I need some information about Seat Ibiza.

iceMan69July 29, 2005

I'm about to buy a new car and I need some advice.

First of all who is it's manufacturer and how good is its built quality?

I heard that it is an european car and that the european cars are not as good as the japanese and Korean (asian) cars. Is it true also about the Seat Ibiza?

More information wiil be accepted happily.

Thanks in advance.

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The Seat is European. The number one problem is I doubt your going to find many people that have ever seen one. Plus since they are so rare, when you do need service on this you will be virtually tied to the dealer for parts as well as to find a tech that is familliar with it.

I have software for it because it was bundled with the Euro package on one of my scan tools. If it wasn't for that I would have never heard of one.

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Are you buying the car in California?

SEAT (it's an acronym) is part of the Volkswagen family of brands. SEAT is supposed to be one of the sporty brands in the VW lineup; after SEAT, you're supposed to move up to Audi.

The Ibiza is based on the VW Polo, which is a size smaller than the VW Golf. As such, it shares VW's great interiors, strong build, and -- um, German electronics. While a VW or a SEAT won't be quite the "appliance" that, say, a Toyota Corolla or Honda Civic would be, I also know which car I'd want to be in if an accident were imminent. The SEAT also is likely to be more fun to drive -- if you like that sort of thing (many people don't).

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A '97 Ibiza was called a clone of a VW Golf, after reading literally thousands of car repairs on line I have seen one on this car. Like any Exotic (maybe not beautiful or expensive) you are going to pay out the nose for repairs and may have to travel many miles for that. Have fun if you go for it, buy the factory repair manuals, see if Helms has some???

Duane in Japan

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