I need serious help - lol

lynnencfanJanuary 2, 2011

I was going to start taking down Christmas decorations today instead I redid my gold tree with new stuff I bought AFTER Christmas - husband is laughing at me and shaking his head. I was never really happy with the first go-round but I do like this one better - it still needs some serious tweaking for next year mainly the ribbon running through the tree ......


first tree with smaller flowers and picks

I took the smaller flower and picks out and replaced with larger flowers and brought the balls out to the front of the tree instead of hanging them inside the tree and added the gold reindeer that were lost on another tree

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Liking it that way a lot better Lynne and now the sparkly ferns can go on the teal tree where they belong. LOL

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I'm still LOVIN' that mirror above! LOL!
But, yes, I like the 2nd tree, too! And that little bunny sitting in the wing chair...I made a couple of those long ago! I bet your's is old, too! Looks like you got some Christmas decor bargains for your tree! TFS! Jeanne S.

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It was pretty before, but now even more so. Good job. Now will you remember how you did it when next Christmas comes???? LOL

I still have some of those bunnies too. I have a thing for bunnies and couldn't part with them. I have a boy/girl couple on a bench in the dining room, and two or three "girls" sitting on the guest room bed. Mine were from the early 90's I think.


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Thanks gals :)

Jeanne - that mirror belonged to my late husbands mother - I have no idea how old it is but I know it is at the very least 65 years old since it show up in early baby pictures - still in great shape and has the original mirror backing - it weighs a TON

As for the bunny in the chair - I made them for years and sold them at a craft co-op - now that I have a grandaughter and two grandnieces living close by I need to get the pattern out again and make some more.

Luvs - early 90's is about right

as for next year I am taking pictures of everything and making notes in the description part of photobucket about changes I want to make .....


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I agree you may need help, just kidding. It was all I could do working three days straight to get all the Christmas down. Where do you find the energy to keep decorating just for practice. I really like the gold tree, the reindeer look great on there. I also like the big flowers, I put cream roses tied with ribbons on my large sunroom tree, they really fill out a tree.

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Lynne, I love the new look you've given this tree. It looks wonderful now. As far as the ribbon, it will never go on the same next Christmas so don't worry about it for now. It looks good to me. Punk

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Lynne, I had to laugh at your redoing the tree now...and I love the changes you made! What a good idea you had, now next Christmas you'll already know how you want it to look!

I've found having photos each year really helps me the next time too. In fact, when I looked at some of my decor in 2008, I was practically cringing... tho happy to see I've improved a bit since then. (Enablers R Us influence!)

hugs, Karen

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I totally understand redoing the tree with the new ornaments! I got some new ones and just placed them on my tree today, so you are definitely a kindred spirit!!

I think tree number 2 looks great and love that the gold balls and reindeer show so well on it. I realize the photos rarely do justice to the real life item, but I really think #2 looks better.


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Lynn..you're too funny with the 'redo'...although I've done the same...we probably all have. I just got a few new ornaments as gifts. They were so nice, I started shifting things around on the tree to fit them in.
Your first tree looked lovely, but I like the way you rearranged things on the second tree, the gold has a more striking and Elegant look to it. I do like it better.


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Lynne, You are a girl after my own heart!!! Ive been known to keep tweeking a tree right until I take it down. LOL. I agree that the first version is very pretty, but I think the second is a show stopper.

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