'90 Maxima Front Struts Seized?

reekolaJuly 19, 2011

Hi All,Haven't been on this site for quite awhile - which is good, no car troubles. Had power steering pump and power steering rack replaced on my 250K+ mi. 90 Maxima. Now the front struts are seized. Mechanic says he can't think of anything he did that would have caused that. Only thing he could think of was maybe oil leaked to bottom of struts when it was on the rack. He said to drive it for a week or two to see if it softens up. Any thoughts are appreciated. Don't want to spend $600 on struts since I only plan on keeping car for about another year. Struts were probably pretty old since I can't remember replacing them for about 10 yrs. Is this a safety issue driving it like this? THANKS in advance!!

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you had good ride before rack was replaced and now the ride is harsh/stiff? does your front end bounce if you push down on bumper? seized struts? not sure i buy that.

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Ride before new rack was not stiff, like now. Struts were kind of old so did rattle a little. Front end does not bounce when pushed on, like it did before. Seems to be softening up a little since rack, but nowhere close to what it was. Since I only plan on keeping car for another year, do not want to put new struts on if not critical. More curious as to what happened.


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you have had car for 10yrs and are not sure if you ever replaced struts? your comment is somewhat vague.

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In the 10 years, I've had 5 different cars to maintain. Pretty sure I did not put struts on the Maxima in that time. So much info. getting pumped into our brains these days, I can only hold so much in my 16K capacity brain! Information overload. Anyway, seems to be riding and handling adequately, just a little stiff on bumps. Also, seems to be working itself looser as time goes on. Too many other places to spend my limited funds on at this time. Thanks for your input.

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