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wiz4867July 18, 2009

Ok everyone my problem is I have repaired a ding in the side of my truck. How do I get the new paint on the repair spot to blend in with the old color ? When I mask off the repair spot do I over lap the sides on the old paint ? Do I run the clear coat over the old paint ? Do I sand the clear coat ? As you can tell this is my first try at repair spot painting and any help that you can give will be appreciated . Bill

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How big of a spot are we talking about? I'm no expert, but I have done a few paint repairs in years gone by.

If it's in the middle of a panel, you don't really want to mask it when you get to the point were you're applying the color coat if you're wanting it to turn out smooth. You'll want to remove all wax and other contaminants from a pretty good distance around the repaired area. Apply sandable primer to the repaired area and block sand it smooth. The objective is to get your repaired area the same level as the surrounding area. Using a sanding block, (if it's a real small area make your own of the appropriate size) wet sand with 1000 grit paper where you primered and just a little past the repair. When you got it done to your satisfaction, spray on your color coat over the repair and just a little past. Wet sand that with 1500 grit and re-apply. Then spray on the clear coat. Then wet sand that with 1500 grit or better yet 2000 grit if you can find it. The thing to be carefull about at this point is not to sand through the clear coat on your repair or on the original paint. 1500-2000 grit is pretty gentle, but it's still possible to sand through the clear coat if you get carried away with it. When it's all smooth, polish it if needed, then wax it. Follow the directions on the paint products you get as to how long to wait between coats for sanding, applying another coat, and final polishing.

A dealership that sells your brand of vehicle should be able to get you a small spray can of paint that should pretty much match your vehicle perfectly.

Good luck. jmo

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