1992 Accord Failed Emissions Test

happsJuly 31, 2011

My 1992 Honda Accord failed the emission test today for a too high NOX reading. The applicable standard is 2.50 and my car's reading was 2.61. I've read that high NOX has something to do with a malfunctioning EGR valve. Will replacing the EGR valve guarantee that I pass the emissions test? I don't want to start throwing money at all kinds of parts. Should I buy genuine Honda brand parts or are parts that are available on online auto parts websites for a lot less $ as good quality & get the job done? In case it helps, the Hydrocarbon reading was .60 and the Carbon Monoxide reading was 8.81. I've read that cleaning the EGR valve and ports helps. Since I have to provide a receipt for work done and I can't really get a receipt for doing my own cleaning, is the O2 sensor the least expensive part I could replace and get a receipt for, that would help the situation?

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If the ERG valve is stuck and/or the ports clogged, remeding these maladies may solve the problem.

However, after you clean everything up, check out the ERG for operation. If does not operate, it may have failed or there is a problem in the control feeds to the valve.

Recirculating exhaust gas back into the intake mixture lowers the combustion temperature, hence reduces NOX. Sadly, it also reduces efficiency a bit.

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