Looking for car camper vehicle- suggestions?

kashka_katJuly 15, 2013

Want to take a 1 mo. long trip of a lifetime andI want a vehicle I can camp/sleep in the back of ... but still getting reasonably good mileage - ideally 30-35 mpg, might go as low as 25. Really dont want to spend much more than 7,000

If money were no object, Id get a Fit but unfortunately... money IS an object. Being a shorter F. my old honda hatch worked quite well and got over 40 mpg - although somewhat cramped - but alas those arent available anymore. So heres another thought- a midsize with fold down seats and openinginto the trunk.... and then maybe remove the seat back for more sleeping room? Are those seat backs easy to remove?

My thinking is that Id rather go the modified car route vs an suv or truck because its more affordable to buy and keep it running and of course gas mileage.

HOWEVER.... Im interested in hearing any and all thoughts - thnx!!!

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A Honda CR-V might fit you bill, but good ones are not cheap. Last year, I bought a 2005 CR-V and have been very satisfied with it, It has a 2.4 L 4-cylinder engine with variable valve tuning - that part works very well. The 2005 version is rated at 170 HP, has a 5 speed automatic, and will get around 27 miles per gallon at expressway speeds (65 to 70 mph). Mileage improves at lesser speeds, but tops out around 30 mpg. The rear seats folds to enlarge the cargo area. These seats are easy to fold and restore to normal position.

It is the best behaved 4 cylinder I have ever driven. The engine - transmission works very well, and is smooth and quiet. Mine is a front wheel drive only. All Wheel drives are available.

The main problem is these are popular vehicles and are not cheap. A good to excellent 2005 model last year ran about $14,000. Figure on an additional $1000 for an AWD (all wheel drive) version. Around here in snow country, the AWD addition is commanding a greater price than its cost when new.

I took a 3000 mile trip with it last August and am planning another trip this September. I plan to keep this one for a few years. (My wife wants one, too.)

The negatives:

1. Rear visibility is impaired. The optional rear view camera is recommended. Rear vision for highway driving is ok; Its the near distance when backing up that the problem (The same on many SUVs).

2. Throttle is by wire (electronic/electric). There is no direct mechanical connection between the accelerator pedal and the throttle plate. I have had no problem with mine; Its my preference to have a mechanical connection

3. The rear door is hinged on the right edge. Space must be allowed to swing the door open. This has not been a big problem so long as one stays aware of this need. later models hinged the door at the top but moved the spare tire. The older models with side swinging doors carry the spare outside on the rear of the door thus increasing interior cargo space.

4. The windshield wipers have an intermitent wipe plus 2 speeds. The intermittent wipe delay is not adjustable.

5. The rear wiper is intermittent only. Its wipe delay is not adjustable. However, it has been adequate.

The Positives:

1. Seats are comfortable.

2. The odometer has 2 trip meters.

3. Brakes are well behaved.

4. Engine uses 87 octane fuel.

5. Engine is started and shut down with a key swutch - No goofy hold down a button for 5 seconds to shut off.

6. Has good road clearance.

7. The passenger space is tall allowing easy entrance/exit without hitting your head on the doorway.

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thanks again jem, forgot i posted similar questions twice. If I dont do the modification thing I may go this route so its good information. 30 mpg is not bad.

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Hey,I was also looking for car camper vehicle and Honda CR-V was my choice and jem your suggestion helped me a lot to know good and bad points of this car.
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