Power window goes down, but not up

hardlycleverJuly 13, 2010

The driver's side window on my 98 Chevy Venture would lower fine, but will not raise up. There is no motor noise, no clicking -- just dead in the water. My first thought would be to replace the motor, but since it lowered it without any problem, could it be something else instead? Regulator? Something else?

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Sure it could be several things, but the most likely is simply a bad switch.

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Hi John,

Is there a definitive way to check? I'm trying to do this myself and avoid the $$ of taking it into the dealer.


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It can be a bad switch or a broken wire most often in the door boot where the wires get flexed ever time the door is opened. To make matters more interesting, it is possible for the metal wire to break inside its insulating sleeve without the insulation parting. During the early phase of such a break, it may exhibit intermittent circuit. Try this: Hold the switch down while swinging the door back and forth (slowly). If the broken ends of the wire temporarily meet, the window motor may momentarily operate.

Service manuals do describe procedures for testing the switch, but these may not differentiate between a bad switch and a broken wire. The window switches are snap acting blades. A broken blade will affect the feel of the rocker button. If the rocker button feels normal when operated, chances are the snap blade is ok. With the vehicle in a quiet place, put your ear next the switch and operate the rocker buttons and listen for the sanp blades. All should snap to and fro in a decided crisp manner.

The most common modes of failure are:
1. Broken snap blade
2. Welded contacts
3. Misalignemnt due to parts shift and the blade will not toggle in one direction. The alignments of the blade fulcurm in relation to the contacts and the location of the push pin on the blade is very critical. A shift of .005 to .010 inch of the fulcurm can stop the toggle action.
4. In rare cases, debris between the contacts.

The switch assembly can be removed and tested with a continuity light or Volt-Ohm-Meter. It unplugs from the wiring harness via a multi-pin commector. However, you will have to have the pin-out diagram to make sense of it.

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sounds like a bad switch to me.

Pull the switch and take a look, I'll bet you can see the problem.

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It has been a few days, so what happened? Did you find the problem?

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Hi guys,

It definitely was a bad switch -- now replaced and working fine.

Thank you so much for the help!

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Have same issue with my rear passenger window in my 05 chevy impala.... Just changed the window motor and regulator but will not raise up. Swapped driver side with passenger and still no response on the passenger side but the one from the passenger side worked on the driver side, any suggestions.

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You mentioned the motor and regulator, what about the switch?

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2002 ford explorer. passenger front door problem.

passenger switch works down only.
master switch when install new will work for an hour and then will stop. tried that 3 times. the other 3 windows working ok with any switch.
direct power from battery to the wires at center of the door around the motor and up and down works fine by switching the wires.
help please.

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I have 1998 acura Integra when I put the new motor in the window rolled up and thats it. Researching i hard wired the switch reversing the wires and the window rolled down but only with the passenger switch. So it will either only roll up or down but not with the master switch. Is it the master switch?

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