams in the coffer with molding on all sides or is it just drywall.

MFatt16, Sorry about the mix up with the windows.
Autumn, Sorry to hear about your job situation and the bad day you have had. I hope you find something soon. On the house front looks like you have done a lot of the selections nailed down which is good.

Like some of you have been stressed out the last few days with changes at work and also the build stress. Have not been sleeping well and have a major headache today.
On the build front, they have not started flooring/interior doors as expected . The cleanup crew after dry wall only showed up this morning and they have to finish before we start with the rest of the stuff. We will have all our cabinets delivered next Friday to site from storage so whether he is ready or not we will have them here.

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ohhhh - and we are matching our trim to our cabinets and I am *slightly* freaking out that it's a bit more creamy or shall I say NOT WHITE than I want for the whole entire house. :/ Trying to put that out of my mind for now. The door sample most closely resembles Dune White BM 968.

BM Dune White

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I am so very sorry to hear about your job. That is such lousy timing with all the building stress to deal with as well! Hopefully a new opportunity will present itself without too much effort.

As per the door colour, I love it!! I should because it is very similar to the colour we are likely getting for our perimeter cabinets. Can't you choose a white for the trim and keep the doors the posted colour? We are not trying to match our trim with our kitchen doors. Where are you getting your kitchen doors from?


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You all are terrific! Such an inspiration. I've been a lurker for many months, but am new to post here.

A light winter in central Washington state allowed us to get started on our new home in December with site preparation, pouring footings for the garage in January, then stacking and pouring the garage walls last week.

It will be a while longer before much else happens, so I'm living vicariously (and learning tons!) by seeing your projects moving along


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A few more progress pics to share! I am ready for Spring! We are in south Alabama and we have sleet tonight!!

Working on the coffered ceiling...

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akshars - thanks and yes it does feel so good to get selections nailed down!

Thanks Carol. I like it but I dunno. Our plan is so open that I feel like it needs to all flow. Know what I mean?

mary - very nice!

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@Autumn - So sorry to hear about your job situation! What a stressful day! I hope you find something really quickly, maybe you will get a nice "severance" check!

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Love all the progress pics!

Autumn: Sorry for your job. Maybe its' a blessing in disguise? I was also laid off during a restructuring (during my maternity leave with my first baby). Now I stay home raising both of my kids and I couldn't be more grateful. Good luck with all of the painting! My husband and I are not at all handy. What a nice savings for you! Do you mind me asking what carpet you selected? We are also in the process of nailing down our carpet selections.

Akshars: The grids in the coffered ceiling will be trimmed out in crown. The beams are made out of wood (hollow). I'm not sure why our builder went this route instead of doing drywall beams.

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After I visited the build site today I had to share my cabinet guy's handiwork. I can't put into words how pleased I am with all the character in the wood.

As I said in my previous post, our cabinets are Beech and my wife really wanted a hidden pantry. When we walked into the dining room we could see all of the cabinet doors were installed and closed.

Since the doors are part of the cabinetry I couldn't install a pressure switch for the light inside the pantry. I didn't want to have to fiddle with a wall switch so I installed an occupancy sensor. The sensor is located about 5' inside the pantry and I wasn't sure if it would come on when the doors were opened... Well tonight I found out... it works perfectly. Once the door opened the light came on and stayed on till we shut the pantry doors.

We had to stick to a fairly strict budget while building. My wife and I pared down our list of wants and only included certain features we felt were worth the money... I am so glad I opted to do a custom laundry base instead of using the factory pedestals under the washer and dryer. This setup just looks so much nicer and the drawers are super deep. I think it will be a home run with my wife. I hope I don't scratch the top to pieces when we move the washer/dryer..

We are getting close to running out of inside work. I believe tomorrow may be the day the GC installs the custom fireplace mantle made from the same Beech used in the cabinets. My GC told me to find something I liked and he would make it. I'm anxious to see how he does.

Thanks to everyone for the very kind words. My family is looking forward to spending a lot of time together in the new house. This is a dream come true for us and I'm happy to get to share the experience with everyone on GW. So much of what we've done in our build was inspired by posts I've read on here. Keep posting, keep smiling!


