Freedom Fuel Additive

paddleJuly 8, 2006

Has anyone tried this stuff? I have always used Lucas oil additive in my vehicles, but a neighbour it trying to sell me this Freedom Fuel stuff, expensive $20 a bottle! Is this just another Gas Saver claims? maybe a pyramid thing?




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If gasoline was $3.15 per gallon, you'd have to save 6.3 gallons per bottle of that stuff to break even.

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The "Pills" do not work. The most common ingredient to any of these "gas savers" are napthalene, moth balls for a better, more common description. Oh, they have a little dye in them to color them too.

I saw a tent at a local flea market selling these things just Friday. They sounded so sincere, and they had a photo copy of an emissions test claiming how much cleaner the car ran with their product.

Now their first problem, the emissions test readings were perfectly normal for any car that is working correctly. The numbers were not excessively low as they tried to claim, they were normal. Tough luck for them that I can actually interpret the readings since that is a significant part of what I do everyday.

They showed me a Bosch spark plug that had a reddish tint. This is supposedly the coating that their product is putting on the combustion chamber. Sorry Charlie, if you put enough of a coating of anything on a spark plug you will create an alternate path for the spark to follow, and you'll end up with a missfire when the spark jumps through it instead of across the gap of the plug. aka "a fouled plug"

The guy told me how he bought the "franchise". The franchise includes a video tape, and some brochures, and some bottles of the "product" and I use that word loosely. The difference between a manager and an area manager is whether a person buys about $150 dollars worth of this stuff VS $500 dollars and how many people they can talk into trying to sell it under them. They call that MLM, Multi level Marketing. See AMWAY for a descritpion of how that works.

The bottom line is state attorney generals in several states have been shutting down most of these "busineses". Testing of the materials has shown them to not be what they are claimed, napthalene is not non-toxic, in fact it's VERY TOXIC. The MSDS sheets for these products are at the least wrong, if not completely false. Search "freedom fuel" on google and start reading. You'll uncover quite a story. All of the details I have written here are from the Texas State attorney generals office and (just from such a google search), when they shut down a similar company earlier this year. It's just a matter of time before they get this one, and the next one after that.

When I told the guy selling this stuff who I was, and what I did, and then that the emissions test he had in his had was perfectly normal and was not a result of his magic pills and that I knew this product didn't work he really didn't know what to say. He had no clue he was falling for and passing on a rip-off.

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I think we will be seeing more and more Snake oil additives.Why should the oil companys be the only ones to get there hands in our pockets.

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The snake oil comment is accurate. Coincidentally a firm called "FREEDOM ADDITIVES, LLC" from Pittsburgh has an additive that is not available to consumers. It won a fuel consumption/emissions competition paid for by a large oil dilling company conducted by the eng. dep't at Colorado State University. 3 of the 9 additives invited declined to be tested (I wonder why?). 4 of the remaining who participated actually caused the engine to burn MORE fuel. Always ask for independent 3rd party testing proof.

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