mix satin nickel with shiny chrome ok?

gram08February 17, 2011

Can I mix a satin nickel (silver finish) wide framed mirrored medicine cabinet near shiny chrome faucets, shower fixtures, etc.? I am using white subway tile with a grey and white chair rail all around bathroom and through the bathtub shower area. Really need opinions on whether these finishes can be used together or must I keep everything in shiny chrome which I am committed to in the hardware.

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I did it in my kitchen because I thought about it and liked the way shiny chrome sparkles at the sink in front of the window, but my prep faucet was going on a dark counter and I didn't want it so shiny -- I wanted it to look older. My cabinet hardware is all brushed or matte. I think it is fine as long as you have a reason for the change and don't just look like you ran out of something or didn't notice the difference. I think a frame on the wall is significantly different enough from a metal faucet to be different. Add another frame on a print, a wastebasket or other details in brushed silver tones and it will look fine.

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Thanks so much lascatx. Should the vanity light above that medicine cabinet be in brushed nickel or polished chrome. I haven't purchased the lighting?

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We mixed brushed nickel with chrome and it looks great. You can use either or for your vanity, it's really up to you. We have brushed nickel. Chrome reflects a lot of light and I like that the reflections from the brushed nickle are more toned.

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Lukkirish thank you. I am going to use a silver toned framed mirrored medicine cabinet above the vanity with everything else done in polished chrome and purchase some picture frames in the satin nickel tones as well. my new dark wood vanity came with nickel knobs as well. I am not sure which way to go with the lighting above the medicine cabinet - polished chrome or brushed (satin) nickel. any suggestions? I guess either way, right?

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That sounds very nice gram08, sure either one would look great. When we were looking for our lighting, I didn't say I'd do either or instead I kept my options open and looked at both. Trust your insticts, you'll know the "one" when you see it!

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thanks for the vote of confidence about polished and satin. Now I decided to also have sconces either side of mirror/med cabinet. How much room needed as there is a side wall to the right of cabinet/mirror leaving only 12" space for sconce. If sconce is 5" it leaves about 3.5 inches between mirror and sconce and sconce and wall. Is that adequate?

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