Front bearings

timbulbJuly 13, 2008

If I need front bearings is it a god idea to wait until my next brake job? I'd hate to do them now and in a year a need new ones because I know I'm gonna need new rotors next brake job I do.

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Hi Tim..

What kind of car? What kind of bearings does it have? Are they the adjustable cones such as the one's a rear wheel drive car (or light truck) has had since cars were first made? Are they a hub bearing that is pressed into the knuckle? Are they a hub assembly that bolts to the knuckle? Does the vehicle have Anti-lock brakes? Are you having a problem with the bearings and/or the brakes right now?

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It is on a 02 mazda B2300 2WD. (Same as Ranger). The front left seems to have a little bit of play when I grab the tire and move it. No play in the ball joints or anything. There is nothing wrong with the brakes right now, but it'll need new rotors next time I do the brakes, maybe 6 months to a year from now. I put 1200 kms on it a week.

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A little play in the bearings, and this is a learned feel BTW is normal, and not an indication that they need serviced. You have to be careful when adjusting them that you do not overtighten them. So in short, they are the adjustable cone type bearings that we have had for decades. If 4WD, the adjustment nut and retainer is different and a PITA, but again very serviceable as long as they haven't been damaged.

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