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Thanks all for your kind words. I too am hoping for a blessing in disguise. I am not sure but I think my last day is March 14. I was off on vacation now through Tuesday (not sure if I actually have that vacation or not now) to get to work painting so I don't have the particulars. Just didn't want to start a job hunt during a build. :( Dh is not at all concerned. He is so steady eddy. I knew I liked him. ;) It's hard finding skilled part time work. I may be in for a rude awakening once I start searching. Didn't much feel like doing that today, but I need to get to it.

The carpet - the bright spot in my day! I have never ever had such good service. I went to a place recommended by an acquaintance. Anyhow we pulled each and every board that I was remotely interested in. Then went through price to eliminate and then through colors to pare it down even more and we ended up with 4 sample boards at home. It was a small carpet shop. The one around here you never get that kind of service. It was so helpful!

lz-we are deciding between bliss artful and bliss sculptures. We had a frieze in our last home that didn't wear well (esp on stairs) so we are going with a tighter carpet this time (a level cutloop) with a slight pattern. It is pretty soft to the touch and very reasonably priced.

saftgeek-that is one cool pantry door! I love that you are using your appliance garage for electronics - another brilliant idea.

upon-sleet in Alabama - what a crazy winter this is for everyone. Your entry door........ahhhhh. I can see what you mean about your windows in the back. It's so easy to get used to those giant openings without framing. It will shape up!

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Saftgeek- OMG that hidden pantry is seriously the COOLEST thing ever. nice!

Autumn- Sorry about the unexpected news about your job. Glad you have a steady eddy to make it feel not so bad. :)

We started painting last night! AH. I LOVE the revere pewter. We just got two walls in the kitchen done so they can hang cabinets. We weren't able to paint up towards the ceiling though because a couple areas of texture were still wet due to the high humidity in the house and no air flow. We did also paint the mudroom and hall bath and I love the cool blue colors I picked! We'll be back at it tonight and I need to get a new color for the master bath. Of course I forgot my camera last night but I will get pictures this weekend.

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@ askshars_mom- yay for drywall done!

@caben- looks good!

@loribug- love the perfect greige, it's cool how it changes in different lights

@upon- lots of progress, you have excellent views, good luck with the paint choices

@autumn- so sorry about your job situation. ugh. good luck finding something else quickly- what field are you in? Love your paint selections- the blues are great- I am doing a reverse for the master bath/bedroom but I may go more greigey than grey. Definitely blue in the bath. love the pops of color you've got in different spaces.

@OntarioMom- fireplace design is looking really nice.

@hoosier- another beautifully designed fp, i love it!

@MFatt- wow, windows already! (sorry they weren't right-good luck resolving that)

@lzhwong- gorgeous coffered ceiling.....YES, we are going same trim as our kitchen cabs.

Things are still moving along for us. Tubs for the secondary baths were delivered, cupola is up on the roof, roof framing almost done and ready for the roofers. Felt great leaving the tile store on Wednesday but now second guessing many of the choices especially the mudroom and master bath floor. Many more decisions about this or that due, including appliance selections.

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Lori (loribug26_gw) Wagerman_Walker

Mornin’ 

Well dh & farm help went to pick up my doors last night at Menards…forgot one. Oops. Not that I printed out the paperwork with them all on it or anything. Lol Men (sorry guys!!) So DH is going back to get it. Electrician is there now counting plate covers, switches, plugs…oh my. He & DH are going to get all the stuff, Lord Help me. They’ve already called three times to ask questions. Oy.

Autumn ~ so sorry about the job thing  I just gave up my part time job, somewhat reluctantly, but I just don’t have time. I’m sorry yours was not voluntary. Crappy timing! :/

Marykh ~ welcome!! I have to say I’m a bit jealous about your “light” winter….definitely not what we’re getting here in Indiana!

Hilltop ~ your house is beautiful. I love the beams over the front door!

Saftgeek ~ you cabinets are amazing. I’m in love. If I wasn’t going red, I think I might take my cabinet maker your pictures and say match this. Lots of character! Hidden pantry is to die for. I tried to manage that in mine, but nixed it for other areas…

Kelli ~ it is absolutely not allowed to forget the camera!  can’t wait to see your colors…

Illini ~ I must see that copula on the roof!

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@uponthehilltop, I’m in love with your house! The windows, the arches, the door, front porch, the view!

@lzhwong, Love your farmhouse sink. Oh, and that coffered ceiling. Very pretty!

