How to preserve and clean pebble shower floor

oshnwavzFebruary 11, 2013

I admit that i opted more for looks than maintenance - not wise. With a recently completed remodel, I now have a beautiful pebble floor in my shower. The tile was sealed before it was put in.
1. What do I need to use to clean the floor ?
2. What do I need to do to properly maintain it ?

Thanks ! !

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Right there with you. Between the pebble floor and our clear glass, we're doing way more cleaning / maintenance than we realized we were going to have to do.

I bought Tilex that you spray on and wash off and you don't have to scrub - the little mildew spots in the grout just wash off. Before I bought that, I used some other tile / grout cleaner, scrubbed, then sprayed some more of the sealer that the tile layers left. I'll probably seal again in a couple of weeks when I clean again.

And if you have clear glass doors, BE SURE to use Rain-X regularly. We didn't use it from the beginning and are constantly fighting the hard water spots that constantly want to form on our beautiful frameless shower doors. :(

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Get an 'acid brush' and a short painters pole.

Stand and scrub as required.

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Would you do it again? My tiler is trying to talk me into it--he thinks it will feel good on my feet (which I agree), but I am a low maintenance person, and I have wondered about maintenance. I'm beginning to lean away from a pebble shower floor. I was hoping more people would chime in... Brickeye's suggestion, though, is not encouraging.

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hmm thanks all. kirkhall - its been about 2 weeks and I haven't done anything yet.... so can't answer if I'd do it again - although i love the way it looks. Beware by the way, that not all pebbles are the same. I was particular to choose something that was flat on top so that it would be smooth on your feet.

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I have a pebble floor also in my master bath. We are careful to dry it out after each shower with an old towel.

Lowes has tile and stone cleaners that seem to be safe to use.

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