Any experience with Kodiak Steel Homes?

sunnnyFebruary 24, 2010

After nearly 8 months of searching and not finding anything in our very limited rural area we are heavily leaning towards this company. We came to this decision after MUCH heartache and stress. Some of you will remember we found a house we loved and it was in flood zone A and the home owners have filed a LOMA but with the rains we've had here in Texas the creek has had over 4 feet of water in it flooding the side 10 acres totally. It's just too much for us even with flood insurance. We feel certain the house won't flood because it's 12 feet above the river and the road would be 6 feet under water but when I saw the amount of water there, rushing towards the creek it was very overwhelming and I think of my kids wanting to play outside and the danger it poses and the snakes, etc. So last month we found a metal home we liked and it didn't pass inspection because it was built like a pole barn with the supports INTO the ground and the slab poured around the support posts. There was already some damage to those posts and it would cost a fortune to repair and replace each one but we like the design so much we found Kodiac Steel homes. We've been very impressed with the so far, have gotten references from 4 ppl who have used them and they LOVE their homes. I've talked to several builders who build only Kodiak or several types of steel homes and they say it is by far the best of any out there. The customer service has been amazing! The best of any business I've dealt with in any way in a long time.

I'm wondering if anyone has experience with this company or with building/living in a steel home. Our insurance costs would be lower due to several factors such as: it can't burn, only the content inside, can withstand 140 mph winds which in Texas would be a GOOD thing and no termintes, etc. We would use an energy expert to help build it as energy efficient as possible as well as I've read about steel and how it conducts heat but if built properly that is not an issue.

Does anyone have photos of exteriors and interiors I could see? The company is having an open house this weekend where which allow us see one being built, and tour already completed homes in the area.

I understand many people will feel it's unconventional to build this way but we feel this is the solution we've been looking for all these months.


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I want to add that we DO have financing for this and they look totally convientional on the outside such as brick or hardiplank or what ever you wish to use on the exterior.
If any of you have watched the HGTV show 19 kids and counting (I still don't understand how they can have that many LOL) they built from Kodiak. And just for info there are some amazing stories and video on this sight about Katrina and Andrew and some other storm stories.

Here is a link that might be useful: Kodiak Steel homes

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Looking at these too. We also live in Texas. Because of the elements we have to tear down our house and rebuild.
Have you had any contacts on your request this past year?


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I have direct experience. We attempted to buy a home from them and we paid the 10% deposit that included the extra cost to make it comply with California building codes. I got the engineering calculations and some drawings that were useless. After submitting the calculations and the drawings to the city for approval, they were returned with comments. The comments ranged from a difference between the bolt used in the calculations vs. what was shown on the drawings to other issues like that. I contacted Kodiak steel homes to get them to fix the issues and I spoke with John House (the owner). He gave me the run around for 3 months saying that there were delays due to the engineer not being available to the engineer being busy with other work. He turned me over to his office manager Steve (I think) and I got more run around for another 2 months.

Finally, it came down to them telling me that the engineer looked at the issues that the city was saying were incorrect and that it would cost me another 8k for his time to fix them since in their opinion it was local issues and not California related. I confirmed with the plan check company if the issues were local or not. They confirmed that all of the issues were flaws in the original work. Kodiak was not in agreement.

Kodiak also told me that the 8k was just for starts and that there might be more time needed to fix "minor" issues. That is when I decided (not that I was going to pay them 8k to fix their issues) to not proceed further with Kodiak.

I think they are a fraud. They take your money and say that the drawings and calculations are to California spec and they aren't. My architect was never able to talk to their structural engineer (the one that did the original work and was supposed to be the one to fix the work). Kept getting the run around.

Funny thing is that if they had fixed all of the issues that the plan check company had found, they would have made more money by completing the job.


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I have just finished building a Kodiak steel home (agusta 2475 sqft). I had absolutely no building experience (I am an electronic engineer). I hired the red iron, rough plumbing, roof, and concrete work done. I did everything else all by myself with a little help from my wife. Working after work about 4 hours a day and on weekends, it took two years, but I'm finally done. It went really well. Dealing with Kodiak was great. No problems at all. I did call them a couple of times for help interpreting the plans. Steve and others helped me, and I mean allot. Not only did they answer my questions, they often gave me tips on easier ways to do things and went the extra mile to help me out. They were interested in my experiences and were going to make some changes based on the problems I had. My experience was nothing but good. Of course I don't live in California or even in city limits for that matter. My wife and I love the house.

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