@caben, I hope your wife will be happy with your remodel. Happy Wife, Happy Life! ☺

@MFatt, Sorry about the window mixup. So, what have you decided to do? Keep them?

@Loribug, We were practically neighbors before we moved to SW Indiana. We lived in Brownsburg before we moved down here. Now, you are scaring me that you are ready for electrical finish. I guess I need to buy all my light bulbs right away. I purchased all our light fixtures online and made a list of all the bulbs we need but never bought those yet. If we are starting painting, when will electrical come back in? And, I understood your post about bulbs. I was surprised when I made my list and saw how many different kind I had to purchase. And all the light fixtures for the interior were from the same manufacturer and same collection: Feiss, Amercian Foursquare.

@Carsonheim, I’m horrible at layout designs, just horrible. I can’t think out of the box. If my daughter and son-in-law hadn’t helped with our house, I’d be sunk. However, the one thing I noticed is that I would prefer the island in Option 3 and 4 being in front of the cooktop instead of to the side of it as in Option 2. My daughter’s in-laws is set up like Option 2 and it is awkward working around the island while she’s cooking. And, I think Option 4 has a better triangle workspace with the stovetop, double ovens and refrigerator than the other options. That’s all I got!

@Autumn, I’m so sorry about your job! Nothing like another huge life stressor! And, look at you, you continue to chug along with all your decisions you have to make. You are a survivor. I hope something comes along for you.

@akshars, I hope they get that drywall cleanup done for you so you can move on to the next stage.

@marykh, Welcome!!! I have a friend who lives in Washington and you guys build your foundations a little differently than we do in Indiana. Fascinating! Glad someone in the US had a mild winter. We are sick of our winter this year! Everyone we talk to says, “What a horrible winter for you to be building!”

@saftgeek, I love your cabinets (well, your whole house!), but those cabinets are beautiful! What a unique hidden pantry. I’ve never seen anything like that.

@kellithee, Yay on the start of painting and you love your color! Don’t forget your camera next time. I would love to see photos of it.

@illinigirl, I love that you have a cupola on your house. Not sure if I was posting when we built our pole barn. I only asked for two things on the barn (since it was DH’s area and not mine). #1 I picked the color since I wanted it to blend in with the house exterior. #2 That we had a cupola on the top. That thing ended up costing us more than I thought it would cost, but I love it!

The painter was supposed to start today, but hadn’t shown up yet. We are going with green as our color for the interior. It goes well with all our furniture and cabinets. Just using different shades of green. Really they are gray with green undertones. Here’s one coat of Dry Sage, which will be in the family room only. The piece of wood on the bottom is what our window seats will be made of. The other piece is our trim stain color.

The Gray Mirage definitely changes with the light and room angle. We are using it in the entry, kitchen (which has very little wall space), dining, and the halls. This is only one coat and propped up next to the front door.

Here is the same board propped up next to the dining area.

There is just a slight variation of the next two colors but I’m going with them.

Moon Shadow for the master bedroom and bath. The vanities are the same finish as the window seats and so is our stained trim throughout the house. We decided to go with the Golden Sand granite for both bathrooms.

The rest of the rooms will be in Natural Elements. In one light it has a slight yellow tone, but most of the time it looks green (which is what I want). Again, this is only one coat.

My DH would probably kill me for posting this because this isn’t a good pix, but here is DH gluing and clamping up the kitchen cabinet doors. It got down to 4 degrees this morning and the pole barn/workshop was freezing. He has an electric heater in there for now but the temp inside was only 18 degrees. So, he is working in the house in the laundry room where the temp is about 60.

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@uponthehilltop, Love the porch and front entry door.Your house is going to beautiful with all the windows and views.
@saftgeek, Beautiful cabinets!! Love the hidden pantry door and the drawers for under the washer and dryer. I wish I had thought about the drawers. Can’t wait to see you post more pictures.
@lzhwong, Thanks for the details on how the coffered ceiling was done. Our contractor did the drywall route I wish we had discussed this more in detail before he started.
@Autumn, It is great that you had such great service at the carpet store. Service makes a huge difference in how you feel about the process. Hope you can still have the vacation to finish up the painting as planned. Glad your husband is being supportive of all this.
@ kellithee, Can’t wait to see pictures of your walls with paint on them.
@illinigirl, You are moving right along. It is natural to second guess your choices but if you liked them stick to it (says someone who overthinks almost everything )
@Lori, My DH is just like yours. He will call me 10 times when he goes to get something. Wow finsh electrical already.
@Hoosierbred, I am also going with a lot of green greys and blue/greys for our colors. You choices looks great. Kudo’s to your DH for working in the cold temperatures. Can’t wait to see your cabinets installed.
They have installed the front door Yay! I took pictures but for some reason had the black and white option turned on in the iphone and the pictures are B/w. They are doing the priming as we speak.
I have not yet selected paint colors for the main rooms and the contractor wants them now so kind of freaking out a little. Need to finish that ASAP and also order the lighting and appliances and final plumbing fixtures tomorrow. Wow typing all that is making me nervous.

