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rabbit8July 30, 2009

Hi to everyone. I need your help. I need to place a metal carport in my driveway (which facing the east). Will this be a good idea since the sun will be on my car for a few hours during the morning and in the afternoon? I was told that inorder to preserve the newness of the car paint, a carport should be placed facing the north or south (away from the rising and setting of the sun. Please help.

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If you have an east-west driveway, it just wouldn't do to orient a car port north-south on it now would it? The concerns that you have about your car being in sunlight for part of the day is valid, and is a feature of an east-west carport that you can not do much about. Lets see if there is something that can be done to increase the amount of shade.

1. Increase the length of the carport so there is enough shaded interior to cover your car most of the time. Admittedly, it will be sunstruck early in the morning and late in the evening, but these rays are not as damaging as from mid-day to mid-afternoon.

2. Add gable ends to increase the length of shaded area inside.

3. Add plantings at the rear to provide shade for this open end.

4. Rebuild as a garage rather than a carport, but I suppose cost is a factor.

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