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stoveguyyJuly 23, 2013

i replaced the trans in my cadillac last year. heavy trans. i lowered subframe. now the trans in my grand prix is due. i have been told it is easier since trans is lighter but i do know the subframe still has too come out. once subframe is gone, it is real easy to reach any brackets that attach motor to trans. i think the caddy job was very hard. on a scale of 1-100 it was about a 85. i think the grand prix job will be about a 75. i guess the only folks who can offer opinion on job would actually have done both. i do not see this as being even slightly easier.

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Don't they have the same GM transmission? How is one "lighter" than the other?

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the caddy has a 4t80 trans while the grand prix has a 4t65 trans. think the weight is 275lb vs 225 lbs. the gp subframe is smaller. slightly lighter. once the subframe is out, its real easy to reach most of the motor/trans brackets. a local shop says they can r&r the grand prix trans in 1 day. remove, fix, install. i am just replacing my trans with another used one.

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there it is

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trans is in. works fine. code tag says 9BCB and i found one from a 99 venture which all the yards say will not work. it also had a 9BCB tag. 9 is for year and BCB is trans detail info. talked to trans tech and he says BCB is important number and any trans with that id will work. it shifts fine. all is good. gotta like the $100 price too. plus my labor of course.

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