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Lori (loribug26_gw) Wagerman_Walker

I'm not sure the electrical finish is exactly in "order" right now, but our electrician just finished another job yesterday, and said he'd better just get on it. We need lights in the house for other things to get done past dark, so that's what we're doing.
Technically, it can be done as soon as paint is done either way... assuming the ceilings are also done. Just be sure your low hung light fixtures can be pulled up, so your workers don't walk into them :) Mine actually can't be b/c they hang from such a long way up, but my mason jars hang down from them, so I'm going to pull them up, or just wait on them, haven't decided yet. I can't wait to see them up, so idk if I'll be able to wait or not!

Outta here for the weekend kids, off to get my cabinet door sample, and work on some paint!!

small world Hoosier :)

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Everyone's houses are looking great! We have everything closed up now except we are waiting on the garage door. The weather cooperated and it didn't start snowing again until after the roof was sheeted, so it's nice and dry inside. Rough-in plumbing and HVAC are going in next.

Love everyone's pics and color/product choices. They really help with all of the decisions to make. I hope mine look half as well as all of yours.

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I couldn't resist sending this one. This looks dangerous to me--surely there's a better way! This is the outbuilding being built at the same time but not by our house builder.

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loessismore - Yup... that is pretty dangerous. I am actually a safety geek by trade and work for a utility. The truck they are using is designed to lift people, not heavy loads. The truck is more than likely rated to lift 600 - 700 lbs, or two men and their tools. In our line of work doing something like that could get you an OSHA citation and more than likely an unpaid vacation. I know the likelihood of anyone with that company seeing your picture is slim, but if they have a guy like me on staff, he would make hay with this picture. It's a shame folks do stuff like that. Most of the time they've gotten away with it in the past. Every manufacturer will forbid such a practice. They do make trucks similar to that one which can lift moderately heavy loads. It would have a built in winch on the end of the boom... but as you can see in your picture the person in the bucket has a rope thrown around the part of the boom where the bucket attaches. Ironically, this is exactly where the bucket would separate if it were overloaded, causing the bucket and everything in it to tumble to the ground.

Sorry about doing that. After as many years in this trade as I have it becomes second nature to pick apart photos of work sites. It's not hard to find this sort of stuff everywhere. I intentionally kept away from my build site while the framing and roof work were going on. I know my contractor was responsible, but with my background and certifications I didn't want to be anywhere near when they were in the air... That would have been a dream come true for a lawyer had anyone been seriously injured and the proper safeguards not been in place. I considered my builders risk and liability insurance a bargain at $775.


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We decided to keep the windows. Our GC offered to split the "return cost" but a few windows were custom and its not worth it. The windows ended up being the premium line from Atrium so we are going to take advantage of the supply house mistake as they are probably a step up from the Milgards. I was just more comfortable with the reputation of Milgard vs. Atrium. I am officially over it :) Onto the next task, making sure all specs are correct.

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@kellithee - Did you go with Benjamin Moore or Sherwin Williams in the "Revere Pewter?"
On that note, has anyone here compared the two? I just realized that each company has their own "Revere Pewter" and it seems the Benjamin Moore one has more brown undertones?

Thanks for the compliments everyone! So excited to see everyone's progress and have you gals for support and encouragement!!

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Saftgeek - the hidden pantry is just genius! I also love your laundry room drawers.

The trim carpenter has been working for about a month now and he says he still has a few more weeks to go before they finish. They finished all the crown upstairs and the batten board in the master bathroom and the powder bath. He has to add a trim piece to the baseboard trim and finish up some other things before he can start doing our stairs. I was considering having him add some chair rail in a few rooms but we can probably just do that later.

