how far with the donut?

sailor86July 18, 2008

I blew out a rear tire last week on my 2002 Mitsubishi Galant. I replaced with the spare "donut" stored in the trunk. I know it's only a temporary fix but what I need to know is how far I can safely go with it? I know the obvious answer is probably going to be as little as possible but because of financial restraints how far is far enough?

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Don't know for sure but they seem to wear out pretty fast. Watch the tread as you would your other tires.

Are all your other tires shot? Did you ruin the one that went flat? If not, flat repair probably around $10. Used tire mounted and balanced probably $40. If you can't afford that, you can't afford to drive anyway.

What are you going to do if you happen to have another flat before you fix the last one? A whole new set of tires today will be more cost effective than a tow bill, field service, or impound fee. You can't be that broke.

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It's printed on your spare tire rim. Read. Unless your sticker fell off it says. " Temporary use only in emergencies.Do not exceed 50 m.p.h. under any circumstances. Replace with proper tire A.S.A.P ". That spare tire is nylon so when you mix it with radial tires
you will be in for a very interesting ride.

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in my area of detroit here, people consider these temporary spares to be permanent repairs, capable of highway speed of 80 or more.

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A new Donut tire can run for about 50 miles or so till you get a new tire. There not made to be driven on for long periods of time, Especially since it makes your car uneven and most the weight of the car is being driven on the donut tire and not all 4 tires and this causes alot of wear and tear on the on the donut tire. DON'T waste the tire till its done, You may need it in Emergencies. Why have to buy another Donut tire cause you wore it out driving on it.

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Believe it or not, the Galant came with a tire iron, but the wrong size. Luckily we have free courtesy patrol here in the Dallas-Fort Worth area and they helped me out. I'm grateful for their service but that didn't stop me from buying a 4-way lug wrench. Who tries out the tire iron at the dealership lot anyway?

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I guess you next time,lol

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You've got that right.

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In April 2011 I blew a tyre in outback NSW Australia. I replaced the 255/55R18 tyre with a donut. Due to the unavailability of this tyre I drove 1400kms to Dubbo. This included 400 kilometres of gravel roads.

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