Bluestar oven door - glass panel ?

phillyfeetMarch 25, 2014

Husband and I looked at the Bluestar range display again this weekend and he was concerned about the glass panel insert on the oven door. He thought it was rattling around and overall felt that the oven door felt flimsy compared to a few other range brands (specifically the wolf and dcs). He agreed that he likes the rangetop of the Bluestar best and i like the power of the Bluestar.
He wanted me to post a question to see if any BS owners have had issues with the glass panel or if the rattling glass somehow just happened because it was a display unit.
This may be a deal breaker for my husband.

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I've had my Bluestar range a little over a year now, and have not noticed any rattling or loose glass door panel. Perhaps the display unit had been abused?
I can't say enough about how much I love the way this range performs! It is truly a workhorse piece of equipment that I would recommend to any serious cook...

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The glass panel on my RNB doesn't rattle or feel loose at all. It feels exactly like the glass panel on my Viking wall oven.

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Thanks. I'll pass this along to my husband. That is reaaly great to hear. All day I was preparing myself to switch range choices, but he came home tonight and was being so sweet and telling me he wants me to get the range I'll be happiest with.

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Hi Phillyfeet. I just took delivery of a 36" 6 burner Blue Star range this week and I have to admit that I pretty disappointed with the oven door. I feel like the outside stainless steel front panel which contains the outermost glass panel has a lot of give and upon closing or pressed seems to be too springy and you could see front panel rattle even after the door closes. This is a brand new model and I hadn't notice this on the floor model a year ago.

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dazedandconfused - thanks for the honest feedback. sorry to hear of your disappointment. I was searching out range reviews yet again today and came across a video from an appliance dealer in New York who had the same complaint about the oven door a year ago. Supposedly, Blue Star was fixing the rattle back then. If i wasn't having an even harder time trying to find a wall oven, I would say to heck with the range and just go with the BS rangetop and 2 separate wall ovens.

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No rattle issues with my 30" RNB. Great value and we had a positive experience with customer service when we got a repair under warranty (which may have been caused by a child's misuse).

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I have a 36" RNB. The stainless on the front panel is flexible. If you push on it, you can press it in a bit. Honestly, I never noticed it until I read this post and went to see if my oven was like that too. It doesn't rattle though.

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Mine is the same as nycbluedevil. The stainless steel has some flexion to it when you press on it, but the glass panel is firmly set inside it with no rattle or shake.

The same is true of my Viking wall oven, though that stainless steel door doesn't seen to have as much give. It's most likely due to it being a 27" wall oven whereas the bluestar oven is 36"

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I have a brand new door on an RNB304. It rattles a lot: so much so, that walking by it in the kitchen on a hardwood floor will produce a noise. The lip around the actual glass doesn't really seem fastened.

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Can you take a pic and post it keitel? Not sure that would even show the issue, but I'd like to compare it mine to perhaps give advice on how it could be fixed. Thanks.

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I've never posted a picture before - hope this works. To be honest, the rattling is annoying, but sadly, I'm just happy the door works at this point.

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What do you mean that you are just happy the door works now? This statement has me worried that i really should be considering something different

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Hmmm. Keitel, my door looks exactly like yours. But mine doesn't rattle.

I took a picture of the glass on the inside (I hope it posted). There's a lip of metal that holds the glass panel in place along all 4 sides except right at the corners of the glass. See if that metal lip is loose or missing on yours. Maybe that's the cause of the rattle??

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Bluestar had a well-known issue where their doors would get stuck and not open at all, often with food stuck inside. (See link below for details or google "Bluestar oven door problem," or similar, for details and lots of reports.) They have reportedly corrected this in later models.

There are those that will swear otherwise, but build problems coupled with scattershot customer service remain an issue for Bluestar based on my own personal experience (still have trouble getting paid-for repair parts from Bluestar in timely fashion) and fairly regular reports here. Just read a recent thread of a new platinum model arriving with plenty of problems and taking a good while to be rectified, so I don't think it's an issue totally behind them, despite testimony to improved service over the years.

I had the "lucky" of experience of having both a ton of issues from day one plus terrible customer service on our 2007 36" RNB, which has needed a lot of repairs. (Like, a lot, a lot.) Stuck oven door, banging oven floor and then bottom of oven collapsed, multiple problems with spark modules, endless ignitor problems, issues with the burner grates (poorly coated, so that they rust, and having problems with the supports that hold them up, so they're un-level). The range arrived with a damaged door, unconnected wires and loose screws, just rolling around, in the oven cavity. And several more. Many of these things were fixed, others were never resolved, and I've just learned to live with them, more or less.

When it works, it's a good stove, but Bluestar customer service has been a nightmare, as have simply finding people to repair it, despite everyone saying how straightforward and simple it is. The truth is, regardless of that, many repair people simply will not work on brands they're unfamiliar with, period, and Bluestar remains a very niche product. If you get one, an extended warranty is an absolute must, to my mind.

That's my personal experience. Your mileage may vary. If you're concerned I'd suggest doing a good search here, and elsewhere online, before making your decision. You'll find both positive and negative. There is no denying there are plenty of people who love their Bluestar--those testimonies are what convinced me to purchase my range--but, personally, I would never buy another Bluestar product, no matter how tempting their features and specs. The idea is there, but the quality control and customer service don't match up, which is a major bummer because, on paper, they're definitely impressive.

Here is a link that might be useful: Bluestar Oven Door Problems (Again)

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I concur with everything applnut says, with one exception. I've had very good experiences with customer service. Unfortunately, due to the quality control issues, I've had way too many experiences with them.

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I took the door apart this morning and found that the tabs holding the glass panel were loose. This is a brand new door. I tightened the tabs with pliers. The rattling is now gone.

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Nevermind. We baked two loaves of bread after my repair, and it's back to rattling. I tried.

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I have a Bluestar 30" RNB, which I decided on after spending quite a bit of time researching it. I absolutely love it. I am really happy with it. It's solid. I even had them match a specific blue color for me that was different from their swatch book.
I had some problems at first that were not the fault of Bluestar, but rather with the delivery from the local store where I purchased it. It was all resolved with a Bluestar rep coming over to my house so I could explain what had happened (long story) so he could do what he could to resolve it. He did.

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Debbi Branka

Jirka - can you post a picture of your blue and what color is it (if it is not an RAL color, what brand and color name did you have them match)? Did that cost extra?

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Never saw this post...I had the same issue and am on my second replacement door. First one rattled, could not take it and you could actually push in the stainless steel front panel. I believe it is designed so the glass is supposed to stiffen it. Why wouldn't they add something more substantial like a small metal L bar. The second door the trim is nasty and has gaps. I am now dealing with them again. Hopefully they can get me an acceptable door on the 3rd try. How do they let this garbage out their door is beyond me. The fit / trim is so lacking in quality.

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