The tiler finished the shower floor. He needs to come back next week to grout the entire shower and then he's done. The shower is doorless and curbless. After having glass doors in our current home, I knew I did not want to clean another glass door.

Is anyone using different carpet in different rooms? I was thinking of using a higher end pattern carpet in the master bedroom. Any thoughts on this?

    Bookmark   February 7, 2014 at 9:00PM
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Here are our carpet selections. The first one is what I would like to use for the master bedroom. It's pricey and we can't afford to use it for the entire upstairs. The second one is a bit more affordable. It has a small pin dot pattern. I might do the bonus room in the third pattern. My husband likes it because it's a bit darker and he thinks it looks more masculine. I don't want the house to look disjointed with all these different carpets. Thoughts? Anyone else using 2 different carpets? Thanks!

Autumn: I think the "Bliss Artful" that you selected looks very similar to the second carpet. All of the carpets I selected are SHAW.

This post was edited by lzhwong on Fri, Feb 7, 14 at 21:14

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@saftgeek: Beautiful cabinetry! Beech is one of our options we've been considering, yours is lovely. What stain color did you go with?

The tile you show in your previous post, do you recall the name? It looks a little like an Emser tile called Eurasia, thought I'd ask and see if it was

@uponthehilltop: Lucky find with that chandelier. I recognize the collection. I drooooled over it when first looking into lighting fixtures. Then I came down out of the clouds when I saw the price!

Everyone is coming along so well, not much to really post picturewise here, but insulation is finally in the works, stone on exterior is coming along nicely. If I can just get past the damn sheetrock phase maybe some fun photos will follow

    Bookmark   February 8, 2014 at 3:41AM
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All day yesterday at the house prepping for priming - so SORE! Hope to start priming today - have to tape plastic on a few more windows before we can get started.

lz-I think you could easily for the master but how is your layout? I think a switch for the bonus room would be easily done also. Do you have an ID? What do they suggest?

In our case the carpet from the stairs flows up into the kids nook and bedrooms so we thought we should keep it the same and then for the master there is a small hall that is seen from the foyer so we felt we needed to keep that consistent too. So standing in the living room you can see the stairs and that small hall so that is why we decided to have it all match.

We also took a Mohawk smartstrand sample home but it's not as soft and costs more. But - it has the best color match - go figure. The artful is pretty close with the "Glazed" color.

    Bookmark   February 8, 2014 at 8:37AM
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Still no activity here. If there is no rain this weekend, they will get back to work on the roof Monday but the forecast says it's supposed to rain Mon and Tues, go figure. We meet with the cabinet guy Monday evening and I have to pick out bathtubs like yesterday. So, I guess I'm going out to look at tubs today. This one doesn't excite me, I must not care what my bathtubs look like.

    Bookmark   February 8, 2014 at 9:21AM
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Autumn, sorry about being sore. That house prepping is a killer.

The drywalling crews are all finally out of here! They finished sanding the garage yesterday. DH spent all afternoon cleaning all that dust out of there.

The painter showed up yesterday late morning and worked until dark. I'll have to see how much he got done sometime today. He said he might come back today. He's working alone.

Here he is rolling on the ceiling paint throughout the house as our primer coat.

It is a lot lighter in the hall picture.

Can't wait until he starts painting the actual room colors to see if I can tolerate my choices! :-)

Stone guy says he can fix our columns to match our second design to correct our first design flub-up. Have to purchase new larger stone caps. He has enough stone leftover to use though.

    Bookmark   February 8, 2014 at 9:24AM
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niteshadepromises - I'm honestly not sure. We looked at the door samples our cabinet maker had, found the color we liked and just told him "that one". I never asked what the color was called. We did opt for glazing, which gave the doors added depth and chose a low sheen. Our current cabinets are glossy and we don't care for that look.

I have to be the worst ever on GW for letting folks know what we used. I am always impressed when folks can rattle off paint colors and codes, model numbers, and multiple different suppliers for certain products.


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lzhwong- LOVE your shower floor! It looks like a really similar if not identical shower wall tile that we chose. Ours is 4 1/4" by 12 3/4" I believe.

