Dead battery, keyless entry

joe_mnJuly 30, 2012

Longs story. Went camping with friend. He has keyless entry and push button start. Night scene. Left headlights on for 10 min to fix tent. Lights went off. Next day he opened car and plugged in iPhone charger. Turned on ignition since outlet goes off after 10 min. We think headlights were still on but did not notice it. Figured ign on would not kill battery for 2-3 hrs. Left. Came back and battery was dead. Due to headlights being on? His keys were in car. Doors locked. Keyless nary dead. Turns out his remote fob has key inside case. Got into car. Found a person to jump us. Funny. Dead battery and touch less entry is not good.

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Way back when, a freind of mine had a '53 Chevy and learned the same lesson the hard way. At the time, it was popular among budding car buffs to de-chrome their cars. My friend de-chromed his to the extent of removing the door handles. Hidden inside the doors at place where the door panel was flexible was a micro-switch. It could be operated by slapping the heal of your hand on the door. The switch operated a solenoid that unlatched the door.

One day at work, he left rhe light on and discharged the battery. When he came out from work, he could not get into his car. His car also had a hood latch cable rather than a conventional external operated hood latch.

What did he do? He found that by laying on the ground he could reach up behind the grill and pull the hood latch cable enough to unlatch the hood thus saving him from having to cut a hole in the body work. The battery was jumped and the doors unlocked.

The door handles were put back on.

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That sounds interesting, a 53 Chevy though is gorgeous.

Here is a link that might be useful: Lady Gaga

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