diesel truck info please

chezmonmiJuly 24, 2011

I'm in Iowa.

I haul compost, mulch, cinder/cement blocks, lumber, and other garden supplies. I need a new truck. Since I need a new car, too, I decided to get a nicer new truck ("nicer" is a relative term, I know)

I want diesel. I also want manual transmission. (I'm currently the princess of hyper-mile-ing)

I would give up the manual transmission but can not find a smaller diesel truck.

Can you tell me exactly who makes a 2012 or 2011 diesel truck that is smaller?

Thank you so much!

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The only diesels out there are the 3/4 ton trucks. Ford F250, Ram 2500 and GM 2500 series.

Now VW used to make a Rabbit diesel pickup, and it was a blast because it got 50 MPG in the real world. But that was 30 years ago.

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I had a VW rabbit diesel. It got closer to 100 mpg...it had to be towed as much as it was driven. Worst POS I've ever owned.

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I'll agree it wasn't the best thing on the market, but in 1982 there wasn't much of anything that was good.

My bunny pickup only lasted 100,000 miles before the electrics gave up and we couldn't find the short. But I did get 50 MPG.

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