    Bookmark   February 8, 2014 at 2:35PM
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and as far as carpets....we only have one carpeted room on the main floor- that's the master bedroom (and closet)

Almost the entire basement will be carpeted (except bar area, bathroom and playroom) and then the entire bonus floor (over the garage) will be carpeted (except bathroom of course)

I may upgrade the master BR carpet and use a different carpet on the other two levels.

    Bookmark   February 8, 2014 at 2:41PM
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I am not sold on Smart Strand. I had decided that I wanted to go that route but its not soft and nice feeling in person. Hard to get over that considering its not cheap.

    Bookmark   February 8, 2014 at 4:23PM
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I didn't like the smart strand either. It has a strange plastic-y feel to me, plus it will show vacuum tracks because of it's higher sheen.

    Bookmark   February 8, 2014 at 4:50PM
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@JDEZ - Are they putting your roof shingles on? If so, we have managed to be at the exact same stage at the same time!!

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Just thought I would drop in and give a quick update...we closed on our house about 1.5 weeks ago and are almost completely moved in. Things are not organized yet and we have a lot of boxes in the garage still. It's too cold to function as we go on our 22nd consecutive day of below zero temps! Oh, and with propane in MN we are paying about $250 a week to heat this place. Kind of a downer.

On the plus side, we are loving the house and everything about it.

Here are a few pics from the day we closed...

Everyone else seems to be coming along nicely and there are so many newcomers. So exciting!!

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Hilltop, our roof is only halfway done but our builder asked me to get tubs bought or ordered two weeks ago. I went to big box stores an hour away today. Was looking for the one piece tub/shower combo for our son's bath and couldn't find one in the size we need. They don't have hardly any. For our bathroom, I'm supposed to get a soaking tub. They have them all on the wall. How can I check out the feel of a soaking tub if it's on the dang wall? Came home with nuttin'. Nuttin' but a ceiling fan that wasn't even on sale. I'm back to internet shopping. If I can't sit in it anyway, I might as well find something with a good price.

    Bookmark   February 9, 2014 at 12:12AM
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rbatt- Congratulations on being in your home! I LOVE the crisp white cabinets in your kitchen, your wood floors, and your paint selection!

Jdez - I know the feeling! We went looking for tile yesterday and fixtures. They have all the plumbing fixtures on the wall, up to about 12 feet. Beyond the bottom row, I am not tall enough to reach or feel the fixtures! I am a HUGE fan of shopping the internet in my jammies! I honestly cannot imagine building a home without the resources of the internet!
Have they begun HVAC and electrical on your house? You are scaring me because our builder says we will be done in April, and I know you are planning for summer! We have to be out of our rental house by May 1st....the only other place to go would be my in-laws, but then I would need a visit to the special hospital for people with mental breakdowns!!

    Bookmark   February 9, 2014 at 6:47AM
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rb-yay! That is so awesome! Yikes on the propane bill though, yowsa. Congrats - can't wait to see more pics...hint hint! ;)

We had to pick our tubs out early too - had to get them in before doorways were framed and roof was on or they wouldn't fit! We chose something relatively standard and in stock at the plumbing place. Everything else (fixtures) we purchased online to save cost.

I am glad I am not the only one that thought the smart strand wasn't nearly as soft. Weird. For that cost you'd think it would be! On a similar note - they had a new carpet that is made with SILK (sorry no other info than that since I wasn't considering it seriously). It has no wear value (hmm, wonder why) but my oh my it was so silky soft. Ahhhh, I wanted to hug it. I couldn't keep my hands off of it, so soft.

Back to the house today after church to finish priming. I feel like the little engine that could or like Dori...just keep priming, just keep priming, priming, priming. ;)

    Bookmark   February 9, 2014 at 8:47AM
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rb24, Congratulations on closing and moving in. Love the combination of your flooring, cabinets and other finishes. You must be happy Please do post more pictures of other rooms as you get settled in.

Uponthehill, Your house is looking great and moving at a very fast pace. I think the rate at which your builder is building you may be able to meet the April date.

Jdez, We live in an area where we have many stores and even then it is pretty hard to fins all the models of the tubs in display. The reason being the space required to display them all and cost involved. I think the internet or catalogs (the stores usually have them) will help you choose. Some of the choices if I can't see I am afraid to order so I have been trying to order stuff I can see in person and that means limited selection.

