Acura TL worth $7,000 more then Accord EX V6?

HappyladiJuly 9, 2006

My husband and I are looking at new cars. The 3 we are looking at are the Camry XLE V6(which is a 07), the Accord EX V6(06), and the Acura TL V6, also a 06. All have navigation. The total cost for each car is about $28,000 for the Accord, $31,000 for the Camry, and $35,000 for the Acura.

All have good and bad points. The Acura is the nicest all around, but the closest dealer is much further away, insurance is more expensive, and of course it costs the most.

Any advice? Does anyone have any of these cars? What do you like or not like about them?

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We have an 03 Accord EX (4 cylinder, not V-6); I also have an older Acura CL. Some points: The TL has been praised in the automotive press as a world-class car. I believe that. For someone who loves this car, if cost isn't much of a factor, I'd say go for it. On the other hand, the Accord is a very nice car. We love ours and the 4 has more than adequate power while getting better gas mileage than the V-6. Have you shopped each car at the dealers and also on the net? Are you sure that the real price difference is $7000? It might be, I'm just saying don't go by the list prices. Also I wouldn't be too worried about dealer location. You don't have to go back to the selling dealer for routine service. I.e., you can get your Acura serviced at a Honda dealer and vice versa. For warranty work, yes, you'll probably have to go to the dealer for that brand. So from you post it sounds like cost is an object, so I'd recommend the Honda. I'd also recommend that you consider (at least test drive) the EX 4-cylinder. Good luck, Steve

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The above prices are not list prices, they are the cheapest prices we could find(well below list)and include TT&L. We have shopped both dealers and on the net.

I would be fine with the 4 cylinder, but my husband wants the 6. He likes the power and pickup.

We can afford either, but $35,000 just seems like so much money for a car. In fact, so does $28,000!

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Sorry you're not getting more responses. It comes down to a personal decision: is it worth the extra $7000 for you? My guess is, unless you just love the TL, it's not worth it. Better to save the money for gas!

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We just purchased a 2006 Honda Accord EX V-6. It has a lot of the features that the Acura TL has. We couldn't see spending another $7,000 for a few additional things. It was the same way when we had bought our 2000 Nissan Maxima SE. It had just about everything the Infinity had, but for a lot less. It all depends on how many bells and whistles you want, and how much you're willing to spend for it.

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Was in a similar situatin back in 1999. We were looking at a Honda Civic and the Acura Integra. Both cars were very similar, the Integra was more $$$. We noticed the Acura had a few extras, and the finishing was a bit better. Nothign that series, for example in the Integra, the coin box was lined, where as the honda it was not. We ended up going with the Integra and never regretted it. I drove my friends 2004 Honda Accord, not the spiffy model that you were looking at, and it was sweet. A fellow close by has a red 2 door Accord V6 and he loves it.

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Also check out the LExus ES. I think they're having an "event" (sale).

With that said, nice thing about the luxury brands, free loaner car if you take it in for oil change or something like that. The need to service the vehicles in question would be extremely rare but it's still nice.

Also you must ask yourself... "Do I want a low end luxury brand and pay for that designation to prove to myself that I've made it to a certain position in the socioeconmic universe?"
Or ...
"Do I want the top of the line regular brand?"

For me, it would depend on the specific makeup of hormones in my body on that particular day. I was considering buying a Lexus IS then noticed it looked a lot like a Corolla. Not that there's anything wrong with Carollas, it's a damn fine car. But I don't want a damn fine car, I want a Lexus and all the emotions that goes along with owning that brand.
So I bought another pickup.

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