what to do-2 salesmen at same dealer

ld14051July 17, 2007

I find myself in an awkward position. I went to a dealer and test drove a car. Salesman wrote up a a great offer sheet but I wasn't sure what make/model i really wanted so I just passed on it. Meanwhile, DH contacted same dealership's internet sales dept. and was sent a slightly better offer by the internet sales guy-a different guy than mine. Now we have 2 salesmen going at same place.

What is the proper way to deal with this?

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If you want to make the deal, do it over the internet. The normal procedure an individual would go through who was intending to buy via the internet would be to check out all the cars you may be interested in at any dealership. Figure out options you want, test drive, ect. Then do what DH did to get the best offer. You could contact several dealers at the same time. Best price wins. Doing business over the internet is often times cheaper because the floor salesman's commission is reduced or cut out altogether.

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They will split the commision anyway.

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