Autumn, We are matching or cabinets and the trim in our house. The KD initially said the cabinets where pure white but I called the cabinet company and they told me to go to sherwin williams and they can help. So we went to sherwin williams and the told us the color was "extra white" and not I am worried it will be too white :(. So having the opposite problem as you.

Ordered 95% of our plumbing fixtures yesterday and 50% of our lighting. I know I am behind in these decisions compared to others so I am always trying to scramble. Today and tomorrow we finalize the paint colors.

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so i have good news and bad news. hoping someone can talk me off the ledge with the bad news.

we went up to see how far they've gotten with the paint, not expecting much and were pleasantly surprised. every single wood surface is finished and about 80% of it is covered and taped off to prep for the wall color. the other good news is that they did a sample of my wall color and i LOVE it! that was a nice surprise.

the bad news is every single wood surface is painted in this insanely high gloss enamel unlike anything i've ever seen in a home before. hubby loves it. my mom loves it. my dad loves it. i don't think i like it! it could just be that it caught me by surprise, but i feel like the high gloss shows EVERY imperfection in the wood, and almost makes our wood look like vinyl. it's not at all what i was expecting, especially for our kitchen cabinets. i feel like i shouldn't be able to check my teeth in the reflection of our white painted cabinetry.

the other thing is, they painted all our cabinets on site, and they painted right over the hinges. anyone have experience with that? are they going to replace all the hinges? or are they left painted white? most of the doors don't even shut properly now. this crew has done a meticulous job of priming, then sanding and filling all the woodwork. they've been working for 2 full weeks now, so i'm sure they know what they're doing, but seeing it in this state i'm sure didn't help my opinion of the uber glossy trim. also they painted a few surfaces that were supposed to be stained.

anyone have any encouraging news? or is this going to be another battle?

    Bookmark   February 9, 2014 at 3:18PM
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I am so sorry to hear you are disappointed with the sheen of the cabinets and trim. Did you ever get a chance to see a sample cabinet with the same sheen? If so, did they do it to the same sheen level or is it a mistake. Is there any chance when you have the correct light bulbs in your light fixtures the colour/sheen might be more pleasing to you.

As per the hinges being painted, that is really strange and seems like a mistake to me.

Perhaps you might want to post a photo of the cabinets on the kitchen forum for any suggestions they might have.


    Bookmark   February 9, 2014 at 3:44PM
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thanks carol. we didn't see a sample of the sheen - the cabinets and trim are all painted the same color on site. we simply chose the color. our specifications call for Semi-Gloss which is what we've always had and what we expected. while everyone else likes it, the fact that they're raving about how shiny it is and how cool that is, reinforces that this is not a typical semi-gloss.

either they made a mistake and used high-gloss, or the product they did use shouldn't be called semi-gloss. i'm kicking myself for not looking more closely at the cans they had laying around. they used SpeedHide by PPG, but I didn't realize that was the paint so I didn't look close enough to see if it's really semi-gloss.

i didn't bring my camera or even my phone in today because we weren't expecting much more to be complete as my dad was at the house yesterday and didn't have a huge progress report.

as for the function of the cabinets, i'm sure they will make it right, but it seems the process is very counterproductive. any time they spend undoing the sloppiness of the previous trades is time that pushes out our move-in date.

    Bookmark   February 9, 2014 at 4:26PM
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@Maggie - I feel for you! I hope you get it all sorted out and get what your want! There is nothing worse than that sinking feeling when things are looking as you expected, and honestly, you deserve to have it the way you want it!

Please keep us posted, sending calming thoughts your way!

This entire building process should come with anxiety meds for the duration of the build, lol!

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Maggie, paint does dull down with time. Oil will stay glossier than latex, latex will dull down a pretty significant amount. Don't panic! Semi gloss, freshly done, tends to look very shiny. Maybe the painters have something painted 6 months ago you could look at?

I have no idea on the hinges, sorry.

    Bookmark   February 9, 2014 at 5:13PM
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I just figured cabinet doors were painted or stained BEFORE the hinges were put on. That would probably take a lot longer though. I still wouldn't expect them to paint over the hinges. That just seems lazy I sure hope you get it all worked out maggiepie.

    Bookmark   February 9, 2014 at 10:58PM
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Raining again....Hmmm. What should we do with our time while we wait to get back to work on our house? Hey, maybe we should try to sell our current house. Now, that might be a good idea.

