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ganeshaFebruary 2, 2013

this is similiar to one of my earlier posts but i'm looking for some feedback on the pros and cons of installing BOTH a hand-held shower AND shower head in our tub. Our tub/shower combo is mostly open with a glass partition half the length of the tub
similiar to the picture in the link -

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We use a handheld in place of a regular showerhead, mounted at regular showerhead height. No slide bar (I hate the look of them). It's great. There is no difference in function than with the fixed head, but it's convenient to be able to pick it up when you need it to clean the sides of the shower, etc. No, I do not think you need both, but I like the handheld better than the fixed.

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The con to having both is you have to pay for it! I can't think of a pro for having both, since the fixed head is redundant when you have the handheld.

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Looking at the picture from Houzz, I suppose that their fixed shower head is larger than a typical handheld, so one might want to install both to have a specialized fixed shower head as well as the advantages of a handheld. However, not only do you need to pay for both shower heads, but also you need to pay for both to be plumbed.

I don't remember if I commented on a previous post of yours, but I have only a handheld and I love it. I use it in its regular position to shower and I use it to rinse down the walls and shower curtain at the end of every shower. It's made a HUGE difference in soap scum! It's also fantastic for washing things like the refrigerator shelves after I dropped an open bottle of barbeque sauce... :)

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I have a dual shower head with removable hand-held. After years in Europe, I fell in love with being able to fully rinse myself, and my shower, with the hand-held. Then I had the opportunity to use a dual head. It is SO nice to be able to stand under the shower and spray other parts at the same time! The first thing I did when I moved into my current home was to replace the shower head with one that had an attached hand-held.

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I like having both, although mine do not function at the same time (less expensive that way.) I use the hand held occasionally when showering, and IMO it is a must for cleaning the shower. I also hate the look of shower bars (as a previous poster mentioned) but found a cute wall mounted shower cradle (like the one in the link) and love the way it looks in my shower.

Here is a link that might be useful: hand held shower wall mounted cradle

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By the way, the Randolph Morris one I had found was something like 200.00 (although I was lucky to find the only one on ebay for 50.00!) After the fact I found them at Signature Hardware for much less. They are a very elusive product... Very hard to find!

Here is a link that might be useful: Hand held shower cradle

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I have a handheld shower on a splitter from my main shower head in my master bath. I do like having both, but that is in part because the handheld is a basic one and doesn't have the same water pressure. Now I'm facing the kids' bathroom and am thinking of doing the same (but hopefully better quality this time).

Joannemb, I looked at the Signature Hardware site and confess I knew very few of the plumbing brands on there (for example, I saw a Whittington faucet). Do you know more about the site?

What brands do people like for handheld faucetheads and their metal hoses?

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I got my wall mounted faucet there but that is about it. I highly doubt if I hadn't lucked out with the ebay deal on the Randolph Morris that I would have paid 200+ for that tiny piece of chrome though. If you were going to take a chance on a no-name brand, I wouldn't recommend doing so for a shower etc. but for a chrome cradle that hangs on the wall from a couple of screws.... maybe worth the risk to save quite a bit of $! :) They are great about returns--I can attest to that because I changed my mind from polished nickel to chrome and they let me exchange, no questions asked and no restocking fee.

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I installed both in our recent remodel, with the handheld on a bar. You can't use both at once, so the plumbing and valve setup was pretty basic. We use the handheld almost exclusively - to the point where I'm convinced I didn't really need both. But I like the idea of having a fixed head location in case I decide later to go for a larger fixed fixture, or if someone really tall ends up living in this house.

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We are going to install a rain showerhead and a handshower on a slide in our shower. My DH really wanted a rainshower, I want a handheld and I didn't like the look of any of the dual purpose handshower/showerheads.

I'm not sure about the slide but it will probably be useful for little kids and there may be some visitors in the future. This is a budget remodel (less than $3500) and the rainshower and handshower are the big splurge. I hope I'll be posting a finished bath in a couple of weeks!

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Ditto kmcg's situation. DH uses fixed exclusively, as I thought I would. But no! I LOVE the handheld for all the reasons previously mentioned, and it is all I use. One more plus to the handheld ---- I like a HOT shower, and have noticed that when I use the fixed head, the water "cools" a little before it hits my skin. But with the handheld, I can hold the spray closer to my body and boil like a lobster if I wish! Another reason handheld is nice: it is perfect when I shower seated on the teak bench after a long day's work in the yard.

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