2001 Camry - Clutch Failure

jazzierJuly 29, 2007

At 18,000 miles the original clutch failed on my 2001 Camry CE 4cyl. with 5 speed manual trans. Now at 43,000 miles, it is shot again!! Has anyone else experience this scenario with this model and year? My wife is the primary driver and we know how to drive manuals (this is our 4th Toyata 5-spd). My wife drives very conservatively as well and does not push it all. Our '89 Camry has not had any major issues (5-speed also). I will never buy another Toyota as they abandonded us with the first failure. Does anyone have some ideas on how to get it fixed reasonably? The first relacement cost around $750.00.

The fan blower also only runs on high speed, and the original tires were also very bad (General - lasted only 20,000 miles).

Thanks for any responses!

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Probably 99% of the time or more, premature clutch wear is caused by something an operator of the vehicle has done through ignorance or abuse. That's why you're not getting anywhere with the manufacturer or dealership yet. It would be like bringing back a new Mustang stage III complaining that the rear tires are wearing out prematurely claiming the tires are defective. The natural response would be 'yeah right' even if there were something wrong with the tires. If the clutch is wearing out too fast, something is keeping it partially applied much of the time. Often times that would be someone with a habit of resting their foot on the pedal. A linkage, master or slave cylinder problem would be other likely possibilities. Next time you have it fixed, make sure that they check that all the pressure is off when it's supposed to be.

OEM tires on new cars often times aren't the greatest. Sometimes you couldn't buy a set like them from a tire store if you wanted to. Also, looking in from the outside, smoked clutch + worn tires = an indication of abuse. Remember, the mechanics you tell this story to don't know you, they know cars. Your original tires were probably just cheap tires.

Your fan problem could be from the switch, a relay, or resistor. If I had experience with your car I could tell you the likely cause and where the component was, but I don't. Sorry.

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