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joe_mnJuly 4, 2009

the rims can have the support ring removed/replaced. can the rims be used on other honda cars that use the same bolt pattern? does the rim have a unique bead/lip design that cannot be used on other tires? i found a set of free rims/tires and wonder if i can reuse them on other cars if i replace the tires and take out the support ring.

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found a nice video at youtube showing the removal process. i can see the rim is built different internally to support the runflat ring. the lip looks similar to standard rims but it is not the same. the current rim owner says he cannot substitute normal tires on the rims. thats why he is giving them away. 300+ for each new tire. plus mounting at the honda dealer.

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With the Honda Pax system you have run flat tires on special rims, and you have an active TPMS system.
Many people are choosing to "depax" their vehicles. This can be done in a number of ways. Apparently Acura MDX wheels and tires and sensors work. He's trying to recover some of his expense of doing the depax, and you'll be hard pressed to make efficient use of them IMO.

There is a video clip on that website describing depax options for their customers.

The tire machine required for a shop to correctly service these wheels and tires costs over 10 grand. Only shops that genuinely see enough of these to justify that expense are buying it of course.

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i have not read why the tire wear is so poor. each assy weighs around 75lbs? the van strut is tuned to control this mass and replacing the wheels with aftermarket stuff affects the ride. shocks/springs/bushings/swaybars are all designed to work together. i wonder what an approved shop wants to remove the tire? the process pushed out the support ring which is than removed from the tire. i am thinking of just scrapping the rims since they are free.

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honda wants $20/tire to dismount. discount tire wants $80 each. yes, they have the equipment to do it but it takes along time. thru the magic of youtube, i saw a video where the tech took off the tire in 2 min. maybe it was edited?

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