What Would You Do?

john_gJuly 7, 2008

Your a Technician working in the shop and this happens to you.


Here is a link that might be useful: Things that should never happen

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Not much to do. Workers comp should take care of the employee. The law should take care of the idiot who set the trap. The employee can also sue the owner who set the trap in civil court if he chooses...I would if it were me.

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A single claimlike that on the workers comp rates would easily cause a cancellation with the current employers program, and subsequent re-write at 16-20% of the payroll as compared to 8% for a clean record.

Of course this didn't happen in the USA, so who knows what their laws are like and if they even have workmans comp.

"If" that would have happened to me. There is no workmans comp coverage for me. I'm not elegible for it as a sole proprietor.

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Hi John. Funny how the U.S. protection laws work or lack of them i should say. I was stupid enough to start my own
business many years ago. I hadn't gotten my registation for
my company name processed yet and i got a letter in the mail 3 days later from the compensation board. We are compelled by law to carry compensation insurance no matter what business and also a surity bond.They will
allow a $150,000.00 bond but recommend one million. we can
also get E.I. insurance but we have to set it up with the
government and pay our own premiums. Every dealer i ever
worked for and any automovive company i worked for i had to
be bondable or no job. That is one reason you will almost
never find shoddy work or a company ripping off a customer
in canada. If a claim comes out of your bond you are as good as retired for ever. Not too many companies will hire
you, if any, and the company's bond premium goes sky high.
so high that some go under. If any company and i mean all
have 3 or more compensation claims in one year there is an
investigation. Same with the E.I. boys. If there are more
that 3 employees quit in one year there is an investigation
and your premiums go up. If that boody trap thing happened
up here it would be condidered a crime scene. The comp. boys,work place and safty boys, R.C.M.P. , city police,
employment standard boys, and the labour board get involved. We are VERY WELL protected in the job force. Even
if your self employed.

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