a/c sealing washers

joe_mnJuly 8, 2009

96 caddy. bad compressor. system held charge fine. changed out compressor. system works fine but i have a leak. only thing i touched was compressor and metal/rubber sealing washers on backside of compressor. not a fun job to change them out. could it be a leaky compressor? yes, they can leak from body and shaft seal as well as sealing washers. change washers and see if it holds charge. if not than change compressor? it was used.

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Don't guess. Do a proper pressure test and see what is leaking.

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put in the washers today. not real bad. i added 12oz of r-134a and the inlet line to the accumulator was actually cold. that surprised me. yes, it was only 70F today but several weeks ago, i added 24oz and the inlet line never even got cool. vent temps seem cold. my digital temp gauge died. bad battery? system needs 2lbs so i am undercharged. i was holding the compressor and thinking it sure would be easy to put in a new unit. but i just don't have the money now.

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