Pictures of our new black and white bathroom

JaniefulFebruary 8, 2013

Here are some photos of the new bathroom in our 1920s bungalow. I don't have any before pictures, because it was a brand new addition. We were trying to make it look like it was always a part of the house. Hopefully we achieved that look.

Here are the things we used, much of which was on the recommendations of these awesome forums.

floor tile - Daltile Keystones unglazed 1.25 inch white hex w/ black accents

wall tile - Daltile Rittenhouse Square subway with black bulnose

sink - Kohler Memoirs (24 inch)

toilet - Toto Promenade

tub - Kohler Villager

medicine cabinet - Van Dyke's kit

light fixtures - Destination Lighting Schoolhouse Sconces

faucets - Delta

Originally we had special ordered the Daltile hex with 4% black, but the tile company accidentally ordered the b/w octagon (Duh!). Instead of waiting 2 more months, we just had them pop out some white and add black. I think I would have preferred the original more random pattern, but oh, well.

And for anyone who worries about keeping the unglazed white hex clean, I haven't found it that bad, but you have to be comfortable with a little dinginess. I consider it patina.

All in all, there's nothing I regret. It's a great, middle range bathroom. I would say we spent around $7,000 on the actual bathroom (tile, new plumbing, fixtures). But of course that doesn't include the other addition construction costs.

We love it. The vintage feel of it makes me happy. It just feels right for the home. P.S. Sorry about the last photo not being rotated. We couldn't figure out how to fix it.

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Thanks so much for sharing. It is a beautiful bathroom and I think you really captured the look of a 20's style. I love the poke-a-dot floor! and that black trimmed window is very nice.

What color is your paint.

How do you like your toilet? I've had this model waiting to be installed for 9 months now. We are maybe going to get it in tomorrow, keeping my fingers crossed. I am nearing the finish line in my old style bathroom.

I think you did a fabulous job, many happy showers!

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Thanks, enduring. We didn't want the floor to look gimmicky, but I also wanted something with a little more definition than just white. The only thing I don't like about the tile is where the black chair rail meets the bulnose. That's a little awkward.

The paint is Porter's Paint. I thought it was called "Mist", but the actual can says "CAMELOT 151-1". It's an icy blue.

I love the Promenade. The extra large tank really gives it an older feel. It's actually pretty hilarious, because the water only comes up a few inches in the tank. It was kind of a gamble with Toto, since both our pedestal and tub are Kohler, but you really don't notice the differences in white once you start to use the bathroom. This is our first home and our first remodel, so the flush of the Toto is far better than any cheap toilet in a rental we've had.

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I think you've done a beautiful job!! The bathroom looks new, but like it completely fits in with a 1920's house with some character. Love your lights and medicine cabinet, and the floor looks great!

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It's lovely! I like the floor, I think a random placement in a small area might drive some people batty, but probably just me.

The tile job around the window looks dead on perfect. Those corners are a thing of beauty! I love the trim on the mirror too, matches the rest of the trim.

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Love your bathroom. Can you give the model/name of your Delta faucets?

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Thanks for the kind words, everyone.

We went pretty basic on the faucet. It's the chrome Delta Leland Centerset Faucet. We paid extra for the porcelain knobs.
All told, I think the faucet and the tub fixtures were either around or under $100 each.

The tile actually delayed our addition project by over two months, since you can't do trim or lay the hardwood until the tile is done (tilers are MESSY), so I was pretty upset with the company. This made it extra gratifying when they actually pulled through and did a GREAT job on the wall installation. I also think the corners on the window were perfect. Once thing that bugs the heck out of me are how some of the black hex tiles are a little off kilter, since they had to hand set them. It's just one of those things I have to let go of and chalk it up to bungalow charm.

If any tile setters our there read this, is it unusual to have those mistakes? There are also some parts where there is a very slight difference between the height of the hex between sheets. It's so slight you have to get down on your hands and knees to see it, but it's there. Wait, don't tell me if that is poor workmanship. I don't want to know. :)

Originally when they wrongly delivered the black and white octagon, they offered to give it to us for free. I'm glad we insisted on getting what we originally envisioned for the bathroom. I think the octagon with lots more black would have looked too busy in a small bathroom.

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Nice! It looks a great deal like our bathroom in our first house, which was orginal from 1934.

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Love the floor!!

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Great job!

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Great job, and it fits the house perfectly, which is easier said than done in an old house!

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It's perfect. You must be thrilled.

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