bathroom flooring that is NOT tile

careyaFebruary 19, 2012

Hi all --

I'm new here. Thanks for this great forum. I can see spending way too much time here. :)

My situation is that I just found out that I may not be able to install tile in my bathroom floor because the subfloor is not quite rigid enough.

I don't think I can afford a nice hardwood floor, and I'm not a big fan of vinyl. Any other suggestions for water-tolerant and relatively inexpensive flooring? I've been looking at cork, bamboo, and linoleum as options. Has anyone tried these? Are they durable enough?

One specific idea I've been considering is putting these interlocking teak tiles above some kind of waterproof barrier. (I'm just starting to work on the subfloor now, so my options are wide open.) Would that be crazy?

Anything else you'd suggest? Thanks!

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Glue down cork tiles from DuroDesign. Warm to the touch, durable, and relatively simple to install. We used them in two bathrooms. Search this forum on cork tiles for more info.

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I am planning to use cork similar to the Duro Design -- glue-down tiles. I am starting with my powder room, which I hope to finish within a few weeks. If all goes well with the cork, I plan to use it in the laundry, other bathrooms, kitchen, and probably bedrooms.

I'm not a fan of vinyl either, but if you have to use it, check out Amtico. I have seen and walked on installations that looked like wood or tile -- and I never think that fakes look like the real thing.

The teak tiles are a bad bad bad idea. Anywhere water goes, but is not soon dried, will grow mildew, algae, and bacteria.

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I would suggest that the first order of business should be to remedy the subfloor's lack of stiffness as that might be indicative of other problems.

Teak itself is fine. It has been used as decking on the Iowa class battleships (exposed to the elements).

Bathrooms though might be a different matter.

Vinyl, cork, linoleum all have seams which could also trap water just like under the suggested teak tiles.

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I'm looking to remodel our second bath. Keep the ideas coming! Love the look of a teak floor...and other components.

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We have used bamboo that is dark brown. Looks like wood, is not damaged by normal water in a bath, not expensive. I like the appearance more than cork.

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Cork is inexpensive but the mastic you use for it is not. I am debating it for our bathroom too. I know the glue is $$$$ as we returned an entire order for a basement after pricing the stuff. The teak will look nice but those cracks...I get a little queasy thinking of all the hair that will pile up under them!!!

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