    Bookmark   February 10, 2014 at 10:29AM
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We got a blow to our time line last week. We were waiting to get the final bid from our builder before getting everything ready to go to the bank this week. Well his numbers are way too high for our budget. He was mortified to give us these numbers as he thought our build would be between $260k-$280k leaving us $ to build our workshop. The bids came back with a total of $332k but he said he got it down to $294 which we are not happy with. He said he didn't understand why either, until the lumber yard told him our house wasn't 3159sqft but it was 4454sqft. We were all surprised by that number as well. Our architect gave us the 3159 total and we took him at his word along with our builder. That is way too big of a house for us empty nesters and way too much $ to spend without DHs workshop.

So now my husband is trying to figure out how to shrink our house down without taking away the design he worked on for 4 years. We initially told our architect to keep our house under 3000sqft so I don't know why he would go so far over.

I posted our plans in the January build thread if you all have any ideas of how to shrink the house down I'd appreciate it. Keep in mind we have to keep my DHs wood burning stove in the area it is so he doesn't have a coronary. Thanks in advance for any suggestions.

    Bookmark   February 10, 2014 at 10:29AM
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robynstamps, I love your kitchen layout with that pantry! Did you post your entire layout somewhere? i'd love to see how the rest of your house works.

    Bookmark   February 10, 2014 at 10:36AM
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rbattaglia24, what paint colors did you use in your home? I see green. I love yours! Your home looks so beautiful.

Renee, I'm so sorry to hear your bid $ news. What a huge disappointment. I thought you were going to say that the lumber prices had gone up a lot and that is why the figure was up there. I hope you can downsize the house to fit your budget. We are retired and went with a 2150 sq ft one story home. Ours is going to end up costing us around your high bid numbers. We ended up paying cash for the pole barn/workshop for DH. We would have never dreamed it would all have cost this much when we first planned this over five years ago! Good luck.

It snowed again overnight and going to have another two nights of single digit temps. Nothing going on down at the house today except DH gluing up more cabinet doors. The painter said he probably wouldn't be back until Wednesday this week. I think DH and I are going to go to the lighting store to order under-cabinet lighting. We also want to see if they can order the under-cabinet power strips for us, too. Otherwise, I'm gonna have to get busy and order those online.

    Bookmark   February 10, 2014 at 10:47AM
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Lori (loribug26_gw) Wagerman_Walker

Oh boy… I second Autumn on the sore part. We painted this weekend. Master bed, bath & closets. ½ bath, laundry room, 2 Up beds, closets & full bath. Started spraying trim & doors. Got some lights going, more electric finish today. There are 100 plugs. Lol Idk how many switches, a bazillion. 40 some cans, and 40 lights. I swept and as soon as I was done, I’d have to sweep again. Cutting out all the drywall goop left in the boxes pain in the butt…
I can’t wait to hear my electrician (who’s a friend of ours) complain about my main light fixtures. Oh boy… lol

Hoosier ~ so glad they’re finally out of there! Whoop whoop!  Good deal on the columns!

Saftgeek ~ I’m the same way about knowing what we’re using. I know most of it, b/c I’ve picked it out, but I knew it when I picked it out, and now that info is out of my brain… lol I’ve been trying to write things down, but I can’t remember to do that either!!

RB ~ so glad you are loving your new home! I can’t wait to be posting that also! Bummer on the propane/weather ;( it stinks here too!

Hilltop ~ I’m an internet shopper for sure too!! I bought tons of stuff off Loved it. 

Maggie ~ sorry about the crazy glossy paint. I can’t stand anything glossy. Went flat with everything. I’ve got tons of people telling me I should have went semi gloss, but I just can’t stand shine…. Good luck :/ the hinges being painted seems crazy. I would definitely make them put new ones on!!

I am with y’all on the anxiety thing. I just ate a whole roll of Thin Mints and yesterday just started crying for no reason. I am NOT a crier….Luckily I was already outside, so I just jumped in my truck and left for a bit. Just said I had to go get something. I just don’t usually lose it like that!

Thank goodness we have each other to keep it together!! 

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Lori (loribug26_gw) Wagerman_Walker

Does anyone know how to find the "it's February 2013" thread. I think It would be interesting to see what they were doing a year ago! :)


    Bookmark   February 10, 2014 at 2:07PM
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