Wall ovens installed under induction cooktop?

morton5March 3, 2008

I had worked out a dreamy kitchen plan with a 48" gas range and no wall ovens. Now I am thinking of going with an induction cooktop, but will need two ovens as well, and don't want to sacrifice potential counter space to a tall wall oven cabinet. So, has anybody installed 2 side-by-side wall ovens beneath an induction cooktop? I'm thinking it may not be possible or ergonomically advisable, given clearance requirements for the cooktops I am considering. Or has anybody found a large range with at least 5 induction rings on top and ovens below?

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You can do it if you want. The Fagor induction can be installed with an oven below. So you could do 2 30" ovens or 1 30 & 1 27 or any combination of 30 27 and 24" ovens.

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Further research has revealed that wall ovens can be installed under the GE Monogram cooktops as well. I quite like the burner configuration on the 36" cooktop. Thanks for your input, Guadalupe.

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I've posted my experience before, but here it is again. I had originally wanted gas in a slide-in range. There is no gas line where I needed it, so I started looking at induction with a wall oven beneath. I decided that I preferred to deal with an American product that was not professional-grade rather that importing one, which meant that Kenmore (Sears) was, at the time, my best option. The folks at Sears Customer Service told me that I could not install an induction cooktop above a wall oven, but by that time I'd read about a number of folks who had successfully done it, so I knew better. Somebody gave me the website for the spec sheets for Kenmore appliances and after reading them I was sure my idea would work. Sure enough, when we opened up the boxes, the first thing we saw was a sheet listing which cooktops can be installed above which wall ovens, and my selections were on the list.

So: get your hands on those spec sheets and you should be able to figure it out. The spec sheets will have all the measurements with regard to space you need for ventilation and so on. Do or say whatever you have to, but get those spec sheets.

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We were planning on installing the 36" GE profile induction cooktop or 36" GE Monogram induction cooktop over the GE Monogram oven ZET1SMSS. For space reasons we are switching to the 30" induction cooktop over the 30" Monogram oven.

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Oops, sorry, found the other thread on this. Trekker, how do you like your set-up now that it is in? Is the oven uncomfortably low?

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It is do-able (obviously). the big concern is heat from the ovens overheating the induction top electronics. If you can design in some kind of vent system it would probably help. My induction top will shut down (temporarily) if it overheats. It does not hurt it, but it is a minor pain when it happens.

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For a 48" cooktop, I am not aware of a single induction cooktop in that configuration. There are mainly 36" and you can do a modular cooktop to achieve 48". If this is what you really want, I would wait and see what the Diva de Provence induction range looks like. I know they plan to make it in a 36", 48" and 64" size.

Good luck!

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I like having all of the cooking activity in one area. Don't forget, that's all that was available till about 1960 or so. The one unfortunate part of my set-up is that the fan for the micro-hood (I have the Kenmore Advantium microwave/speedcook/convection unit above the cooktop) is not particulary effective, mostly because the fan openings are rather small and not situated where they will do the most good. It would also help if the thing was designed to better corral the steam & fumes toward the fan. Those over-the-range units are very convenient, but nobody seems to have made the fans very effective. Could be in part because customers don't complain enough.

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Hi I have been looking and lurking and finally decided to post. I want an induction cooktop 30" with a timer and want to put an oven under it. Has anyone tried the new Kitchen aid or Bosch? I was going to go with the Miele but my applicance store said Miele is not recommending an oven under their induction cooktop. Any help would be appreciated

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modern life interiors

to chopsthecat
Please call miele technical assistant and they might tell you otherwise.
It doesn't hurt to double check,

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thanks I'll do that. I appreciate the help

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I'd be curious what they say at Miele. I had the same question and an appliance salesman, who supposedly checked with the Miele sales rep, told us you can install an oven under their induction (we were looking at 36" though).

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We have a Fisher and Paykel 30" wall oven below a 30" Windcrest (made by Fagor) induction cooktop.

Great combo. Have been very pleased with this since our November installation.

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