Do I divulge lowest offer?

ld14051July 17, 2007

Distant relative owns some dealerships. We're always told to just tell him what we want and he'll get it for us but I have never before done that. I want to now. Should I tell him about my lowest offer and see if he'll meet or beat or just see what his offer is? He'd have to beat $1,000 under invoice.

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Sure. I'd be really surprised if you're really talking about $1000 under invoice. Invoice is what the dealer pays less the manufacturers hold back, which the dealer gets back from the manufacturer quarterly. Employee's even have to pay invoice. I've heard of manufacturer's promotions where it would be possible for a buyer to get $200 or so below invoice. That situation would arise when there's to much inventory. Don't think I've ever heard of $1000 below invoice. If you can get it or better, more power to you.

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