Used tires

joe_mnJuly 25, 2012

We have suv with 235/65/16 Firestone destination le tires. Is 08 year. Tires are about worn out. Found an identical set of tires, dated 4208 so I see they are same age as current tires. Have 10/32 tread. Can get them for $100/4. New is 600 or so. Used is 150 or so mounted. Good idea?

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Used tires are a crap shoot. You don't know what you are getting. I just got rid of a set of four that were about 1/2 used. God help anyone that got those. I change one hub bearing at he tune of $135 just for the part because the tire noise sound just like a bad hub bearing. When you loaded that side up the noise it made sounded just like a bad bearing. The mistake I made was I figured what the hell while I have the wheel off I might as well rotate the tires. The one I move into its place sounded like a brake pad that was worn out on a high spot on the rotor. Now I am chasing another noise. This went on for about a week. Finally I had enough and bought new tires. All of the noises are gone now. Oh! by the way the biggest noise I had was my wife. It was her vehicle. :>)

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My local tire store keeps a 40 foot trailer with used tires. he says they are almost 50% of his business today. The price of new tires is soaring because they are made with oil and with the economy as it is, a lot of people cannot afford new tires.

He will go to a yard where almost new vehicles have been in accidents and buys the tires off them. If the front of the vehicle is wrecked, he buys the rear tires and the spare if it's a full size tire, usually off SUVs or pickups. And when those tires cost almost $200 apiece new, he has a market for the used ones.

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Thought it was interesting to find exact brand/age tires for cheap. Yes I do not know how new tires will ride. Are they good internally? No bad cords?

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got some new michelin defenders. ugh. did not ask wifey what she paid. its her rig. treadwear is 820. supposed to be 90k tires. we will see.

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