AC Testing

KATHREJuly 4, 2005


I just bought a cheap AC testing kit at an auto parts store here. It has a temperature probe that you insert into a vent. Is there any particular temperature range in F that one should see?? The instruction card had no chart. The house AC reads 50 degrees F. ...Or is the temp check particular to a specific auto? This kit also has a freon level check gauge.

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It depends on outdoor ambient temperatures. Cars put out between a 35-50 degree drop from ambient...down to a floor of about 35-ish degrees, but some cars don't even get that low. The 35 degree drop is about par at idle, 50 degrees or more is what you can expect to see on the highway.

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A waste of money in my book.
Better to take some classes in auto air conditioning and buy some pressure gages.
Or ,there are some good books in the library..
A man must read the high and low side pressure and the ambivalent temperature..
Is not that 50 degrees rather low ? - or are you turning the house into a refrigerator ??
The freon level check gauge ... is that a pressure gage ???
Measuring the pressure is the accurate method...

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